Bronies Wiki
Sunshine Glisten
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Artist
Eyes Orange
Mane Orange
Coat Yellow
Nicknames Sunny
Cutie mark
Owner BroKnee455

Sunshine Glisten is a Unicorn that lives in a big city in Equestria. She's very hyper and would love to meet you, sometime!


Sunshine was a shy pony as a foal. She soon grew out of that, greeting everyone she met with a warm smile. She loved to draw from a early age, and that is her current occupation. When she was younger, everyone knew that Sunshine was going to be a very famous artist. Even when she was a young foal, her art still rivaled that of some of the most well-respected artists. She also loved going to school, where she could learn lots of things. She was a very smart little filly, thought to be the root of her artistic skills. 


Sunshine can at times be shy, be she has gotten over most of her shyness. Now, she is one of the most friendly ponies ever. If she sees a pony that needs help or a hug, she is there in a flash. One example of this is with Watermelon Burst. Watermelon is almost always lonely, being in a house all by herself while her parents work. Sunshine was there to keep Watermelon company. 


As for Sunshine's family, you she doesn't really have any. No one knows what happened to her parents. She lives with her grandma, who doesn't tell Sunshine what happened to them, but she does know. Her grandma wants to protect her while she can from knowing what happened. When Sunshine brings something up about them, which is very, very rare, her grandma will always say "Shoosh, have a muffin."

Cutie Mark[]

Sunshine got her cutie mark while lying out in the sun one day. As a young foal all she would dream about is the sun. What it was made, if it's possible to live there, is there other ponies there? All of these were things Sunshine thought of. While Sunshine was laying down, all the answers to her thoughts came flooding in, startled, Sunshine sat up, then saw the vibrant sun on her leg. She just smiled to herself, as she lay back down to bask in the sun.