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The Pied Piper of Ponville Title Card

"The Pied Piper of Ponyville" is the fifth episode of the My Little Pony meets Looney Tunes Mini-Series.

However, this short was instantly stopped by Twilight Sparkle who has decided to cancel the episode in favor of MagPiePony's Pinkie Tales Series, which does their own non-looney edition of "The Pied Piper of Ponyville".


Twilight Sparkle cancels the Speedy Gonzales episode short to put on a Pinkie Tales Story in its place.

In a parody of "The Pied Piper of Hamlin" and "The Pied Piper of Guadalupe", a race of Mexican Mice have infested all of Ponyville. To rid the town of mice, the mane six seek a magical flute that can entrance the mice and capture them. But they also need to know what sort of music they need to play in order to hypnotize the mice.

But... there are two sides to this story... Pinkie Pie's Side and... Slowpoke Rodriquez's side?

Slowpoke tells his version of the story and while it does play out as Pinkie fabricated, he actually told the truth: The Mexican Mice were actually having a fiesta when the ponies came and tried to capture them all. And when they rely on an old fairy tale tactic, nearly all of the mice have been captured. Slowpoke, having been selected by the mayor of the mice, is sent to deliver a message to the only one who can save them:

Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in all of Mexico!


Pinkie Tales Version[]

Twilight interrupts the intro sequence for Episode 5 to announce that the episode for "My Little Pony meets Looney Tunes" has been cancelled and has been replaced with the latest installment of "Pinkie Tales".

Pinkie Pie tells her own tale of "The Pied Piper" to Pound and Pumpkin Cake, but it involves rats with yellow hats that are causing problems in Ponyville. Twilight recruits Starlight Glimmer, Sunset Shimmer and Trixie Lulamoon to help her and her other 4 friends catch all of the rats. (They form the temporary Mane 7) At first, they had a hard time, but then Twilight gets an idea: They use a magic flute and the right melody to entrance the rats into a hypnotic state which makes them do whatever they want. They use the flute and the melody to lure the rats into cages and trap them. Eventually, all of the mice get captured and Twilight and her friends (sans Pinkie and Fluttershy) get medals and are hailed as heroes for catching all of the rats with yellow hats.

This ends the Pinkie Tales version of The Pied Piper, but to Pinkie Pie and the Baby Cakes' surprise, Slowpoke Rodriguez arrives, informing them that the story is not done. In fact, the story wasn't exactly how it went. Slowpoke brought his own book of "The Pied Piper of Ponyville" which in turn, is the actual short for Episode 5 because the book had the edition of "NICE TRY, PONIES, BUT IT CAN'T BE STOPPED NOW!".

Slowpoke then decides to tell both of the Baby Cakes and Pinkie Pie the real story of The Pied Piper of Ponyville, and the parts that Pinkie left out as the actual episode begins...

The Actual Short[]

Slowpoke narrates the opening scenes:

Slowpoke (slowl narrating): "Once... a-poooooooon.... uhhhhhhhh.... tiiiiiiiiiime."

(Slowpoke clears his throat and speaks in a normal fashion narration.)

"Een thee veeleege of Ponee-veele, there lived a bunch of ponies. But somewheres in Ponyvilles, are a bunch of Meh-he-can Mice. They had moved to Ponyvilles to hold their annual Cinco De Mayo Celebration because of a gato problem back een Meh-he-co.

However, the Ponis of Ponivilles did not tolerate the meeces' fiesta planning. They wanted us to go. Therefore, the Mayor of Ponivilles decided to send 7 Ponis out to catch all the mice. The 7 Ponis, The Mean-ificent 7, vowed to capture all of the mice and send them to lab in Can-tah-lots to be experimented upon! They captured the young and old, the senoritas and most of the senors! But some of the Meh-he-can Mice refused to be captured. They knew they could outwit and outrun La Ponitas. And so..."

The Mane Seven (Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie Lulamoon) find themselves being constantly teased by the Mexican Mice that have not been captured as they outsmart them at every turn. Some of the mice even cheer for their amigos as they outrun some of the ponies!

Rainbow Dash: "HEY!!!!!!!!" (She yells at a group of Mexican Mice before chasing after them)

Rarity: "Why you horrid little things!"

Applejack: "I'm-a gonna round ya'll up!"

Even one Mexican Mouse holds a sign that says "QUESO RULES Y MANZANAS DROOLS" (Which mean 'Cheese Rules and Apples Drools' in Spanish), which made Applejack very mad as she chased after him! Eventually, the group of Mexican Mice then hide inside of a mouse hole as Applejack and Rarity


The Mexican Mice fight back by trying to wham Applejack in the head with a mallet tied to a pole. She and Rarity then try running father away from the hole, then Rarity has her insult to say to them:

Rarity: "From what I can tell, all of you are nothing but a bunch of filthy, disgusting rats!"

Rarity then gets conked by the long-poled mallet used by the mice. Both AJ and Rarity run out of Ponyville.

Rarity: "Are we in agreement, my dear Applejack?"

Applejack: "Dern tootin', Rares."

Applejack and Rarity (to each other): "THEY'RE A BUNCH OF LITTLE RATS!"

From behind two rocks, two mallets hit Applejack and Rarity on their heads, leaving them dazed and stunned.

The Mane 7 then try to figure out how to catch the remaining mice. It was then that Twilight got idea: The Old Story of the Pied Piper was brought up. In it, a pony/person was using a flute to entrance the mice. If they can do the same like the Pied Piper, they can catch the remaining mice. So after getting a flute from Rarity's and after Twilight uses her alicorn magic to imbue the flute, the Mane 7 were ready to entrance the mice. And as a special part of their plan, Rarity makes Pied Piper outfits for all of them to help them play the parts. But one of the mice sees them and mocks them for their attempt to catch them.

Mexican Mouse: "Amigos, look... La pequeño ponis... They gone muy loca en la cabezas!"

The Mexican Mice all laugh at the ponies, but the Mane 7 were ready for them.

First, Rarity gives it a try, but when she tries to play a peaceful tune, it only puts the mice to sleep. Then Starlight tries playing a more upbeat tune, but it makes the Mice dance to in a more peaceful, playful manner. Then Applejack gives it a try, but the tune she was playing was a square-dance tune and it only made the mice do a square-dance of their own!

The Mane 7 were confused. How can they entrance the mice if none of the tunes they played worked on them. Discord then appears and learns of their plan and he makes a contribution to their cause before vanishing. He gives them a variation of the Pied Piper storybook, but it was titled, "The Pied Piper of Guadalupe" and it contained a very crucial piece of information regarding to entrancing Mexican Mice: To put the Mexican Mice under the spell of the magic flute, you must simply play the national theme of the country origin they came from. And national country theme was... The Mexican Hat Dance. When the Mane 7 learn of this, they knew what they were dealing with.

Mexican Mouse: "Hey, leetle ponis! Can you play us another tune? We want to dance some more!"

Mexican Mouse 2: "Or better yet, how about rock with rolls!"

The Mexican Mice then laugh at the Mane 7 once more. However, Rainbow Dash takes the flute.

Rainbow Dash: "OH, YEAH?! WELL, TRY DANCING TO THIS!!!!!!!"

And just like that, Rainbow Dash plays the Mexican Hat Dance theme. And as the Mexican Mice still laughed, within a few seconds...


One of the Mexican Mice have been entranced by the melody and start hypnotically dancing out of the mouse hole and into the ponies range of capture. Rarity uses a newspaper roll to conk one on the head with. With one mouse captured and encaged, they go with the plan that had worked out for them: Playing Mexican Hat Dance on the magic flute.

As Rainbow Dash continued to play the tune, another Mexican Mouse comes out. Rarity takes the mouse's sombrero and whacks him in the head with her newspaper. Then she places the sombrero back on the mouse before using her magic to put the second captured mouse in the cage.

Later on, RD plays the theme again and this time, two mice come out of the hole. One mouse, Armando, was entranced by the music, while the other mouse had earplugs in his ears to prevent himself from hearing the music. He tried his best to hold Armando back by the tail, but when Armando danced out of the hole, he dragged his amigo with him!

Mexican Mouse: "Don't go, Armando! NO, DON'T GOOOO!"

But this time, Sunset whams the two mice with a mallet, catching them both.

Applejack: "A two-for-one catch! Not bad, Sunset."

Back in the mouse hole, there were only two Mexican Mice left hiding out. One mouse decided to tie its own tail to a wooden stake while the other mouse hammered it into place. But then... The music started again and the mouse holding a hammer was entranced and starting dancing out of the hole! And the other mouse was also entranced and started dancing out of the hole as well, dragging the stake right out of the ground.

Rainbow Dash kept playing as the last mouse hiding in the hole danced right toward the cage before Applejack bucks him inside, closing the cage in the process.

Applejack: "Good job, ya'll! we got the last one hidin' in that thar hole!"

Rarity: "But there still more of those retched rodents out in Ponyville."

Rainbow Dash: "No worries! Now that we know how to trance 'em, catching them all will be easier for all of us!"

And that was what they did as Slowpoke continued narrating.

Slowpoke (narrating at normal speed): "Ay Caramba! La pequeño ponis had figured it out! The only way the Meh-he-can Mice could be entranced was if the national theme of Meh-he-co had been played on el flute! Knoweeng this enfo, la gringa ponis have started roundeeng up more of the Meh-he-can Mice in Ponivilles! Until there were only a few mice left holdeeng out in a beeildeeng. And among them were the mayor of our meh-he-can veeleege, and myself. As we"

In a building within Ponyville, there is a mouse hole which had a few Mexican Mice left uncaptured. And amongst them were the mayor and Slowpoke Rodriguez.

Mexican Mouse 1: "Senor Mayor, our fiesta... She is ruined!"

Mexican Mouse 2: "The Ponis have figured out our only weekness."

Mexican Mouse 3: "They've nearly captured all of the mice! And we're the only ones left!"

Senor Mayor: "Aye caramba! What a calamity! Ees there no reasoning with thees ponis?"

Mexican Mouse 1: "We tried sending out a negotiation teams, but they fell victim to la musica, too."

Mexican Mouse 2: "Sometheeng must be done, senor mayor. For if we don't think of sometheeng soon, we'll be next!"

Senor Mayor: "Eesn't there anybody who can stop all thees? Eees there no mouse who can stand up to those ponis?"

Slowpoke: "Senor Mayor... I have it... An idea."

The Mexican Mice just laughed at Slowpoke for having an idea, but the mayor knew Slowpoke all too well.

Senor Mayor: "Silencio! Silencio! Slowpoke may be slow in the feets, but when it comes to having ideas, he is muy mucho rapido in la cabeza! Go ahead, Senor Slowpoke. Tell us your idea."

Slowpoke: "Everyone, weeth nearly all the mice beeng captured by la ponitas, there is but one theeng left to do... We must send for... My cousin."

The mice all gasped when Slowpoke mentioned his cousin.

Mexican Mouse 1: "You mean the one who stood up to all those gatos?"

Mexican Mouse 2: "The one who took on El Vultro, Bandeeto Pancho Vanilla, El Pato Daffy, and even El Sylvestro Gato?"

Mexican Mouse 3: "And the one who knows our sisters?"

Slowpoke: "Si."

Mexican Mouse 1: "What do you theenk Senor Mayor?"

Mexican Mouse 2: "Should we entrust HIM to help us?"

Senor Mayor: "He has been there for us all these times, I theenk that eef anyone can help us... He can."

And so, Senor Mayor made his decision.

Senor Mayor: "Slowpoke, I approve it of your idea. You weel go back to Meh-he-co and send for your couseen. The one they call... 'The Fastest Mouse in Meh-he-co'. Take la see-cret exit to the underground tun-eel. Eet will take you directly to the outskirts of Ponyveel."

The Mexican Mice then opened the secret door leading into the secret exit that lead into the secret underground escape tunnel as Slowpoke slowly walks out of the room.

On the outskirts of Ponyville, Slowpoke had finally made it out. But before he could continue, Discord shows up, asking him what he was doing.

Discord: "Pardon me, my little diminutive friend. But just, where, exactly, are you going?"

Slowpoke: "I... must go... to Meh... he.. co... to send for... my cousin... who ees... the fastest... mouse... in all of... Meh... he.. co."

Discord: "At the speed limit you're going, it'll take you eons to get there. Tell you what. Since there'll be some sort of looney chaos involved, I'll help you get to this... Meh-he-co. And I'll even bring back this so-called 'Fastest Mouse in al of Meh-he-co' to Ponyville. Sound fair?"

Slowpoke: "Ohhhhhh... Gracias, amigo. That would be... most... helpful."

Discord: "De nada."

And with a snap of his claw, Discord and Slowpoke teleports out of Equestria.

Back in Ponyville, within the mousehole, the Mexican Mice hoped that Slowpoke would come through.

Mexican Mice 1: "I hope he can do it."

Mexican Mice 2: "He seemply MUST do so. For he is our only hope now."

Mexican Mice 3: "What will we do now, Senor Mayor?"

When the mice looked at the Senor Mayor, he was standing close to the mouse hole with is back turned on the mice.

Mexican Mice 1: "Sneor Mayor? What you doeeng over-"

Mexican Mice 2: "Shh! Silencio! Look!"

The mouse then pointed to the mayor's feet. One foot was tapping rhythmically to something. It was then the mice knew what was going on. The mayor has been entranced as the Mexican Hat Dance started playing once more! The Mexican Mice tried their best to stop the mayor from dancing out of the mousehole, but he dragged them along with him as they all went out of the mouse hole and into the open room where Sunset was preparing to catch the mice!

Mexican Mice 1: "AMIGOS!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE ALL DOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!"

And as Sunset whammed the mice into an unconscious state, they were immediately captured.

Sunset: "That's the last of them. We got 'em all!"

Starlight: "Let's tell Mayor Do Well that we've caught them all."

So as Twilight and her friends go off to deliver the last of the captured mice to the town center, Slowpoke continues to narrate.

Slowpoke (narrating at normal speed): "Although I was lucky enough to escape, mi amigos and the mayor were not so lucky. For it was that very moment when the Mean 7 had captured nearly every mouse in Ponivilles. Now you would think this would end with those Ponies getting the hero's praise. But however, what you didn't know was that by the time I had gotten to Meh-he-co, that draconequus had brought back a hero who would save every, single mouse that had been captured. And so, at the very moment when the Ponies would receive their medals for their efforts... You will know why the story did not end there."

At the Ponyville Town Hall Center, Mayor Do Well was giving the Mane 7 their medals for their heroic and clever efforts to catch all of the mice.

Mayor Do Well: "Let's hear it for Twilight and her friends! For they have captured every, single mouse!"

As every pony cheered for the Mane 7, everyone believed that their mouse troubles were over. But then...

Voice: "Not quite all of them, Me Pequeños Ponis!"

A voice called out to them. The ponies didn't know where it came from. But then the Mayor spotted something! Over at a mouse hole, there stood one more Mexican Mouse. But he had a red bandanna tied around his neck. It was none other than Slowpoke's cousin... Speedy Gonzales.

Speedy Gonzales: "They don't catch me! And in the name of mi amigos, you'd better put all those mice back where you got heem."

Mayor Do Well: "Put them back?! Preposterous! These mice have been nothing but trouble! These seven ponies did all they could to capture them!"

Rainbow Dash: "Yeah! Who do ya think you are, ya little rat?!"

Speedy Gonzales: "I am Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in all of Meh-he-co. And I no like what you've done to my friends. So you best put them all back before I take them all back!"

Twilight: "Never!"

However, Starlight and Sunset weren't fazed by Speedy's threat. In fact, they whispered their plan into Twilight's ear, who then decides to allow them to proceed with it.

Sunset: "So... You're gonna take back all of these mice we just caught? Well, fine. Let's see you try,"

Sunset unlocked the cage door and opened it while she and Starlight stood in-between the path.

Starlight: "Go ahead, rodent! Just try it! We dare you!"


As Speedy jumps and hollers, he dashes off for the cage and manages to rescue one before Sunset slams the cage door shut! Speedy then brought one of the rescued mice back to the mouse hole.

Sunset: "That's it, you little rat! We're getting that mouse back! But first, we'll take care of you! Rainbow, play it again! This time, aim for that fast one!"

Rainbow: "You got, sunny!"

Rainbow Dash then plays the "Mexican Hat Dance" on the flute while Sunset waits for Speedy come. At first, Speedy merely pretends to be hypnotized, and when Sunset tries to bonk him with a mallet, Speedy dodges her attack and clonks her on the head with his own mallet! With Sunset dazed from being hit, Speedy heads for the cage, opens it and rescues 2 more mice from it before bringing them back to the mouse hole!

Mayor Do Well, angry at what has just happened, berates the ponies!

Mayor Do Well: "Twilight Sparkle! I thought you and your friends vowed to catch every single mouse!"

Twilight Sparkle: "Don't worry, Mayor! We'll get them back!"

Applejack: "But first, we gotta deal with that low-down, fast-footed, verminted varmint!"

Rainbow Dash: "Hah! Fastest Mouse in Meh-he-co, huh? You ponies stay back! I'll deal with him personally!"

And with that, Rainbow Dash trots right over to the mouse hole and knocks on the wall!

Rainbow Dash: "HEY, MOUSE! GET OUT HERE!"

Speedy rushes out of the hole.

Speedy: "You knocked, senorita ponita?"

Rainbow Dash: "So... you're the so-called fastest mouse of this, Meh-he-co place, are you?"

Speedy: "Si."

Rainbow Dash: "Well, you're dealing with the fastest pegasus in all of Equestria! And the strongest one, too! And I'll prove it!"

Rainbow Dash prepares to karate buck the fast mouse. However, Speedy dodges the slaps, even taunting Rainbow Dash with some dancing and singing, before retreating back to his mouse hole while still singing as the rainbow pegasus gives pursuit, attempts to belly-slide to catch Speedy when she dives for him, then crashes headlong into another mouse hole, stretching her muzzle into a cylinder-like shape before Speedy wobbles it back into its normal appearance, then dashes off, leading to Rainbow Dash giving pursuit once more. When Speedy notices he's being followed, he asks Rainbow Dash if she's following him.

Speedy: "Pardon me, senorita ponita, but are you following me?"

Rainbow Dash: "Who me? No... What would make you think I'd do a thing like that?"

Speedy: "Well... Ok! Adios!"

Then Speedy starts gaining acceleration and puts some distance between him and Rainbow Dash before arriving at a railroad crossing, where when Speedy sees a train coming, he tries to warn her, but Rainbow Dash is unable to stop in time before being clobbered by the train. Speedy comes over to check on her, and uses some of her pegasus feathers to brush her off as he reprimands her about looking both ways before crossing the tracks.

Speedy: "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Didn't you mother tell you to look both ways before crossing a railroad track? You could get hurt."

Once done, Speedy returns Rainbow Dash's feathers...

Speedy: "I theenk these belong you to you. I go now."

...and takes his leave.

Before Rainbow Dash can resume the chase after putting her feathers back on, she's hit again by a sidecar, sending her crashing back to the ground to sulk in silent annoyance.

Mouse Trap Attempt #1: Fishing Rod with Cheese Bait[]

Speedy rushes back to Ponyville, head for the cages and rescue some more of the Mexican Mice. He then brings them back to the mouse hole where the other mice are inside.

Mexican Mouse 1: "Gracias for saving us, Senor Speedy."

Speedy: "Por nada. But I not done yet. There are plenty of more mice to save. If only I knew where those ponis took them."

Outside of the mouse hole, someone is lowering a piece of cheese down in front of the mouse hole. On the roof above, Spike is holding a fishing rod while Applejack and Twilight Sparkle are there with him.

Applejack: "Smart thinkin', Twiligh! If a worm can hook a fish, then this'll do just fine as well!"

Twilight: "We'll recapture the mice with ease."

Spike: "But why do I have to do this?"

Applejack: "Yer the one with finger-like appendages, Spike. Ya'll know ponies only have hooves."

Spike: "Then how did you shoot off that hunter's gun?"

Applejack: "Best not ask questions ya don't wanna find out the answer fer."

Spike: "Fine."

Suddenly, Spike gets a bite! He tries to reel it in, but as it turns out, it was Speedy who grabs the cheese and drags Spike with him! Twilight and Applejack try to pull him back but to no avail as they only plucked off some of Spike's scales as Speedy then drags him all the way to the Crystal Empire! After Spike gets back, he gives the ponies a look of disapproval!

Spike: "Cadence says hello."

Mouse Trap Attempt #2: Anvil[]

Speedy once again tries to rescue more of his compadres. But before he does, he sees Sunset Shimmer using her unicorn magic to lift an anvil. She means to crush him with it. But knowing her plan, Speedy decides to slowly sneak up behind Sunset and let out a great, big and loud...

Speedy: "YEEEEE-HAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Which caused Sunset to become startled as she jumps up in the air and used her magic to toss the anvil up in air by mistake! And as soon as Sunset lands, Speedy runs to the cages and rescues more of the Mexican Mice. And before Sunset can chase after him in anger, the anvil comes back down and hammers her directly into the ground.

Mouse Trap Attempt #3: Grenade[]

Back in the mouse hole, the Mexican Mice that Speedy had rescued inform him that the ponies are planning to take the rest of the mice to a facility, but where the facility is, is something they do not know of. Speedy assures them that he will find out where they'll be taken to sooner or later. But at that moment, Applejack starts calling out to the rodents.

Applejack: "Speedy Gonzales, I'm-a callin' you out!"

Speedy goes to the hole's entrance and sees Applejack.

Speedy: "You called, ponita?"

Applejack: "Don'tchoo call me that, ya lil' varmint! Now either ya give back all them vermin ya done liberated or..."

Speedy: "Que or?"

Applejack: "Or I'll give them vermin you call your friends an apple! (holds out a grenade) Loaded with TNT!"

Applejack then pulls the large pin and throws the grenade into the mouse hole. But Speedy rushes into and brings the grenade back out, placing it next to Applejack.

Applejack: "Oh no, ya don't! I'm-a throwin' it back in!"

Applejack throws the grenade back in, but this time, she runs rather away from the mouse hole. But Speedy brings it right back out and places it next to Applejack before running back in! Applejack throws back in, but even harder and then tries running as far as she can, but Speedy carries the grenade and delivers it right back to Applejack no matter how far she runs. And when Speedy heads back to the mouse hole, Applejack tries to go back to the mouse hole as fast as she can! But as soon as she gets close, the grenade explodes, blasting her in the process! With Applejack now scorched and frazzled, she slowly runs up to the mouse hole and throws what was left of an exploded grenade into it.

Mouse Trap Attempt #4: Cannon[]

Speedy soon arrives at a rock outcropping outside of town, and gets the feeling he's being watched.

Speedy: "You know, I gots a funny feeling like someponies is lookeeng at me."

As it turns out, Rarity is on an dirt roadside cliff with a large cannon, preparing to blast Speedy with it once she has Speedy lined up in the crosshairs, but once she does, and lights the fuse, Speedy catches on, zooms behind Rarity, and spooks her into jumping out in front of the cannon so she gets blasted instead, blowing her mane off her head. As a result, Rarity once again has a dramatic breakdown outburst.

Mouse Trap Attempt #5: Dynamite in the Hole[]

With Rarity bald once more and Applejack all scorched and frazzled, Trixie decides to take matters into her hooves and vows to catch Speedy Gonzales.

But however, she instead calls for her two admirers:

Trixie: "SNIPS! SNAILS!"

Her admirers, Snips and Snails, comes to her aide!

Snips: "You called for us, o great and powerful Trixie?"

Snails: (screeches like Pete Puma) "You want anything, Trix?"

Trixie: "As a matter of fact.... Trixie has a lil' job for you two."

And soon enough, Snips and Snails were on it: Trying to catch Speedy Gonzales! And for their attempt, they stuff a stick of dynamite into the mouse hole.

Snails: [laughs and screeches like Pete Puma]

Snips: "Be quiet, Snails! He'll hear you!"

As Snips lights the stick of dynamite with a match, Snails pushes it into deep into the hole. Then the two little colts run to a building and hide behind it.

Snails: "Trixie's gonna be so pleased with us! [laughs and screeches like Pete Puma] No more Mouse Problems!"

But while the two little colts await the explosion, Speedy sneaks up behind them unnoticed with a balloon in his hand and pops it causing the colts to think that their plan had worked. So Snips and Snails go to find Trixie and tell her that they got him! And when Trixie goes to check on the mouse hole and looks inside...

Trixie: "HAH-HAH-HAH! I've got you all now! This is what you get for messing with the friends of the Great and Powerful-"


The dynamite explodes in Trixie's face causing her to lament. And when she moves her head out, it is completely scorched.

Trixie: "Trixie?"

Mouse Trap Attempt #6: Makeshift Minefield[]

This time, Starlight tries a plan of her own. With Applejack's help, she had her dig up small holes across the area from the mouse hole and around the cages. Then Starlight has Trixie and Sunset help plant landmines into the holes and cover them with dirt. Once enough landmines had been placed and buried, Starlight, Sunset and Trixie go behind a wall to review her plan.

Starlight: "Twilight isn't the only pony who's so smart. I plan better strategies than her."

Sunset: "Really? So why all the landmines?"

Starlight: "This so-called Speedy Gonzales may be the fastest mouse, but I'm a fast thinker. This minefield will be that mouse's undoing."

Trixie: "Ooooh! Trixie gets it! When that rat comes to save his friends, he'll run right into those landmines! And should he step on one... BOOOOM!!!!!!!! Speedy Gonzales will be no more!!!!!!!"

Starlight: "My plan is as exactly as you guessed, Trixie."

Sunset: "I'll admit it: It's a pretty cool plan. I'd like to see the look on that rat's face when he steps one of those button-bombs."

Speedy appears behind them and gives them a scare causing them to fly and land on their flanks. Angry by his jumpscare, the three unicorns chase Speedy, who then decides to lure them into the minefield. As the unicorns chase after Speedy, Sunset suddenly realizes that Speedy had tricked them into going into the minefield!



However, Trixie wasn't fazed.

Trixie: "Worry not, my little ponies! The Great and Powerful Trixie remembers where the landmines were buried. Trixie will carefully carry you both across this field and onto safer surfaces."

So using a levitation spell she learned from Starlight, Trixie carried both Starlight and Sunset across the minefield without stepping on any of the covered mines. And soon enough, Trixie made it out of the minefield.

Trixie: "There. Now we are safe. I will gently put you two down now."

Trixe puts Starlight down first.

Starlight: "Good job, Trixie."

Trixie: "And now, Trixie will put YOU down, Sunset."

Sunset: "Yeah, sure, whatever. Just set me down easy. At least there isn't anymore-"

But just as Trixie was lowering Sunset down, a cleverly hidden landmine explodes sending her up into the air and down somewhere off-screen. Sunset trots up to Trixie, charred, frazzled and very angry at her.

Trixie: "Oops! Trixie forgot to mention... She may have hidden one of the mines herself. Very cleverly, I might add."

Outraged, she uses her magic to pick up Trixie, however her over one of the buried landmines and drops her on it! Trixie then gets blasted up into the air and falls on the ground dazed.

Sunset glares at Trixie and walks away angrily remarking:

Sunset: "Great and Stupid Idiot!"

Starlight just stares at Trixie, who is now charred and frazzled.

Starlight: "Maybe don't cleverly hide some of the landmines, Trixie. At least I didn't get blasted."

But unfortunately, Speedy zips up behind her and lets out a very loud and very startling...

Speedy: "ARRIBA!!!!!!!!!"

which causes Starlight to jump high in the air before landing on one of the buried landmines which then blasts her onto another buried landmine and another and another. To put it simply, Speedy caused Starlight to jumpscare herself onto the landmine mounds in which she gets jump blasted from one landmine to another and on and on.

Mouse Trap Attempt #7: ACME Rocket Car Kit[]

Having been thwarted by Speedy Gonzales, Applejack, Rarity, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie go see Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash and inform them of their failed attempts.

However, Twilight and Rainbow Dash both inform their friends of an idea they have. Canterlot now has an ACME Manufacturing Facility of their own. And since Twilight Sparkle is the princess of friendship, she was given a special kit that could outrun Speedy Gonzales. But first, they would have to build it. Rainbow Dash is in on building this thing that can out speed that mouse.

While they were a bit skeptical about this, the 5 ponies concur with Twilight's idea and help her build this object that can help them catch up to Speedy Gonzales. And they start building it in a newly constructed ACME Warehouse in Ponyville.

As this was going on, Speedy Gonzales rescued more of the captured Mexican Mice and brought them back to the mouse hole. This time, the mice have crucial information regarding the rest of the captured Mexican Mice.

Mexican Mouse 1: "Gracias for rescuing us, Speedy."

Speedy Gonzales: "Por nada. It was notheeng."

Mexican Mouse 2: "Senor Speedy, we have news regarding the mayor and the rest of our amigos and their familias!"

Mexican Mouse 3: "We've just learned from our mayor that he and the other mice are being transported to a Scienteefic Research Facility in a place called... Canterlot."

Mexican Mouse 2: "Speedy, you're our last hope. Only you can save the rest of our amigos and their amores and their familias."

Speedy Gonzales: "Do not worry, senors. I, Speedy Gonzales, will head to thees... Canterlot... and save them all and have them back before we all head back to Meh-he-co."

Mexican Mouse 1: "Good luck, Speedy Gonzales. We'll be waiteeng for them on the outskirts of Poniville."

Mexican Mouse 2: "And be careful por vavor, those ponis could be up to sometheeng."

Speedy Gonzales: "No worries. I can outrun them any day. Well, I'm off for Canterlot! ANDALAY, ARRIBA, ARRIBA!!!!!!!"

And with that, Speedy Gonzales rushes out of the mouse hole and starts to head for Canterlot.

However, as he did, he doesn't notice that meanwhile, hiding in an alley-like archway, there was a furbishedly-made ACME Rocket Car parked there. And in the Rocket Car were Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Twilight was at the steering wheel, Rainbow Dash was riding shotgun with her. In the passenger seat behind them were Applejack, Rarity and Sunset Shimmer. And in the backseat were Starlight Glimmer and Trixie Lulamoon. All of them were wearing different colored helmets on their heads.

Twilight: "Ok, everypony. As soon as that mouse passes us by, we'll be ready for him. Are you all ready for this?"

Rainbow Dash: "Ready when you are, Twilight!"

Applejack: "We're as ready as we'll ever be Twiligh'!"

Sunset: "Let's mow that mouse down!"

Starlight: "This time, he won't stand a chance!"

Trixie: "The Gr-r-r-reat and Poweful Trixie agrees!"

Rarity: "Pardon me, dahlings. But are we absolutely sure that this thing is... safe?"

Twilight: "Rarity, we built this thing together. And we all did our parts to ensure it, didn't we, girls?"

The other ponies confirm with Twilight's statement.

Rarity: "Well, as long as the brakes are put in."

Trixie: "Of course, they're put in! The Gr-r-r-reat and Powerful Trixie handled it with ease. Surely nothing can go wrong."

Just then, the Ponies heard Speedy coming!

Twilight: "Here he comes! Buckle up, girls. I'm turning on the engine!"

The ponies buckled in while Twilight turned on the rocket car's engine.

Twilight: "Rainbow... charge up the jet turbines!"

Rainbow Dash: "You got it!"

Rainbow Dash pressed the button and the jet turbines started charging up.

Twilight: "As soon as that mouse passes us, we'll chase after him on my mark! Prepare for Launch in T-minus 10 seconds and counting."

Twilight starts the countdown very slowly, Speedy runs right past the rocket car and by the time Twilight made to it 5, Rainbow Dash couldn't wait.

Twilight: "5... 4..."

Rainbow Dash: "3, 2, 1! PUNCH IT!!!!!!!"

And with the push of the launch button, the rocket car blasts off after Speedy with Twilight driving it!

As Speedy rushes through the roads leading to Canterlot, he suddenly hears something coming up from behind him. He looks back to see a giant rocket car heading right for him!


The chase is on as the Ponies chased Speedy up the roads leading into the Equestrian Mountains. Then Twilight activates the Exterior Speaker system as she

Twilight Sparkle: "Speedy Gonzales, in the name of Princess Celestia, I hereby charge you of liberating nearly all of the mice and just for being a Looney Tune! So give up and pull over so we can turn you in!"

Speedy Gonzales: "Ok! You all ween! I geeve up! I stop!"

And just as he said, Speedy slowed down, pulled to over the curb and stopped. The Ponies looked ahead to see that Speedy had done what Twilight ordered.

Twilight: "At least this time, he understood. Now to stop this vehicle and apprehend that mouse."

But when Twilight tried to hit the brakes, there was a problem.

Twilight: "Wait a minute... The brakes aren't working!"

Rainbow Dash: "What?! I thought Trixie put in the brakes!"

Everypony looked at Trixie.

Trixie: "What?"

Starlight: "Trixie... tell me you installed them. Did you hook up the brakes after putting them in?"

Trixie: "Trixie only 'put in' the brakes, no one told Trixie to hook them up."

Applejack: (Growls) "All that work and she plumb fergot to wire the brakes in!? Where were goin' with trustin' Trixie?!"

Trixie: "Uh... Trixie knows where it will take us next..."

Trixie then points ahead of the road and the everypony looked to see that cliffside road was suddenly curving to the right! And since Trixie did not hook up the wiring to the brakes... Twilight could not stop the rocket car from plunging over the edge of the cliff! Speedy then zips up to the cliffs edge and watch the rocket car fall all the way down into the lake below.

After some trouble with restarting the rocket car's engine underwater, Twilight drives the rocket car out of the lake and struggles to get back up the hillside cliff. Speedy sees the rocket car coming back up and starts running ahead of them as the chase resumes!

Soon enough, the chase took them all the way to Canterlot where Speedy sees the Scientific Research Facility Building. But before he can save the rest of the Mexican Mice, Speedy must first lose her pursuers. That was when Speedy sees something ahead and gets and idea!

Back with the Ponies, Twilight kept on driving the rocket car.

Rainbow Dash: "I'm glad we pitched in for the water-proof and water-resistant features!"

Applejack: "Agreed. Now let's get that thar varmint!"

Rarity: "There's da doity rat now!"

Sunset: "But what's that thing he's pushing?"

Twilight: "It looks some sort of sturdy..."

The Ponies look to see that Speedy was pushing a large ramp in the way. And since the brakes are still not working, Twilight could not stop the rocket car from going up the ramp! The rocket car soars across the air and then heads straight for Canterlot Castle!

Over at Canterlot Castle, the princesses Celstia and Luna looking over a tower which had a sign over the entrance saying: "Explosives Stockade" along with other warning labels such as "DANGER!", "HANDLE WITH CARE!", "NO FLAMES BEYOND THIS POINT"

Princess Luna: "Are you sure it's wise to use one of the towers for an explosives shed?"

Princess Celestia: "The ACME Corporation gave us a ton of those explosives for free. And since we're not explosives experts, I figured this would be used for the better."

Princess Luna: "I fear the worst. Should a flame ever be lit inside there, it could potentially blow up the whole castle, maybe even all of Canterlot!"

Princess Celestia: "You worry too much, Luna. Canterlot isn't going to blow up."

But at moment, Princess Celestia hears Twilight calling out to her!

Twilight: "Princess Celestia, look out!"

The princesses look up to see a rocket car soaring through the air. But at the moment, the jet turbines started to run out of gas. But unfortuneatly, the rocket car soars into the tower through the window and falls loudly all the way to the bottom, landing directly into the explosives stockade.

Luckily for them, none of the explosives were set off.

Twilight: "At least we all didn't get blown up."

But unfortunately, the jet turbines let one more fiery sputter, which causes the flames to light up some of the dynamite sticks. And when the princesses look inside to see what had happened, they were too late to stop what was about to transpire:

Princess Luna: "Celestia, I love you... but right now, all I can say is... MOTHER BUH-!"

The Castle and all of Canterlot explodes, but luckily Speed was able to get all of the mice he rescued out just Canterlot exploded.


Having rescued all of the mice from Canterlot before it eventually exploded due to the Rocket Car's jet flames, Fluttershy acts as a negotiator along with Discord as they made peace with the Mexican Mice.

Fluttershy: "On behalf of all the ponies in Ponyville and Canterlot we apologize for having captured you all. And as compensation, my friend, Discord, will be able to send you all back to Mexico, where all the cats have been deported."

Senor Mayor: "We, the mice of Meh-he-co, accept your apologies. We will depart from thees place and head back to our home in Meh-he-co."

Discord: "I got the way all set for all of you."

Mexican Mouse 1: "But wait! Where is Speedy?! He was the one who saved us, no?"

Discord: "I think he found something that was meant for somepony else. So he'll be sticking around here for a while before heading back."

Senor Mayor: "Nevertheless, Speedy has saved us all! And as Mayor, I declare... a fiesta!"

And as the Mexican Mice celebrated, Slowpoke then finishes the story.

Slowpoke (narrating at normal speed): "And so, having been rescued from the Ponies of Equestria, and having a fiesta to celebrate their freedom, made peace with the ponis of Equestria. And eet was all thanks to Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse of all Meh-he-co."

Back in reality, Slowpoke finished the story in his normal, slow speed.

Slowpoke: "And in some way... everyone leeved... Hap-a-lee... evah... aftah. El... Fin..."

The Baby Cakes clapped and cheered for the story had a happy ending with the mice being rescued.

Pinkie Pie: "That's not the way it was supposed to end! At least it all didn't really happen."

Slowpoke: "Actually... eet all deed reely happen."

Pinkie Pie: "Huh? You mean the whole Canterlot getting blown up was real?!"

Slowpoke: "Ehhhhh... It possibility."

Pinkie Pie: "But then what happened to Twilight and the others?"

Slowpoke: "Well... Let's see."

Pinkie and Slowpoke look into the book one the page showing Ponyville Hospital.

Slowpoke: "Eet look like... they all ended up... there."

Pinkie Pie: "Awwww, cupcake crumbs. Not again."

At the Ponyville Hospital, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity are confined to their beds in bandages.

Twilight: "I can't believe we've been beaten... AGAIN!"

Rainbow Dash: "This gotta be like... the fifth time it's happened!"

Applejack: "I swears to apples, when I gets all better, I'm-a goin' back to the farm for a while."

Rarity: "At least the princesses Celestia and Luna made it out, mostly unscratched."

In another room, Celestia and Luna were also in beds covered in bandages and casts. Back in the other room,

Twilight: "Once Canterlot is fully rebuilt, we need to hold a meeting regarding... regarding... Whatever all this whole farce of a mini-series!"

Rarity: "Agreed!"

Rainbow Dash: "No kidding!"

Applejack: "Dern tootin'!"

"Well, you can count me out!"

The four ponies turn to see Sunset, Starlight and Trixie, having bandages and casts on them. They were also able to move by use of crutches.

Twilight: "Sunset?! Starlight?! Trixie?! Why aren't you confined in bed?"

Sunset: "Because I have had enough of all this! I'm going to back to the human world! At least nothing like this ever happens there!"

Starlight: "And I'm going with her, too! At least until whatever's going on is done and over with!"

Trixie: "The Great, Powerful and... Plastered Trixie... is coming along with them, too! You ponies can have your time to shine! But we're getting out of here while the getting's good!"

Sunset: "So on that note, good luck with whatever happens next! Girls, let's blow this toonfest!"

And with that, the three unicorns start clumping away. And once they are out of the hospital, they start making their way to the Ponyville Train Station. Hoping to get to the Crystal Empire where the magic mirror leading to the human world lies. But as they head out, Speedy runs up to them holding the magic flute used to hypnotize the mice.

Speedy Gonzales: "Excuse me, mi pequeños ponis, but you forgot your flute! Don't you want heem?"

Sunset: "No, we don't want 'heem' anymore."

Starlight: "After all we've been through, we've had enough of all this."

Trixie: "The Great and Pain-ridden Trixie will allow you to keep it for all we care!"

Speedy Gonzales: "Gracias, ponita senoritas! And as a token of my gratitude, I weel help you get to thees Crystal Empire."

Sunset: "And just how are you gonna do that, ya little rat?"

Speedy Gonzales: "Like thees."

And with that, Speedy starts to play "Mexican Hat Dance" on the Magic Flute. Sunset, Starlight and Trixie's casted legs and hooves are overcome by the music and they dancing after the mouse, causing the three unicorns to yell out rhythmically in pain with every step. He leads them through Ponyville and past Sugar Cube Corner where Pinkie Pie, the Baby Cakes and Slowpoke all watch as they pass by.

Pinkie Pie: "This isn't how it supposed to end! The Pied Piper Ponies are supposed to lead the mice out of town!"

Slowpoke: "That may be true, Ponita... But instead... It looks like..."

As Speedy plays the flute, he leads Sunset, Starlight and Trixie to the sunset horizon.

Slowpoke: "The MOUSE... Led the Pied Piper Ponies... Out of town."

End of Episode 5


  • This episode reuses the plot from "The Pied Piper of Guadalupe", as well as some gags from "Gonzales' Tamales", "Tortilla Flaps", "Mexicali Shmoes" and "West of the Pesos".


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