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Sunshine ID

Sunshine as a filly
Sunshine as a filly

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Corn farm worker
Eyes Brilliant opal
Mane Brilliant orchid with Brilliant yellow stripes
Coat Light gray
Cutie mark
Corncob with sun
Owner User:Rebecca Carson

Sunshine is a female Pegasus pony.



Sunshine grew up on a corn farm and after discovering her talent at growing corn, she earned her cutie mark. Her home was very small, but she loved it and took pride in her work. As the town near the farm she grew up in wasn't a safe place, Sunshine learned a lot of skills to protect herself.

At one point, Sunshine attended the Junior Speedsters flight camp, where she got into a race with Rainbow Dash and was able to win by secretly cheating, much to Rainbow Dash's dismay. Afterward, Sunshine was expelled from the Junior Speedsters flight camp after being exposed for having cheated by Rainbow Dash.


Sunshine loves to nap under trees, play on her mandolin and check out books from the Golden Oak Library to read, such as the books of Daring Do.


Sunshine is shown to be mischievous, devious, and rude. She enjoys messing with others. She is also shown to be selfish, only caring about herself most of the time.


Rainbow Dash[]

Sunshine is shown to greatly dislike Rainbow Dash. She has a grudge toward Rainbow for causing her to be kicked out of the Junior Speedsters flight camp.


"Hello Rainbow Dash, it seems like you've followed me here."
— To Rainbow Dash
"Whats the point of being kind?"
— Sunshine
"I wish I would care, but I don't."
— Sunshine
"Go, go, go!"
— Sunshine
"Gotta make sure nopony notices me."
— Sunshine
"I thought I'd never see it with my own eyes."
— Sunshine
"I see, well then. I'll give you a head start before I capture you."
— Sunshine