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Sugar Quill
"No! You can't read that, it's not finished yet!"


Sugar Quill





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Sugar Quill is a unicorn, originally hailing from San Franciscolt, but now living in Ponyville.

Physical Description[]

Sugar Quill is a unicorn of average height and weight. Her coat is white, a stark contrast to her two-toned red mane and tail. Her eyes are a brown-maroon gradient. Sugar Quill's cutie mark is a scroll accompanied by a writing quill.


Sugar Quill is, like her name alludes, rather sweet when it counts. She is introverted by nature, only coming out of her shell when around groups of ponies she's familiar with. Given the choice, she would rather stay at home, listening to music and writing her stories by candlelight until the early morning hours. She has become a very treasured customer of Mr. and Mrs. Cake, as she spends a good deal of her time writing at one of the tables outside Sugarcube Corner.

  • Clumsy
  • Easily distracted
  • Loves organization
  • Hypercritical of self
  • Mildly sarcastic

Special Talent and Cutie Mark[]

Sugar Quill cutiemark

Sugar Quill's cutie mark.

Sugar Quill's talent, as evidenced by her cutie mark, is writing. She absolutely adores writing stories, and hopes to one day write a series of biographies profiling all of the famous ponies in Equestria.


Sugar Quill was born in San Franciscolt, even further out west than Appleloosa, to two perfectly average unicorn parents. When she was a young filly, she absolutely loved to draw and write stories to go along with the pictures. Her parents were supportive of her hobby, and eventually Sugar Quill mustered up the courage to enter into the Young Artisan Faire with a short story of hers.

The fairgrounds were bustling with ponies from all over, each critiquing a young colt or filly's entry. Sugar Quill grew worried that her work was not good enough to be seen amongst all the other entries, but she did her best to keep her wits about her as she roamed the grounds and admired the colorful works of art. Though she only came in third place in the writing competition, Sugar Quill's pride in her accomplishment caused her cutie mark to appear.

It wasn't long after that Sugar Quill decided to make her way out east, as she felt that being in one location for the rest of her life might stifle her creativity. After all, how could she ever hope to someday write about the famous ponies of Equestria, without ever meeting them? So she packed her bags, said her farewells, and made her way east, eventually settling in Ponyville.

Creator Info[]

Sugar Quill is the OC/Ponysona of Liesse, also known as Chesid. Her real-world hobby is writing, and although she holds no delusions of grandeur, she would like to someday be able to sell enough of her work to live comfortably. But that probably won't happen anytime soon, because she experiences horrible bouts of writer's block as soon as she reaches the third chapter of any story she starts.