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"Princess Celestial Sun, if you think you can get pass the spell your mother put to prevent outsiders from coming in
Princess celestia cutie mark'

The Sun Kingdom's banners have this mark. It was made for Princess Celestial Sun (requested by Queen Miranda Crimson)

, then you are crazy!" -Sunny Dash speaking to Celestial Sun about the invisible shield/veil.

What Is Known About the Sun Kingdom

The Sun Kingdom could be only found if you aska a Sun Kingdom Resident and they will show you the way to the Sun Kingdom. Queen Miranda Crimson cast a spell on the kingdom to prevent outsiders from coming in, and to keep Princess Celestial Sun from going out. Only those that are approved to go out (by the Queen) or if they are exciled/banished from the Sun Kingdom, then they are allowed to cross the viel/shield.

The Sun Lanterns Celebration

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