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Tennis Match
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Occupation Tennis Player
Eyes Brilliant Opal
Mane Light Turquoise

Dark Turquoise

Coat Pale, Light Grayish Amber
Nicknames Drop Shot (Rarely used)
Relatives Mint Flower (Sister)
Cutie mark
Tennis Ball

Tennis Match is a pale amber Earth Pony with a light turquoise mane and a dark green streak. Her eyes are grey green. Her Cutie Mark is a Tennis Ball. She is 17 years old.

Equestria Girls[]


Tennis Match attends Canterlot High as an athlete. She belongs to the tennis club, which is the only sports club that doesn't need a captain. Rainbow Dash isn't the captain then.


Tennis Match's closest friends are Mystery MintDrama Letter, Cherry Crash, Blueberry Cake, and Starlight. Her other friends include Cloudy Kicks, Rose Heart, and Heath Burns, fellow athletes. Tennis Match also hangs out with Velvet Sky on occasion.


Drop Shift, the boy version of Tennis Match, is known for his skateboarding stunts. Of course, he also plays tennis and has a natural talent for that. Drop Shift is one of the only boys in the school to wear shorts.



Tennis Match is ambitious and fun loving! She admits she has a pride streak and loves to hear others compliment her. Tennis Match is also very honest, but not to the extent where she'd be brutally cruel. She's very passionate about tennis and confident in her abilities.

Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)[]

Tennis Match has been typed as an ESTP, same as Rainbow Dash. This stands for Extroverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving. Tennis Match prefers to live in the present, loves being around other ponies, is laid back and change loving, and she lacks empathy. She is action oriented and highly observant.

Cutie Mark[]

Tennis Match did not pickup tennis until she was an older filly. Because both her parents were athletes, she didn't want to be pressed to become an athlete. Once her baby sister was born, she decided to try tennis, as her parents weren't pressing on sports anymore. She got so good that in a few months she went to the championships and won! Tennis Match earned her Cutie Mark that day, when she realized she had a talent.



Tennis Match's mane focus is playing tennis. She is a pro at it, but even pros need to practice! Tennis Match also enjoys giving others pointers on playing tennis.


Tennis Match's second activity is knitting. She began to knit as a filly so she wouldn't have to do sports. After a long day, Tennis Match enjoys knitting a nice cozy sweater.

School Events[]

Fall Formal[]

Tennis Match appeared at the Fall Formal. She wore a white shirt with light green poofy sleeves. Her skirt was a dark green. She wore matching dark green shoes and white knee-length socks as well. On her neck, she wore a necklace with her cutie mark, a tennis ball, on it. Tennis Match, along with the rest of the student body, was mind controlled by Sunset Shimmer until the "Raging She-demon" was defeated. Later on in the night, Tennis Match danced with Mystery Mint and Fluttershy.

Battle of the Bands[]

Tennis Match was instantly amazed by Adagio Dazzle's talent and excited by the prospect of competition. She and Cloudy Kicks attempted to form a band, but when they could think of absolutely nothing to name them selves (not to mention song lyrics), so the idea was scrapped. Instead, Tennis Match and Cloudy Kicks played pranks on the performing acts during the elimination rounds.

Friendship Games[]

Tennis Match helps other students with tennis during the friendship games. During the main three events, Tennis Match participates in archery. She wears a star-themed outfit. The top and skirt are pink with orange stars and straps. Tennis Match wears mismatched leggings, one leg is pink with orange stars, the other is light turquoise. Her sneakers are orange with light turquoise laces and pink highlights. Her arm guard is light turquoise, her bow is orange with pink accents, and her arrows are pink.

Later, Tennis Match nearly falls through the portals Midnight Sparkle created, but she is saved by Applejack.