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Sweet Dreams is an Earth Pony and the son of Jeff and Euclid Epsilon.

Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Eyes Violet
Mane Black and purple
Coat Cream
Nicknames Sweety
Relatives Jeff, Euclid Epsilon and Lullaby
Owner Aniju Aura


Sweet Dreams has a creamy pale coat and black hair and violet eyes. His hair has two streak of purple, the ends poke backwards and fans out, similar to a peacock's tail. He has a long black tail, the underside is stripes with purple.

Sweet Dreams has three piercings on his ears and snake bite piercings on his lower lip. He wears a black jacket and a coker with mahogany gems.

Sweet Dreams likes to keep to himself and reframes from talking to others much. He has a bit of a short tempture but cools off easily over the small things. Very anti-social, he has few friends, but they are close friends. He is quick to defend his friends, and hates it when they are not around him to protect them. He'll hide his emotions under a calm and sometimes brooding giuse, however under the surface he truely cares for his friends and family. Whenever someone he cares about gets hurt, he will yell at them for not coming to get him, or being around him so he could protect them. He'll secretly blame himself for being weak despite not having any fault in the situation. He'll put on a tough guy act to hide his feelings.

Sweet Dreams dislikes being called Sweety. He can see ghost and is often seen talking to them, however to others, he appears to be talking to himself.  


Sweet Dreams was born to Jeff and Euclid Epsilom, and has an older sister named Lullaby. The two got along well as children, though Sweet Dreams would play some small pranks on his sister. When school started for him, he notcied his sister was being bullied, and started to defend her, despite being much younger. As he got older, he started to get more attention from the ladies due to his appearance, however he didn't much care. Unlike his sister, he started to care less about what others think of him.


Pictures of Sweet Dreams.


  • Sweet Dreams was named after the song of a same name, originally by Eurythmics, but is more well know of the Maryline Manson cover.