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Sun Daze


Sun Daze





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A Sun inside a pocket




Sun Daze, or as she insists, Sunny, is a cream pegasus pony with olive eyes. She has a light yellow mane with a white streak going through her tail. Her cutie mark is what appears to be a pocket that holds the Sun. She has wings like any other pegasus however, her wings appear to be smaller than a standard pegasus. Sun Daze is slightly taller than a standard pony

Sun Daze is a bit of a coward, but will consider doing things that has benefits in the end. She tries her best to be nice to everypony and it often leads to confusion or misunderstanding. She gets sugar hyper easily, but can calm down in a matter of minutes. It is possible that Sun Daze is much smarter than she acts. Will get pretend to be insulted when made fun of, but will actually get upset if somepony insults the sun. She will not just give up, or ignore the situation. Sun Daze's goal in life is to make everypony in Equestria appreciate their lives.

"Why... Why would anypony say that about the sun? What did the sun ever do to them?"


Sun Daze was born in Cloudsdale

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