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"Just wait and see..." 

The Fallen Darklord
Evil Twilight Sparkle
Lord of Darkness
Kind Alicorn
Sex Mare
Occupation Founder of Darkness with King Sombra
Eyes Moderate violet
Mane Moderate sapphire blue with moderate violet and brilliant rose streaks
Coat Pale, light grayish mulberry
Nicknames Royal Dark Lord, Founder of Darkness, Killer of Brightness
Relatives King Sombra, King of Darkness
Cutie mark
Cutie mark of Twilight

A combined feelings of Twilight

Owner Darkmoon


The Fallen Darklord, also called Darklord. According to a history book, she's the founder of Darkness. She's actually cannot being killed, but just there is a pony claiming her down. Soon, she has gone. Nopony 'till now didn't know her where is she, where she go, or where she fallen... 


Many years ago, there were a battle between Equestria Defender The White Guard and Equestria Demolisher. The White Guard were protecting the Equestria land, while Equestria Demolisher done negatively to it...

A lengendary war begun after the vanished of Canterlot Royal Guard. The White Spirits bansheed the ponies in Ponyville and Canterlot, with total of 5,000 ponies (included Celestia, Luna and Cadence) have been replaced by sparing spirits. The Equestria Demolisher without warned, directly charge and attack toward Ponyville, but in the half way...