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Toola Roola is an Earth Pony who goes through life as an artist, although she doesn't think of herself as a professional one. She has a cheerful demeanor and can often be found vandalizing public property with paint or any other art supplies. She overall tries to be nice to nearly everypony, but can be quite nosey. She's seldom seen in a grumpy or sad mood.


Not a lot is known about Toola Roola up to this point. She is originally from Fillydelphia, where she had been interested in arts and crafts from when she was just a little filly. Ever so mischievous, she got into trouble occasionally for crafting around public monuments and the likes. One day she left Fillydelphia for the rural area, leaving family and an ex-mate behind. It's unsure whether this departure was voluntarily or if she was forced to go.


Pelt: Misty Rose

Mane: Fuchsia, Yellow, Orange

Tail: Azure, Cyan, Indigo

Eye colour: Azure

Cutie Mark: Paintbrush painting pink

Job: Decorating/Artist

Some Positive Traits: Easy going, Cheerful, Good intent, Unphased by fear

Some Negative Traits: Nosey, Lack of understanding Personal boundaries, Destructive, Flight nor Fight response