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The Pumkin patch is a dark a scary place that ponies dare not tred. This is the home of the Pumkin Head ponies and the Princess Pumpkin herself. It is quite a few miles off away from Ponyville and Trottington so there is not really much danger but Halloween tends to be the day Pumpkin heads like the most.

Both these characters and places can not be used, only with my permission.

Equestrian Peace Conference - If they will take my evil group, The Pumpkin Empire/Patch has my permission to be used.

In my comic/story, my mane 6 and anti mane 6 must stop this army and their princess with the help of Deaths pony 'Binky.'

Princess Pumpkin[]

Princess Pumpkin

Princess Pumpkin is a black (dark grey) Alicorn with orange and yellow mane and tail with bright orange eyes. She's cruel, spooky and devious. She controles the Pumpkin heads. Queen Pumpkin cast a spell on all the royal pumpkins that grew around the castle to protect her daughter, Princess Pumpkin before she passed away. Now the Princess plans to use them to take over towns and cities and even little villages to regain her kingdom as it's a little dead with no subjects.

Pumpkin Heads[]

Pumpkin heads

The Pumpkin heads are not the smartest creatures around and there are many colour gases that surround their heads. They are the loyal guards and army of the Princess. They live under the ground with just the top if their pumpkin heads poking out of the soil.