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Genius of canterlot
Genius of Canterlot
the GC With his "Work Coat" (Actually a heavy Bulletproof-vest with pockets) and Glasses.
Kind Colt/Unicorn mix
Sex Male
Occupation Military Engineer
Eyes Blue
Mane Red
Coat Green
Nicknames N34D, Cyborg
Relatives Albert Einstein, My hamster
IQ 1337
Favorite Movie Terminator
Cutie mark
Seen on picture
Voice Much like a teenager
Owner TheEnderSamurai

The GC Is an extremely smart Pony, being able to build Deadly weapons Out of household objects. He is actually a Cyborg from the future, Hence his favorite movie, Terminator.


When the War started, it ended finely. Nightmare moon was defeated. But (from GC's Point Of View) 300 Years later, Nightmare moon grew More powerful, Not wanting to make Night forever, but now Wanting to destroy the sun, Causing destruction to Half the galaxy. Celestia decided to End it. She gathered all the ponies, Gave them deadly weapons, And others MADE The weapons. GC Was one of them. Due to his 69 Einsteins in his brain, He could turn household appliances Into deadly weapons in 25 Seconds. Due to this (Says GC), The whole army was Equipped with DEADLIER Weapons, and Therefore nightmare moon was Kicked from the server known as Life. Problem was, It was night for longer times. He needed to go back in time.

"What if Philosophists are just fancy Scientists Trying to defeat the Purpose of life by unlocking the structure of time and space as we Know it?" -Genius of Canterlot

Instinct Powers[]

  • Reverse Power - Reverses what an Item does.
  • Silicon God - Creates a Computerized chip with his bare Mind, following commands
  • Electric Storm - Can cast a small ball to a Giant BEAM Of electricity.

Popular Creations[]

SuperMicrowave Vaporization Beam[]

Creates a Beam of Micro waves. A microwave works by shaking the Molecules of the Structure of the item. so GC Made a weapon Regarding this power! He made a Bullpup-designed 12-shot Belt-fed Laser machine that shoots Concentrated Micro-waves that make Whatever it passes through Atomically shake so much, it Vaporizes it.

Shard-Based Incendiary Frag[]

a Grenade, that launches Burning shards of solified Gasoline, Which can burn for a Half hour! It is a flint-Lit grenade (Meaning that the pin lights a Flint piece, which sets off a fuse, which Blows the grenade up.) That has Cubes of solid Ethanol Gas, which both Break to shards and Light on fire when the grenade blows.

Electrocution Round[]

a Bullet that electrocutes its target. It is programmed to deliver Negative energy only, so it Dosent actually DEFIBRILATE The enemy on a headshot.


[Rainbow Dash[]

He was Actually married to Rainbow dash in the future.

Sunset Shimmer[]