Name: Thunder Flash
Age: 20
Species: Pegasus


Thunder Flash is a friendly sort, but likes to be by himself. He is very self concious about how large his wings are and will fly away if he feels someone is teasing him about it. He loves to sleep during storms because he feels at home during the roar of thunder. While he can fly extreamly fast, he likes to take things slow and would rather take his time to do something that rush through it. His main joy in life is gliding beneath rain clouds and feeling the rain on his back.


His coat is a dark golden color and unusually fluffy. He cuts his mane himself and so while it looks layered, it's really just cut at different lengths because he forgets to use a mirror. His wings are some of the largest in Cloudsdale but he feels embarrased about them and so will usually feel teased if somone mentiones them. His cutie mark is a dark cloud.


Born in Cloudsdale, his wings were already the size of a full grown Pegasus', and while it concerned his parents, the doctors could find nothing wrong with them. When he went to Flight Camp, he found he had a natural gift for flying very quickly and won many races, but during a race he ended up crashing very badly into another pony and injured her wings to where she could no longer fly

. Since then, he has been very fearful of flying very fast at all and takes his time with everything. After he woke up in the hospital and was told what he did, he flew away into an oncoming storm and spent the night in the rain clouds wallowing in sadness for the filly he had injured. It was there that he found his love of storms, they were the only things that felt as turbulant inside as he was himself. When he went back to the hospital, he visited the girl and they became great friends, despite the accident, and when they grew up they married. He works as a storm chaser, handling stray clouds and moving them to where they should be. His wife, the pegasus whom he permantly injured, teaches in the Flight Camp that they both went to.

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