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 Tatsu Ponies are an extremely rare type of pony. How they appear is currently unknown, but it has been theorized that they used to be regular ponies, but a struck of electricity can turn them into Tatsu Ponies.


  • Can usually be white, green, blue, or yellow, with markings.
    • Markings are usually stripes or spots.
  • Commonly seen with traditional unicorn tails.
  • ALWAYS have different eye colors and black scaleras.
    • They mostly have a red eye and a green eye.
  • Can have wings and/or horns.

List of Glitch Ponies[]

Alicorn Tatsu Ponies[]

Unicorn Tatsu Ponies[]

Pegasus Tatsu Ponies[]

Earth Tatsu Ponies[]

Hybrid/Other Tatsu Ponies[]


  • They're mainly based on what GDG101 likes in designs.