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Ti Raal
Ti Raal
"I have arrived..."
Kind Demon
Sex Male
Occupation Multiversal destroyer
Eyes Blood red
Mane Pitch black
Coat Pitch black
Nicknames The Virus, It, The Dark Lord, The Prince of Darkness, Him, The Multiversal Cosmic Destroyer
Theme song Disturbing_Video_Game_Music_Tracks_1_Giygas_Battle
Enemy type Cosmic Cataclysm
Cutie mark
Pure darkness
Voice Sala Baker
Owner User:Invadervax

Ti Raal is an interdimensional demon with the desire to end the existence of the entire multiverse. 



Ti Raal was lord of the Ondiks, a race of inter dimensional demons. They travelled across the Multiverse seeking out dimensions and destroying them. Eventually, they came acroos our Universe and started their plot with several different galaxies. Eventually, they came across a planet with a huge source of magic, a planet called Equestria. They attacked the planet from above, and started plunging things into darkness. Ti Raal caused many greif towards the Ponies, and even turned the mass serial killer Tai Craat into the first Vampony. Before they could destroy the planet, a creature called the Light blew the Horn of the Sages, the only thing in Equestria more powerful than the Elements of Harmony, thus sealing Ti Raal, and his armies into the Unknown Dimension, creating an era of harmony on Planet Equestria. (NOTE: This happened during the time of the three tribes.)

Years later[]

After thousands of years being trapped in the Unknown Dimension, he was unleashed by a time-traveling alien being named Larnik. He tried everything he could to destroy the universe, recruiting Vamponies and other creatures, and launched many attackes on Equestria, corrupting inhabitants and making them invade. He also forged the Alicorn Amulet to try and corrupt Ponies. Eventually, using the Horn of the Sages, he was sealed once again by Star Swirl, who was the next incarnation of the Light. 

Rising again[]

Ti Raal later found a way to become the centre of the Unknown Dimension, and became the Virus. He could now create multiversal glitches, and began to spread his influence around Equestria. 


The only emotions Ti Raal ever has are anger and hate. His mind cannot be understood by mortals. 


His entire body is pitch black. When he came to Equestria, he took form of a pitch black alicorn with dark red eyes and a pitch black tongue with raser sharp teeth. He has a wavy mane and a raser sharp horn. He always has an angry face.