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The GIR Organization is an organization of Ponies bent on pulling revenge on Princess Celestia. They have an HQ located in Dragons and have been building purposely malfunctioning robots with myscheivous and destructive nature and sending them to Equestria so that they can use their reckless stupidity to destroy everything there.


The members of the GIR Organization were once scientists working for Princess Celestia. After many years of working for her, they were banished to Dragons for illegal study on Psionics. They were mad and wanted revenge. They started their organization and created their first batch of defective robots. The robots were stupid, destructive, reckless, and immature. In fact, this is what they sounded like. "WEEEHOO!!! I'M RUNNING! I'M GONNA SELF-DESTRUCT NOW! WHAT DIS DO?! WHAT DAT DO?! OOH! WEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!! WHAT DOES DIS THING DO?!" They sent the robots to Equestria hoping they would blow everything up (including themselves) and that everypony in Equestria would be destroyed by the robots' "rampage of destructive stupidity of doom". But unfortunetly for them, the robots were launched into deepspace by Greenago. Now, everytime they attempt at destroying Equestria with malfunctioning robots, they are foiled by Greenago.


  • The GIR Organization is named after GIR from Invader ZIM. It's quite fitting...