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True forgotting

i'm the forgotting. i'm with the Lin Kuei. More stealthful than the night, more deadly than the dawn!"

well the forgotting was not always a robat but like all good things his life change

well the forgotting lived in a small town well at this time it is not burned to the ground the forgotting was a pacekeeper well was for five years on that day the town was lets say details are not to inportent well like normal the forgotting was on look out he saw something that he never saw be for it was a army of changeling like the there town ponys he was so sceryed the he stared to run but like a wave the changelings burned down one house after a other the forgotting got traped under one of the houses well to days later a mad scientist found him well the scientist take the forgotting back to his lad stared to mack the forgotting into a robat but because the forgotting was good the scientist had to change the good in him to evil but when the forgotting saw that he was a robot he was scared for life and now he walks the world looking for away to make the world better 

well i'm at ponyville now well life is good for now....

well after just 5 years the forgotting started to change and fromed in to like a demonkin . like the one yous see right under my robat armor.

Evil forgottinng

he started seening this that could make there ponys go crazy. but he past was is bad he's mind was some how not effected by it. he got power by it but at a cost he became a force of pure evil. so now he walks the world and make chaos every were he go's.

now time for me to tell you of the tails which the forgotting has being on.

yes this on well be about right .

it started just 4 days after the forgotting got his demonkin look he was feared that he could have killed some one so he left ponyville.

for 7 days he walked for he could not walk no more he fell on the ground it was at about 4 hours after that he found himself in a house. the forgotting found that the house was own by a old theft. which now work for a cult of ponys name the larst one

The larst ones

this is one of the ponys in it he's name is 1ths LT. twin bot

he was the one that helped the forgotting get to the HQ of the larst ones

he was the one that helped get the larst one up to were there are now

i well tell you's about the there four in two week's time  

now i well tell you about the most feared one of them all in the larst one


he name is warboss chainhorne

the forgotting meet him with twin bot after four days  when the forgotting joined the larst ones

Night core

well time to tell you about the forgotting's new team mate night core

well her story is like the same as the forgotting but with more war.

lets say the forgotting gets along with night core very well.

Big dady

time to get to the leader of the squad

big dady and little sister  this two are like mosters in war.

p.s. do not hit little sister or you well be sorry

let me tell you about big dady

he was a fishing pony but one day he whent crazy so he bulit a suit that he is wearing.

now time for little sister

she was a little pony that came across a old relic so she grab it and she got powers that were as evil as every evil then that see. then she found big dady and for now on them two are a team

now for time for me to tell you's about the leader of the cult of the larst one's she is one that you think not to be a war leader but like to kill


her name is EDI yes she is a robat

she was made by the pony that saved the forgotting

like the forgotting EDI parts are the same as the suit that the forgotting


her story is the most bad of all in the larst one's 

she is a AI in a robot body she was made for the forgotting armor but the timing was bad so she highjacked a robot body . she love seeing ponys living in peace but she . but she says that it will not work unless she rulse the land. she likes to kill pigs with her sword but one side stop her from killing pony herself.

so the elements of apocalypse were formed to do it for her the members of this team is the pony up more

now to tell you about the human that stared the war in the start she is the mind behind the larst ones her name

is neo she hates human and pony alike but she need a cuilt to start it  but like there human you can say she is night core human form she is the only one been to the human world same say but there all worry the forgotting has to but he was a robot in the human world



has you see here the forgotting is a robot in the human  world and he is more. you can say he is as evil as he is in the pony world.

also in the human world night core is the leader of the elements of apocalypse                                                                                                                                                                                                             

night core                                                                                                                                                                       

now time for you to meet the big guy also know as big daddy and  little sister 

here are the to moster of the team.

now not much detal was found on the two so in time more info well be found

and now for chain horne so no detal have been found

but here he is in human form

now for twin bot human form he is in the army in the human world and he loves to kill 

here is his human from


now these two are new to the larst ones the name of them are the twins

the green one is named viper and the pink one is named abaddon

these two have mech suits but never take them of and viper is a eath pony just to let you know.

ok time to tell you about viper he is a big show off but make it up with his brutal combat style he fights with a very powerful wepons on his feet.

abaddon she is the pink one she hates fighting so she uses a item call the urber chage that can heal pony or robats alike, she is a nice and loving pony but life for her was hard.

the forgotting meet the twins when he was on a job to ponyville when he saw them being hunted by well he did not know what was hunting the twins but like anyone well do he help them and lets say there like his children and the twins look up to the forgotting like a dad . the twins are very good at what you tell them to do but viper is like a littel boy looking for a fight so abaddon is the one that make him do what was ask of them.

well for as long as time eldar jen as lend army's of all ponys

Eldar jen

she is about 2000 years old but used dark magic so she can live for forever she has a partner and his name is gray knight he is about 100 years old

here is gray knght he is a mean and fit pony that hates every pony but  eldar jen

Gray knight

now time to tell you about the black hand this group is one of there army's of the last one aka (the ponyhood of nod) and the here is commander shaddowmoon

Commander shaddowmoon

now time for the last of the three army's.

this army is and should be feared by all there name is the make of forgetting the mast feared and those who see there don't live to tell the tail here is one of the units of the make of forgotting

Make of forgotting