"Just because I'm an Earth Pony doesn't mean I act like one."

Thunder Spectrum, Earth Pony, Male

Thunder Spectrum is an Earth Pony, however he has unusual abilities. He has the abilities of a pegasus, he can walk on clouds and control the weather, yet he does not have wings. He can still fly though, he finds this unusual but enjoys being different.


Thunder Spectrum has an easily angerable personality, especially if you touch his saddle-bag. Nopony dares to touch his saddle-bag or annoy him, if they do there are rumours of those ponies only being seen in the Everfree forest after they annoyed him.


Thunder Spectrum had two parents, his father an Earth Pony, his mother a Pegasus. He had a sister, too, her name was Garden Shimmer. Garden Shimmer was a pegasus, yet did not have the pegasi abilities, she could not walk on clouds or control the weather, but his sister was able to make food grow quickly, she had the abilities of an Earth Pony, and Thunder Spectrum had the abilities of a pegasus.

Cutie Mark

Thunder Spectrum's Cutie Mark is himself in a digital human form as he has knowledge of computers and humans, his special talent is analysing the mythical species. He enjoys learning about this species quite alot, hands instead of hooves and hair only on their heads.

This is Thunder Spectrum's cutie mark

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