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Sugar Mint
MyPony Mint
"Um, I can explain."
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Eyes Light Magenta
Mane Magenta and White
Coat Seagreen
Relatives Flutter Fritz(Cousin)
Cutie mark
Black Pattern Design
Owner User:AngelinBlack424
Richtofen Water
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Sugar Mint is a very quiet and calm earth pony living in the farthest of ponyville with her pet dog, Frosting. Mint does not enjoy socalization, and her best hobbies are writing her own stories using a device involving a voice translater, since Mint is not a unicorn.


When Mint was first born by her parents, A tall alicorn stallion named Theodore InfaRed, James InfaRed's father, who had had a rivalry with Mint's parents during the time, descended a terrible disability on Mint that had given her the unfortunate ability to have her believe that 'Love did not exist'. She was the runt of the three, and was very afraid of her surroundings. She was unfortunetly bullied and teased by her other family members, both at school and at home by others. Her cursed disability gave her the thoughts of disliking her parents because they were in love. She did not enjoy family, and so for those years of being a filly were quiet. Until one day, when Mint had grown up to be a well grown mare, she had finally met the son of Theadore, who was James InfaRed himself. Mint had the sudden wanting to be in love with James, but she did not understand why. She had never gotten this feeling of care and love before, and so she asked her parents who this stallion was and what love was. They told Mint about Theodore and his curse, and that it may have been a big chance that he had descended the crave of Mint wanting to be with his son the day of their meet is a secondary effect. Mint grew horrified realizing the curse thrown apon her, and so she demanded to meet and speak with James' father Theodore. He, however, was than reported as dead.

Mint did not understand it was possible for an alicorn to pass away, because they were immortal. To this day. Mint still hesitates about Theodore, and why she only can love James, who does not even know of such feelings for he has a crush on Marisa Dempsey.