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Picture of Texs Bolt


Texs Bolt or "Techs"


Pegasus Pony



Cutie Mark

Red Screwdriver and 3 Nuts


High Intelligence, Skilled Engineer

Texs Bolt (Pronounced Techs) Is a Pegasus Pony that lives in PonyVille, he is an engineer that does various jobs, highlights being, heading the crew that set up the mechanical ends of the Royal Wedding between Shining Armor and Princess Cadence and being apart of the crew that prepares all of Vinyl Scratch's performances.


Tex has a calm attitude and can keep calm under heat, he rarely ever raises his voice besides when angered, which rarely happens. He's considered a workaholic by his colleagues rarely using his leisure time to relax or play games, on his leisure time he likes to read, disassemble then reassemble mechanics, drawing plans for future projects, building custom mechanics.


Tex has an grayish-green coat with a green and light green mane and tail, he wears a blue cloth jumpsuit with pockets around the flank that cover his cutie mark. He also wears a gray over-shirt that also holds pockets. His cutie mark is a Red handled screwdriver with three nuts around it to symbolize his skills in engineering and handy work. His eyes are an amber yellow, most of the time covered by goggles with a golden strap.

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