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Sweet Leaf is a light-gold earth pony with a spiky green mane and green eyes. Her cutie mark is a bright green leaf with a sparkle over it. She is 17, and appears in Equestria Girls as a background character.

Sweet Leaf
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Environmentalist
Eyes Greyish Green
Mane Dark Spring Green
Coat Light Goldish Grey
Nicknames Sweet
Relatives Unnamed Younger Sister 1 (Triplets)

Unnamed Younger Sister 2 (Triplets) Unnamed Younger Sister 3 (Triplets)

Cutie mark
Green Leaf with pale spark

Equestria Girls[]

Eco Kids[]

Sweet Leaf is an Eco Kid at Canterlot High, and very enthusiastic about plant life and shrubbery. She is friends with Starlight, Paisley, Green Cycle, and Captain Planet because of this.

Other Friends[]

Sweet Leaf has other friends at Canterlot High as well. She's friends with Tennis Match, Cherry Crash, and Rose Heart, to name a few.



Sweet Leaf is a very cheerful and upbeat kid! She's always trying to help the environment, and has a knack for making her friends feel better. Sweet Leaf is super sensitive to people who pass judgement without getting to know her first, though. She might overreact in situations where she is accused of something when the opposite is true.

Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)[]

According to MBTI, Sweet Leaf is an ENFP: Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perception. Sweet Leaf is full of plenty ideas to save the rainforests! She loves spending time with her friends and is usually very positive. Pinkie Pie is an ENFP.

Environmental Stands[]

Sweet Leaf is ready to stand up for what she believes in! Mainly deforestation. Although Sweet Leaf, like the rest of the Eco Kids, enjoys all nature, she has a special passion for green plants like trees, moss, ferns, and the like. One day, Sweet Leaf hopes to stay in a tree all day in order to save it from being cut down.