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The Dreamcatchers is a secret organization with it's HQ based in Manehattan.


Onyx's Cutie Mark + The Entire Dreamcatchers' logo

Their job is to find and capture mythical creatures that are on a rampage (or potentially) in Equestria, the current leader of the Dreamcatchers is the heir to the organization: Onyx Blaze

All of the members require to keep their role a secret and if asked, they are royal guards for the princess that was "Off Duty" to keep the entirety of the Dreamcatchers a well guarded secret, if any member was to give out any information of the organization, that said member becomes punished in descretion of the leader's choice and depending on how much information was said to have been given out.

Each member acquires a good amount of bits for each successful capture mission, failed/aborted missions give minimum amount of bits for atleast giving it a shot.

Known Members.[]

If you wish to join the Dreamcatchers one must decode the secret messages. (please PM KyoShumiTa for the OC involved, the reason and what this OC can do for the team + position, any OC can join as long as they are skilled enough.)

Leader - Onyx Blaze

Co-Leader (Second in command) - ??? (PM for position)

Hunters (updated periodically) --

Potato Mash

??? (I will update whenever we do get more members)