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The Somniatores
Kind Human/Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Dream Eaters
Eyes Varies
Mane Varies
Coat Varies
Nicknames Dream Eaters
Cutie mark
Owner Pandora

The Sominatores are a musical vocalizing group and the main antagonist towards Adeline and her friends in Charades High. The group consists of their leader Merveille Gleam and her bandmates Hypna Trancy and Cauche Bane.


After watching the whole film of My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, the Somniatores are based off of dream eating move in Pokemon and The Dazzlings.

Depiction in Rainbow Rocks[]


  • Merveille Gleam - Day dream eater - leader
  • Hypna Trancy - hypnosis specialist, dream eater of all kind
  • Cauche Bane - Nightmare eater