Sweetwater is a non-canon township mooted by Cardboard Box as a possible alternative place for OC ponies to reside as opposed to expanding Ponyville to the size of Manehattan.

This page is a collaborative work in progress. Anypony who wishes to 'reside' in Sweetwater is welcome to amplify this page with residents, background or basic description.


Sweetwater is a township approximately four hours' trot from Ponyville by road, or six if you 'shortcut' through the Everfree Forest. (The name was chosen from dim memories of the Sweetwaters Music Festivals that took place in the 1980s.)

Employment in the town is primarily agricultural, with the largest employer being the Sweetwater Brewery, which has been selling its traditional Nut Brown Bock for over two hundred years, as well as a range of other dark beers and ales. There are also a number of supporting businesses and services such as hospitals, schools and so forth.


Currently the only known residents are all involved with the Sweetwater Brewery: Barley Hops, Sparky Bolt and 'Cip.

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