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Tomahawk backround

Tomahawk in Ponyville

Tomahawk is a Canadian Armed Forces pony. Tomahawk was born in Torento and has a Canadian Army cutie mark, Black coat, Red mane and red eyes. He is

Tomahawk camo

Tomahawk in camo paint

an LSTS Signal Operator in the Equestrian army. He is a Pegasus and helps train some of the royal guards. He has been in many conflicts all around the world. Tomahawk has been in the Equestrian civil war, Zebra flashpoint, Camelistan civil war (including the famous raid).

Tomahawk is trained in recon as he is after all in the Luna Special Tactics Squadron and he is also trained as a radio operator. Tomahawk is pyhsically fit and fairly intelligent. Even though he was born in Torento he did go to summer flight camp in cloudsdale when he was little. Tomahawk spends most of his free time working out or hanging out with current or former military ponies. During the changling invasion during the royal wedding Tomahawk was fighting in the streets (if you see the expolsions in Canterlot during the episode it was caused by him). Tomahawk does sometimes train the Royal Guard in weapons training.Tomahawk is a Master Corporal in the Equestrian Army Canadian Division.