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The Last Pony: Season 1



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September 11, 2015–January 23, 2016



The first season of the series, The Last Pony aired on September 11, 2015 until January 23, 2016. This altnerative is based on the mystery of the Dream Light People. The last surviving member of the Dream Light people, also apart of the royal family, wakes up after 10 years of being asleep. Her name is Dreamsky. She ventures across Equestria and meets Twilight Sparkle, she and her friends help her figure out the mystery and her heritage.



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Title Summary Original air date
1 1 "A New Pony In Town" Dreamsky travels to Ponyville and meets Twilight who helps her remember her origins.  September 11, 2015
2 2 "No Party Like A Pinkie Pie Party" After Dreamsky shares with Pinkie Pie she hasn’t had a party or a normal fun experience in over 10 years, Pinkie make sure sure Dreamsky has the best party ever. September 16, 2015
3 3 "The Story Unfolds" Starlight finds a book that explains what happened to the Empire of Dream Light. Someone important comes to see Dreamsky. September 20, 2015
4 4 "A Night to Remember" After they meet the rich and mysteriously creepy pony, Fancy Twist, who knows about Dreamsky’s parents - they set up a fake gala and invite him to come. Starlight’s evil side comes out, Pinkie eats too much cake and Rarity just about punches a dude. September 26, 2015
5 5 "Livin’ It Up" Twilight suggests to make Dreamsky more accustomed to life and for her to start making money and find a place in Ponyville, she start working. Dreamsky is enthusiastic about this but she soon realize maybe she just isn’t made out for working as she thought; Applejack and Starlight try to crack a code that may help them with their quest. September 31, 2015
6 6 "Dragon Hunt" Starlight cracks the code of the dragon; Dreamsky and Starlight travel to the ancient Temple of the Dragon where the scroll to set free one of the warriors of the ancient city. Mistanekly, Dreamsky grabs the wrong one although and sets free the wrong one. A warrior from Deathrone whose only objective it to free the Shadow Lord. October 4, 2015
7 7 "Crazy Hat Louie" Dreamsky while hanging out with Fluttershy meets a crazy donkey who she misjudges and treats badly; Dreamsky gets a wake up call from Applejack. October 15, 2015
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