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Dash Family Heirlooms-The Elemental Gems[]

Origin-Created each in 1 of the 10 Sylvanian Dominions,These Gems have the power of the Elements forged into them,and also have the power to control their selective Element,Bestowing those Powers upon the user.When used Together by one person,The user gains the power of Omega Form.

Lightning Gem(Thundaria Dominion)-It gives the user control over the weather,and able to wield Lightning.

Life Gem(Forstia Dominion)-Gives the user control over any plant,and ability to wield any Life-Based Magiks,including Revival Magik.

Death Gem(Hell Dominion)-Control over the dead,Ability to wield any Death-Based Magiks.

Fire Gem(Volcanus Dominion)-Gives the user control over any flame-controling the Heat,height,smoke level,color,intensity,and Dousing abilities,Also the ability to wield Fire-Based Magiks(Fireballs,Fire-Breath,Creation and dousing of fires.Etc...)

Earth Gem(Terrazius Dominion)-Control of Any Rock,(Metals,stone,clay,ETC...)and the ability to create Weapons,deadly in battle,from any material,just by snapping your fingers.As well as the ability to wield any Earth-Based Magiks.

Dark Gem(Shadion Dominion)-Control over the shadows,and the ability of Shadow-Travel as well as any Dark-Based Magiks-(I.e-Teleportation)

Light Gem(Angelis Dominion)-Control over light,Ability to wield Healing Magik,and wield any Light-Based Magiks

Air Gem(Skylius Dominion)-Ability to Fly(If you cannot)and the Ability of wielding Tornados,wind,and any Air based Magiks.

Ice Gem(Frostisia Dominion)-Control of Ice,And ability to use any Ice-Based Magiks.

Water Gem(Oceanionia Dominion)-Control over all water,ability to wield Water Based Magiks.

All together-They give the wielder the ability's of Omega Form.

Current Posessor-Fireshot Dash & Rainbow Dash.

Omega Form abilities-Flight,Immense Speed,control over all elements,the abilities to wield all Magiks,and Immense Strength,as well as invunerability.

Gems of the elements by quinto guardian-d7l8gf3

The 10 Elemental Gems-The Dash Family Heirlooms