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Ticka Tock
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Occupation Machine Builder
Eyes Cyan
Mane Dark blue.
Coat Blue
Nicknames Ticky(Wings, Autumn, Rads,Codre)

Mecha (Pumpkina)

Friends Wings Freeair

Autumn Leaf Pumpkina Sweet Rads Waste Codre

Favorite Machine Mecha wings, horn
Cutie mark
Three gears
Owner Teromine12

Ticka Tock was born in Manehatten, her mother though, died giving birth. Her father in grief instantly brought her to Ponyville, to restart there life. She happily grew up with her father and soon went to school, sadly, she was bullied and pushed around for being a earth pony that isn't strong. She was constantly pushed around and called nasty names. She ran out of school and hid in her home for days, locking her self away. She came back several weeks later with a rag covering her body, she noticed a new, a bit older pony standing in the corner. She was asked to take the rag off and with a swift motion, she revealed a set of mechanical wings. The class was silent, then she started t be made fun of even more, they even broke her wings. She ran out, tears in her eyes.

The new pony flew in front of her and introduced him self, Wings Freeair, and he brought her to a group. It had only a couple of members, Codre, Autumn Leaf, Rads Waste, and Pumpkina. They welcomed her and tried to help fix her wings, even with how young she is. She grew up hanging around them and would assist Wings in his pranks with Autumn and Codre.

Ticka Tock[]

Ticka tock is a very creative pony, constantly making machines and nick nacks. She likes to lock her self in Rads building room to make machines for her self or to help Rads out with experiments. She commonly makes items to help out with the group, like a scanner to help Autumn find good rocks, help find holes in programming with Codre, and other things like that. Compared to everyone else she is younger, but she doesn't care and nether does the others.