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Toxic Candy/Floss Candy
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Owner of Floss's Candy (formerly)

Faithful follower of Lord Trixmort

Toxic Candy is Unicorn pony who was turned evil by Lord Trixmort and Red Danger (who used magic to turn herself into Flutterbat). She used to be Floss Candy.


Floss Candy was born and raised for some of her childhood in Paradise Island,  before being moved because of the attacks from Lord Trixmort. She was moved to Ponyville and was raised there until she moved to Cloudsdale on her own.

Transformation into Toxic Candy[]

One night, Floss was walking through the Everfree Forest because she was looking for her friend's child. She found the filly and was walking back through the forest when she heard noises come from a deeper part of it. She told the filly the way back and gave her a torch. Floss went looking further into the forest and saw Flutterbat (Red Danger in disguise) hanging from a tree by her tail (Lord Trixmort used Red Danger's ability to change into other forms to get more followers). Floss tried to defend herself but because she doesn't have magic and her wings were recovering from an accident, 'Flutterbat' bites her and Floss gets turned into Toxic Candy. Her wings get turned into bat wings, her coat goes black, her mane changes colour and her cutie mark changes.

Joining the Dark Side[]

Toxic Candy returns to Cloudsdale and goes to sleep. Then she wakes up and flies down to Ponyville. She heads to the market where everyone runs screaming from her. She sees the real Fluttershy and runs over to her and starts shouting at her, believing it's the Flutterbat she seen the night before. Rainbow Dash flies over to them and pushes Toxic Candy away from Fluttershy. Toxic Candy flies away and lands outside Lord Trixmort's castle. She tries to turn away but Trixmort approaches her and tells her that he is looking for someone to join his team and destroy Equestria. Toxic realises she can get payback at Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.