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A male pony from the strangely sophisticated area of the backwoods of Equestria. He found his cutie mark when he discovered an innate love for all manner of folk music.


Born to a rather strangely intelligent pegasus family in one of the less reputable regions of Equestria, Thunder Guise was always an odd one. Even by the standards of the family. Reclusive to the point of concern, he seldom socialized with the other little ponies. Also as a result of his self-induced isolation, he never got much exercise in the wing department, and as such, they never really grew. They remain to this day close to the size they were when he was young.

The only social interaction he ever got was through music. He loves music. Contrary to his reclusive nature, he plays gigs and many venues throughout Equestria, tending to lean more towards folk music than anything else. It was through these performances that his one special talent became apparent, and his cutie mark, a banjo, revealed itself.

His reclusive nature has, as of late, been peeled back to reveal a rather more cynical and sarcastic nature than that of most ponies. He's aware of this and doesn't quite understand why it is that more ponies don't hate and despise him outright.

Other Info

Unlike most other Pegasi, Thunder doesn't fly very often. Not for fear of heights or dislike of flying, but for lack of need. Occasionally, he will flex his wings for the sake of an extra boost of speed or to jump higher, but otherwise, he prefers the ground.

Creator Info

The pony whose /b/ folder is equal parts pony gore and pony love. The self-proclaimed Pony of Sarcasm. Thunder Guise is among those who seek to fan the flames of the trolls who desire the death of all things pony. Why? For the lulz.

On all other sites, generally goes with some form of the name "DIE DIE DIE", either seperated with hyphens, underscores, all as one word, and/or with the number 765 at the end.

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