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Equestria Girls: Starlight's Story


My Noble Steeds

[INT. Canterlot High School-Human World-Hallway-Afternoon]

[The final bell rings and the students fill up the hallways, rummaging through their lockers, getting ready to leave. The violet, glasses-wearing techie Micro Chips is trying to walk up the stairs, having trouble carrying books and scrolls of large paper in his arms. As he tries to correct himself, he loses his balance on the staircase. He starts falling backwards, until he was stopped by a lavender hand pressing against his back. The person behind pushes him forward until he can stand right again. Micro Chips turn around to see that the person who saved him was Twilight Sparkle. She stood there smiling; wearing her black-framed glasses, a yellow tank top with a magenta sleeveless hoody and a short bubble skirt of the same color, dark purple shin high boots, and her hair in a ponytail with a small magenta scrunchie.]
Micro Chips: Hey thanks, Twilight.
Twilight Sparkle: No problem.
[Micro Chips continue walking up the stairs, while Twilight walks away towards her locker. She takes a few textbooks out of her locker and shoves the first book in her backpack.]
Voice: OW!
[She quickly pulls it out, and her talking dog Spike sticks his head out, rubbing it.]
Twilight Sparkle: Oh. Sorry, Spike.
[She continues put the book in her backpack, next to Spike.]
Spike: I thought this day would never end. I couldn’t stand being in that bag for so long.
Twilight Sparkle: That reminds me. You owe me for what happened in geometry today.
Spike: Hey, it’s not my fault. All that lecture talk has bored me out of my mind.
Twilight Sparkle: Yeah. So bored, the whole class could hear you snoring during the exam.
[She puts on her backpack and closes her locker. As she turns and walks off, she accidently bumps into Flash Sentry. The two just stare at each other awkwardly.]
Twilight Sparkle: Oh…hi…uh…sorry.
Flash Sentry: Yeah...You know, we got to stop bumping into each other like this.
Twilight Sparkle: Yeah…uh…I got to go now…goodbye. [She walks around Flash and continues walking]
Flash Sentry: Um…okay. See ya. [Flash walks away, disappointed]
Spike: Oh come on, Twilight. Why don’t you say a few things to him? You know he likes you, and everyone knows you have a thing for Flash Sentry.
Twilight Sparkle: But that’s it, Spike. I don’t have a thing for Flash. That’s…the other me.
Spike: Oh. Right. Sorry.

[EXT. Canterlot High School-Front lawn-Afternoon]

[The rest of the gang: Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Sunset Shimmer; are all waiting at the new golden alicorn Wondercolts statue. Sunset notices Twilight leaving the school.]
Sunset Shimmer [waving]: Hey, Twilight!
[Twilight sees Sunset waving at her, and smiles as she walks toward her friends. They start to greet her and the talking dog, and they all walk away from the school.]

[INT. Sweet Shoppe]

[The eight friends are at their usual sitting area, having discussions and enjoying refreshments. Twilight is on her laptop when something popped up on her screen.]
Twilight Sparkle: A chat request?
[She clicks on the request and a video chat tab pop up with Dean Cadance on it.]
Twilight Sparkle: Dean Cadance!
Dean Cadance: [laugh] Twilight! It’s so good to see you again. I thought I would keep tabs on you. How’s your time at Canterlot High?
Twilight Sparkle: It’s doing great. Everyone’s here, if you want to say “hello”.
Rest of the main cast: [various greetings]
Dean Cadance: Hi, girls. It’s really nice seeing you all.
Twilight Sparkle: So how are things at Crystal Prep?
Dean Cadance: Pretty good. Crystal Prep is definitely a different place now. The students have gotten much friendlier since you left. Guess they really want to follow your example. They really miss you. Indigo Zap is still striving to break school records, but she is learning to be a good sport. Sour Sweet is much nicer as she grumpy. Sugarcoat is being honest, but she still doesn’t take other people’s feelings into consideration.
Applejack: Well she needs to know how her words affect people. You should tell her to think about what it’ll be like if she was in their shoes the next time you see her.
Dean Cadance: I’ll keep that in mind. Sunny Flare is well behaved, and Lemon Zest is still being her old wild self. It seems everyone is improving since the Friendship Games.
Rarity: I agree. I would be socializing with them rather than being at their throats.
Pinkie Pie: Yeah. Especially since we’ve been archrivals for a really, really long time, and they wanted to beat us so badly. They pressured Twilight into releasing the magic she unintentionally stole in her magic stealing device, turning her into the dark-winged, half-crazed, all-powerful, totally scary Midnight Sparkle.
[Twilight begins to feel depressed. Everyone gives Pinkie a disappointing glare as she gives a nervous laugh and a weak smile.]
Sunset Shimmer: So, anyway…What about Cinch?
[Everyone, especially Twilight, look up in concern.]
Dean Cadance: Cinch hasn’t really gotten over the incident. She’s trying to get things back the way they were. She’s looking over everyone’s shoulder, expecting them to work harder than ever. She’s even willing to accept new students to have on her side.
Rainbow Dash: I can’t believe that woman is still working there. She was the one responsible for that fiasco, as well as pitting the Crystal Prep kids against us.
Fluttershy: She was just awful to everyone during the Friendship Games.
Spike: Yeah. If I never see her again, it’ll be too soon.
[Twilight now feels miserable from remembering Cinch. Sunset puts her hand on Twilight’s shoulder in an attempt at making her feel better.]
Sunset Shimmer: Don’t worry, Twilight. As long as we stick together, and we have friends at Crystal Prep, Cinch won’t do a thing to us.
Rest of the main cast sans Twilight: [various agreements]
[Twilight smiles for her friends’ comfort. Even Dean Cadance is smiling on the screen.]

[EXT. Restaurant-The City-Evening]

[A blue-skinned woman wearing a trench coat, sunglasses, and a scarf around her head walks up to the door. She looks around to see if she wasn’t noticed, revealing to be Principal Abacus Cinch. She sees everything is okay and enters the restaurant.]

[INT. Restaurant]

[A few minutes after entering, Cinch is seated at a booth (scarf and sunglasses off), speaking to a mysterious stranger opposite her. His face is concealed by the booth wooden top cap.]
Principal Cinch: And that’s why I called you here. No one must ever know about this discussion. As much as I regret asking your assistance, you are the best candidate with the resources I need for this sort of problem. As you know, my students have lost faith in me, and my best student, Twilight Sparkle has been transferred to Canterlot High. Crystal Prep’s reputation is at stake if this matter is not dealt with. So I need you to find someone who would act as the perfect student, and use your “persuasion” to have them enrolled in my school. But not just anybody in particular. I’m looking for a student who can be just as good as Twilight was. If not, better. So do you know anyone who has such qualities?
[The stranger’s hand jesters suggest that he’s thinking. Then he reaches down for the inside of his file bag at his feet, and pulls out a file.]
???: You know. I think I got just the girl.
[He slides the file over to Cinch. She looks into the contents with a sinister smile. Inside are a few sheets of paper, with a small picture of a smiling girl, paper-clipped to the corner. The girl is heliotrope colored with violet eyes, with purple hair with light purple and aquamarine highlights in a ponytail with a curl in the end, and straight bangs parted in the middle. The name on one of the papers says “Starlight Glimmer”.]

[Opening Credits]

[Title: Equestria Girls: Starlight’s Story]

[INT. Office-The City-Afternoon]

[Introducing Starlight Glimmer. She’s wearing a black button shirt, a purple coat, a purple bell skirt with a small purple fallen star with an aqua stream trail (her cutie mark) on the side, black slip on shoes, and long purple socks. She is sitting in a chair in front of a desk, smiling.]
Starlight Glimmer: So you see, the only way that everyone to be happy is if all of us are equal. No one would ever flaunt their special talents because they won’t have any talent to flaunt. Those who do would often think they are way more special, not knowing how inferior they made others feel. In a world where everyone is exactly the same, no one will be teased, no one will feel different, and no one will ever be treated unfairly again. Everyone would be happy to experience “true” friendship for the first time.
[It is revealed the person she’s talking to behind the desk is her therapist, Stormy Flare.]
Stormy Flare: I see. Well, that’s nice, dear. But…[sigh]…look, Starlight. I feel as if these sessions aren’t getting us anywhere. You have not made much progress since you were released: spending three months in juvenile hall with no improvement. It’s gonna take a while for you to adjust to civil life.
'Starlight Glimmer: Oh don’t you fret. I’m quite sure I’m capable of making it out in the world and guiding some poor person in how his life is meant to be handled.
Stormy Flare: Starlight, you know you’re not supposed to do that. Not everyone is willing to accept your “unique” philosophy as you do. Your parents are really worried about you.
Starlight Glimmer: That’s only because they haven’t quite seen the light just yet.
Stormy Flare: Well, you also know I can’t keep you from interacting with other people. You have your own life to live, and it won’t make your condition any better. But, getting to know different people is not such a bad thing. You get to learn what different interests they have. You might like it.
Starlight Glimmer: Out of the question. Different interests lead to different opinions, which lead to misery and unhappiness.
Stormy Flare: Well you’re gonna have to learn to live with it sometime. By the way, have you registered to any schools yet?
Starlight Glimmer: Not really. I’ve yet to find the right school with students who share my personal commitments.
Stormy Flare: Starlight, you have to go back to attending school. You’re a very smart girl, and I don’t want you to waste your education like this. This could be the next step in getting back into the world. If you don’t apply soon, then I guess I’ll have to do that for you. Remember, I may come to visit to see if you’re making progress.
Starlight Glimmer: I have no problem with that. I’m looking forward to making new friends.
Stormy Flare: That’s good, and I guess that’s all the time we have today. Shall we say, same time, tomorrow?
Starlight Glimmer: Sure. I do enjoy these little meetings. Good day, Mrs. Flare.
Stormy Flare: Good day, Starlight.
[Starlight gets up from her seat, picks up the backpack she had at her feet, and walks out the door, still smiling. After she leaves, Stormy Flare gives off a sigh of disappointment.]

[EXT. Office Building]

[Starlight walks out of the building, and notices some kids playing on a nearby lawn. Her smile slowly fades as she watches the kids playing games together and hugging their friends. She then pulls a photograph out from her backpack. Her eyes begin tearing up as she looks at it. She presses it against her chest and walks away, reciting her own philosophy to herself.]
Starlight Glimmer: Exceptionalism is a lie. Be your best by never being your best. Choose equality as your special talent. You are no better than your friends…etc.

[INT. Stormy Flare’s Office]

[Stormy Flare is looking through some old pamphlets.]
Stormy Flare: “The Everton Independent Study Program.” This ought to be best for Starlight. I’m already at my wit’s end with that girl anyway.
[Then the phone suddenly starts ringing. So she picks it up.]
Stormy Flare [on the phone]: Hello. Stormy Flare here…Yes…Yes, she does come here…How do you know that? ...Who is this? ...Listen. If you’re trying to pull something on me, I’m gonna…What? ...How? …Well, it does sound pretty festive. But I don’t think she would go along with it…[Pulls out a piece of paper and a pen, and starts writing]…Okay go…Uh-huh…Yeah…Okay…What? …Alright. [Stops writing] Are you sure this will work? …This doesn’t seem professional…If you say so. Thank you. This will definitely help my predicament a lot…Okay. You really got me out of a jam…Goodbye. [Hangs up the phone]
[Despite her confusion, she goes through the pamphlets again and found the one for Crystal Prep Academy.]

[INT. Stormy Flare’s Office-The Next Day-Afternoon]

[Starlight arrives and sits down at her usual seat.]
Starlight Glimmer: Okay, Mrs. Flare. So what sort of session will we be doing today?
Stormy Flare: Actually, I want to discuss about applying to school.
Starlight Glimmer: Ah yes. Well I still haven’t found a suitable school that would fit my needs.
Stormy Flare: Well lucky for you, I think I found one that’s perfect.
[Stormy Flare hands Starlight the Crystal Prep pamphlet.]
Starlight Glimmer: [reading the pamphlet] “Crystal Prep Academy. Nothing but the best. Students will experience proper education and quality athleticism to make them the best they can be. Crystal Prep is well known for its high academic scores and successful achievement of any other school.” [Then looks at Stormy Flare with a disapproving glare] It sounds very “tempting”. But I’m going to have to say “no”.
Stormy Flare: I think it quite suits you very well. Your intelligence may make you a great asset at this school if you apply.
Starlight Glimmer: I’m sorry. But these students seem like they believe they are superior to everyone else. Such misguided and selfish intends they must have. And, if I try to show off my talents, I would be no better than them. This doesn’t seem to be the school for me.
Stormy Flare: But that was before. Have you heard? Things at the school have changed. It all seems to have started after the Friendship Games.
[What Stormy Flare said got Starlight surprised with interest.]
Starlight Glimmer: The Friendship Games?
Stormy Flare: It’s a series of competitive events held once every four years between the Crystal Prep Shadowbolts and their archrivals, the Canterlot High Wondercolts. They had it quite recently.
Starlight Glimmer: “Competitive” you say? Sounds like they cared more about the “Games” than the “Friendship”.
Stormy Flare: Well Crystal Prep has won the games a multitude of times over the years.
Starlight Glimmer: And why should this be of importance to me?
Stormy Flare: Because something happened at the last Friendship Games; both teams decided to end it in a tie.
[Starlight gets surprisingly intrigued to hear of this.]
Starlight Glimmer: A tie?! What happened?
Stormy Flare: No one knows, but the rumors say it caused such a change within the student body, they began treating their rivals as equals. Whatever happened at the Friendship Games made them better people than they were before. Now when they compete, they would do it fairly and equally. Makes you feel very exuberant about it, doesn’t it? What do you think, Starlight?
[Starlight just sits there, astound from what Stormy Flare said, staring into the Crystal Prep pamphlet.]

[EXT. Crystal Prep Academy-Parking lot-The City-The Next Day-Morning]

[Principal Cinch drives her purple car into its usual parking space. She gets out with a stack of files and papers in her arm, and walks into the school with an indignant look on her face.]

[INT. Crystal Prep Academy-Hallways]

[The students are all mingling with each other, until they see Cinch passing by. Some of them give an icy stare of resentment, some seem frighten at her presence, and others just try to get out of her way. She walks down the halls with a cold expression with no reaction to her students. The Shadow Five: Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, Sunny Flare, Indigo Zap, and Lemon Zest; are all hanging out together by the lockers. Sugarcoat and Sour Sweet are having a conversation, Sunny Flare is listening in, Indigo Zap is going through her locker, and Lemon Zest is enjoying the loud rock music from her headphones.]
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] And this guy just bumped into me, and he never said “sorry”.
Sugarcoat: Why don’t you just suck it up, like a normal person?
Sour Sweet: [sourly] Watch your tongue, or else you’ll end up like that guy the next time I see him.
[Sunny Flare sees Cinch coming their way and alerts the others, except for Lemon Zest, because she’s too busy rocking out to her headphones. Indigo Zap gives her a nudge to get her attention.]
Lemon Zest: Dude, what?
[Indigo bobs her head toward Cinch, signaling Lemon to see her. She walks by the girls without a response, only turning her eyes to see them giving her a disgusted stare. She then continues walking onward.]

[EXT. Crystal Prep Academy-Principal Cinch’s office]

[Dean Cadance is looking over a clipboard outside of Cinch’s office door, until she spots Cinch walking up the stairs.]
Dean Cadance: Ah, Principal Cinch. How’d the meeting go?
Principal Cinch: Horrid. Both school boards of Crystal Prep and Canterlot High were constantly breathing down my neck.

[INT. Principal Cinch’s office]

[Cinch opens the door and walks into her office with Cadance following.]
Principal Cinch: Especially the president of the CHS board. What was her name again? Ah yes, a “Mrs. Spoiled Rich”.
Dean Cadance: Oh yeah. I’ve heard she was a tough customer. Also heard she has a daughter that goes to that school.
Principal Cinch [sitting down at her desk]: Disgraceful. It seems they have caught wind of the rumors about the Friendship Games, and they have been dogging me to take responsibility.
Dean Cadance: What’s there to worry about? Crystal Prep still got recognition from the tie, the students are more productive than ever before, test scores are still high…no harm, no foul, right?
Principal Cinch: You misunderstood. It is not the school’s status that they have doubts in. It is my position as its headmistress. They believe that I am no longer fit to run this school anymore. The students have already lost their faith in me, and word has spread that I may be exploiting their entire future. Even Spoiled Rich seemed to be assured of my incompetence.
Dean Cadance: Well you were pretty involved in that incident in that last event in the games.
Principal Cinch: You know pretty well it was Canterlot High who forced my hand in it. If it wasn’t for their dubious tactics and possession of otherworldly magic, Crystal Prep would have won yet another Friendship Games, fairly. My only concern is for our reputation in the games. It is not my fault for committing such a mishap. Now it seems Canterlot High’s influence on our students is the reason they do not trust me anymore. I’ve also heard they have come up with a certain nickname for me. What was it again?
Dean Cadance: [quiet at first, then takes a breath] “Witch”. “Cinch the Witch”.
Principal Cinch [irritated]: Quite. In any case, the school board is suggesting some form of “retirement planning”.
Dean Cadance: Oh my, so are you willing go along with it.
Principal Cinch [getting up from her chair]: Well of course not. I was able to talk my way out of it, but the boards still seem to have their suspicions about me. So the idea of retirement is still in the air. I have put all of my life and worked too hard to make Crystal Prep the pinnacle of academical perfection, and I will not allow a resignation to let me leave this school in worse condition than how I found it. And now, that’s all about to change.
Dean Cadance [uncertain]: If you say so.
[Cinch moves to the curtains and pulls on them a bit to see outside the window. She notices something that got her in such a delight.]
Principal Cinch: Ah. Perfect.
[She signals Cadance to come over to the window. So Cadance does just that, and looks out the window to see what Cinch is looking at.]

[EXT. Crystal Prep Academy-Front lawn]

[Coming up to the school appears to be Starlight Glimmer, about to start her first day at Crystal Prep. She stops halfway and looks at the school with such concern. She then takes a deep breath, and continues walking.]

[INT. Principal Cinch’s office]

Dean Cadance: Who is that?
Principal Cinch: Our new student.
Dean Cadance: Another one?
Principal Cinch: This one is very special. I’ve been expecting her for quite some time. So could you go down and greet her? Once you do, I want you to bring her to me. I would like to welcome this girl, personally.

[EXT. Crystal Prep Academy-Front lawn-The City-Morning]

[Starlight walks up the stairs and stops at the top to look up at the school once more. Takes another breath, and walks through the door.]

[INT. Crystal Prep Academy-Main foyer]

[Starlight walks in and sees the other students walking around, mingling; wearing their usual dark purple school uniforms. She starts taking in the atmosphere when she gets bumped and shoved by passing by students.]
Starlight Glimmer: Oof…pardon me…ah…excuse me…could be a little more caref-? ...ow…hey, watch where you’re go-…oh…hey, you did that on purpose…WHOA!
[She gets knocked down by another new student, Blueblood. His skin is chalk-white with light blue eyes and well-groomed golden locks. He wears the usual male uniform, neatly, with the exception of a white dickie with gold buttons and a blue bowtie.]
Blueblood: [scoff] Some people.
[He leaves Starlight with an angry expression on her face. She then reaches for a small pouch on her backpack, until…]
Dean Cadance: Excuse me, miss. Hello there.
[Dean Cadance approaches from down the stairs, as Starlight cease reaching for the pouch and gets back up.]
Dean Cadance: So you’re the new student we’ll be having today. Welcome to Crystal Prep. I’m Dean Cadance, it’s a pleasure to have you here with us. Principal Cinch has been expecting you for quite some time.
Starlight Glimmer: Well, I sure--wait, I’m expected?
Dean Cadance: Of course. She’s spoken so highly about you. She will be pleased to meet you in person. Now please, walk this way.
[Starlight gets confused at first, and decides to follow Cadance up the stairs.]

[INT. Crystal Prep Academy-Principal Cinch’s office]

[Principal Cinch looks at the file of Starlight, until she hears her office door opening and had to put it away in her desk drawer. Cadance enters with Starlight, and Cinch looks upon them with such delight.]
Principal Cinch: Ah! Miss Starlight Glimmer, I presume?
Starlight Glimmer: Yes?
Principal Cinch: Splendid. We are so lucky to have you here with us. My name is Abacus Cinch, headmistress of this academy.
Starlight Glimmer: Well, I am so pleased to meet you.
Principal Cinch: Not as much as I. [To Dean Cadance] That’ll be all, Cadance.
[Cadance nods her head and leaves the office, closing the door behind her.]
Principal Cinch: Please, have a seat.
[Starlight walks up to her desk and sits down on the seat in front of it.]
Principal Cinch: I must say, it truly is a privilege to have you at this school.
Starlight Glimmer: It is?
Principal Cinch: But of course. We at Crystal Prep take such pride in education and reputation. Our goal is to make our students the best there is in life. And we hope that your contribution from your brilliant mind will be the greatest this school has to offer.
Starlight Glimmer [tries to hide her disapproval]: Well, I’m sure looking forward to get started.
Principal Cinch: I’d thought you would. Your record did say you are most eager to participate.
Starlight Glimmer [surprised]: My…record?
[Principal Cinch pulls Starlight’s file out of the drawer.]
Principal Cinch: Why yes. I have been reviewing your accomplishments.
Starlight Glimmer: Oh. So you studied up on me, huh?
Principal Cinch: And I must say, I found the most impressive claim I have ever come across.
Starlight Glimmer [confused]: It is?
Principal Cinch: Straight-A student with an adept display of ingenuity. Gracefully accustom to advance studies, excellent dedication to any given assignment, and an exquisite talent in scientific development. Now that is what I like to see in a Crystal Prep Shadowbolt.
Starlight Glimmer: Is that it?
Principal Cinch: Yes. Why?
Starlight Glimmer [curious]: Can I take a look at that?
Principal Cinch: Sure.
[Cinch gives Starlight the file. She looks at the contents with surprise and utter confusion. Cinch gets concerned about Starlight’s reaction.]
Principal Cinch: Is something wrong?
[After hearing Cinch, Starlight quickly shakes off her doubting expressions and pretends to be calm.]
Starlight Glimmer: No. Nothing is wrong at all. Hm. Looks like everything’s there. [Gives Cinch back her file] I’m sure to do my “best” during my stay here, and I’m sure my efforts will surprise everybody.
Principal Cinch: Indeed. We will be expecting great things from you.
Starlight Glimmer: Well I can’t wait to get started, and I am so looking forward to meeting everyone.
[Cinch gives a bit of a scowl for a split second.]
Principal Cinch: Yes, well. [Gets up from her seat] Now that we’ve gotten courtesies out of the way, allow me to personally give you a tour of campus so you can get well adjusted to your way around.
Starlight Glimmer: [hesitates at first] Sure.
Principal Cinch: Splendid. This way.
[Starlight pushes against the edge of the desk in order to scoot out of her chair. Unknown to Cinch, Starlight stealthily plants a very small disk-like device with a blinking red light at the bottom of the desk edge. Then she casually walks out the office with Cinch.]

[INT. Crystal Prep Academy-Hallway]

[Starlight walks down the hall with Cinch showing her the different rooms of the school.]
Principal Cinch: …And over her, we have a marvelous science lab, which I know would be to your liking.
Starlight Glimmer: I sure hope so. [Notices the other students staring at her and Cinch] I wonder what got them in such a mood.
Principal Cinch: Pay no mind to them. Here, you will succeed, a privilege that they can never dream of.
[Coming up around a corner, Sunny Flare appears and accidentally bumps into Starlight.]
Sunny Flare: Oh, sorry.
Starlight Glimmer: That’s alright.
Principal Cinch: Shall we carry on?
Starlight Glimmer: Yes, we shall.
[Sunny Flare watches them leave in disbelief, as Sugarcoat shows up from behind.]
Sunny Flare: Look at her. Hasn’t been here for more than an hour, and Cinch already has the new girl eating out of her hand.
Sugarcoat: Such foolishness. If only Twilight was a better judge of character.
[Starlight overhears the girls, and gets curious when she heard the name “Twilight”.]

[INT. Crystal Prep Academy-Gymnasium]

[Starlight and Cinch come into the school’s gymnasium. The gym is massive with a large basketball court, as expected of any gym; made up of four aqua blue walls with its crystal frame features, two-level blue bleachers, and a light purple hardwood floor.]
Principal Cinch: And this is our gymnasium, where most of our athletic events take place.
[Starlight then notices something that causes her to stray away from Cinch.]
Principal Cinch: As you see, we house the best sports equipment to hone our students physical attributes in order to strive in achieving what the world has to off- [Just realized Starlight went off.]
[Starlight stands in front of a trophy case with all forms of cups and medals. She looks in disgust to see the pictures of the Shadowbolts winning over their rivals, the Wondercolts. She hides her disdain when Cinch approaches.]
Principal Cinch: Ah, I see you’ve taken interest in the many accomplishments our students have rightfully earned over the years. As you can see, we always win.
Starlight Glimmer [muttering]: “Interest” seems like a very strong word.
Principal Cinch: These were awarded to us after we triumphed over our archrivals, the Canter—
Starlight Gimmer: The Canterlot High School Wondercolts.
[Cinch is surprised to hear that name is familiar to Starlight.]
Principal Cinch: So you’ve heard of them. How efficient. Well, these over here are what we earned in a special event we held with Canterlot High every four years,--
Starlight Glimmer: The Friendship Games.
[Cinch is once again surprised.]
Principal Cinch: So you’ve heard of that too. What else have you heard?
Starlight Glimmer: That you ended in a tie. So what happened?
[The two just stand there, staring at each other in silent for a moment.]
Principal Cinch: That concludes our tour.
[Cinch walks away, leaving Starlight even more curious. Then she notices a picture of the Shadowbolt team for the Friendship Games. While everyone looks all serious, there’s one purple girl with glasses smiling. Starlight ponders on why this girl seems different from the others. Cinch walks up to a nearby bench with a box waiting for her on it. She picks it up and gives it to Starlight.]
Principal Cinch: There you go. Your uniform is inside, along with your class schedule and basic information; such as locker combination, library card, and website account. You can change in the girl’s locker room over there. Now, I am confident you will find Crystal Prep to be the pinnacle of all your life’s work. We will be expecting a lot from you. So please, don’t let me down.
Starlight Glimmer [smiling]: Don’t worry. I’ll get right on it.
Principal Cinch: Very well. I’ll leave you to it then. I wish you the best of luck, and Welcome to Crystal Prep.
[Cinch leaves the gym. When she’s gone, Starlight gets rid of her smile, and changes into an expression of a scornful discomfort.]
Starlight Glimmer: UGH! “Great things”, medals, “accomplishments”. This school is seriously in need of more help than I thought. And that principal…[grunts]…what a total windbag. No wonder everyone here is so miserable.
[She opens the box, and looks at the uniform with a sinister smile.]
Starlight Glimmer: Okay, Cinch. I’ll play along, for now.
[A few minutes later…Starlight walks out of the girl’s locker room in her new uniform. It’s the standard female uniform with the dark purple coat, light blue undershirt, dark blue bowtie, purple plaid bubble skirt, dark blue lace socks, and black slip on shoes with blue trim and a little shield on it. What’s unique about hers is the coat is a vest (twice as big as Sour Sweet’s), the undershirt has long sleeves with short cuffs, she’s wearing dark blue spandex carpi pants under her skirt (like Sugarcoat), and the shields on her shoes are half light blue and half dark blue.]
Starlight Glimmer: Hmm, this needs something.
[She then goes into her backpack and pulls out a pin in the shape of a black equal sign. Then she pins it on the left side of her chest of her coat.]
Starlight Glimmer: Much better.

[INT. Crystal Prep Academy-Hallway]

[Starlight puts her things into her new locker, while looking at her schedule.]
Starlight Gimmer: Okay, my first class is…”Machine Shop”? They have that here?
[The bells rings and Starlight is once again being bumped and shoved by oncoming students. This makes Starlight most irritated.]
Starlight Glimmer: Okay, that tears it!
[She reaches for the pouch of her backpack again, and pulls out a strange-looking metal ring. Its features illustrates the ring was built with minor technology. She slams her locker shut and puts the ring on. But then she gets knocked down once again by Blueblood.]
Blueblood: Oh, you again. You should probably learn some manners and stay out of people’s way.
[Starlight becomes extremely angry. She presses the switches on the rings and two metal rods pop out with an electrical current running between them. Starlight then swiftly goes to Blueblood and slaps her hand with the ring onto his back. The snobbish student shouts in pain as Starlight’s Taser ring zaps his body. The surrounding students hear the shouts and notice Starlight assaulting Blueblood. He falls to the floor, groaning in pain, with Starlight hovering over him.]
Starlight Glimmer: Aw, did that hurt?
Blueblood: [groaning]
Starlight Glimmer: Good! [She press the Taser ring on his back again] Maybe you should learn some manners!
[Jet Set sees the commotion, and approaches Starlight in an attempt to stop it.]
Jet Set: Now see here! You can do—
[Starlight quickly turns and presses the ring against Jet Set’s shoulder. He falls to the floor in pain, and Starlight looks franticly around at the frightened crowd, pointing her Taser ring at them to prevent them from coming near.]
Starlight Glimmer [angrily]: Anyone else? Huh? HUH!?
[The crowd stays back in fear and didn’t mutter a word. After a moment, Starlight finally calms down and presses the switches on the ring to put the Taser rods back in.]
Starlight Glimmer [cheerfully]: Well. If you all excuse me, I got to get to class.
[Starlight starts walking, only to be stopped by Upper Crest standing in her way. Afraid of getting zapped like her boyfriends, she steps aside.]
Upper Crest: Oh go on ahead. After you.
Starlight Glimmer: Now that’s more like it. I am so looking forward to getting to know every single one of you.
[Starlight resumes walking towards class, leaving the scared crowd with a sinister smile on her face.]

[INT. Crystal Prep Academy-Machine Shop Class-The City-Morning]

[Starlight Glimmer walks into Machine Shop Class. Other students are there at work tables, three at each one. Starlight sits at the available front table with Sour Sweet and Sunny Flare.]
Sunny Flare [whispering to Sour Sweet]: That’s the new girl I told you about.
[Starlight turns her head and sees the two girls sitting next to her.]
Starlight Glimmer: Hello.
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Hi, my name’s Sour Sweet. Welcome to CPA.
Starlight Glimmer: Thank you.
[The two shake hands and Starlight looks down at her table, until…]
Sour Sweet [muttering]: [sourly] Witch’s Pet.
[Starlight feels suddenly indignant to overhear that statement.]
Starlight Glimmer: What did you say?
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Oh nothing, nothing at all.
Sunny Flare: Yeah. And I’m Sunny Flare, we’ve met before.
Starlight Glimmer: Oh yeah. My name’s Starlight, Starlight Glimmer. And I so love meeting new friends like the two of you.
Sunny Flare: Glad to hear it. Now, can you excuse us for just a moment, sweety.
[Sunny Flare pulls on Sour Sweet’s ponytail and huddles her head closer to hers.]
Sunny Flare [whispering, disgruntled]: What do you think you’re doing?
Sour Sweet: [sourly] You told me she’s with Cinch.
Sunny Flare: Yeah, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to bad mouth about them. I thought we all agreed we’re gonna start over.
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] I know, and I’m sorry. It’s just…I can’t help it.
Sunny Flare: Well you better. This is like Twilight all over again.
Sour Sweet: [sourly] Well excuse me for being so complex on the matter.
[Starlight overhears the two, and is surprised to hear the name “Twilight” again.]
Sunny Flare: Okay. If you get all antsy, just keep it to yourself. Alright?
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Okay. [sourly] But I won’t make any promises.
Sunny Flare: Fair enough.
[They turn back to Starlight, smiling, as Starlight is just a bit confused. Before she could say a word, the class teacher, Dr. Hooves enters the room. He has tan-colored skin with spikey brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue suit, brown trench coat, and a light green bowtie. He puts his coat on a nearby rack and sits at his desk.]
Dr. Hooves: Good morning, class.
Students: Good morning, Doctor.
Male student: What’s up, Doc?
Dr. Hooves: Today, we’ll be learning about the inner workings on a miniature generator. Now you all have the components on your workbench. But since we have new students today, let’s go over the basics, shall we?
[As the Doctor turns around to draw a diagram on the chalkboard, Starlight looks down on the parts and schematics on her table. After the Doctor is finished, he turns back at his class.]
Dr. Hooves: Now, the first thing you need to reme—
[The Doctor, Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet, and the entire class look in disbelief to see that Starlight has completed her generator in a short amount of time, fully operational.]
Starlight Glimmer: Oh I’m sorry, did you say something?
Dr. Hooves: Great whickering stallions!

[INT. Crystal Prep Academy-Math Class]

[Sugarcoat has just finish a math equation on the chalkboard.]
Math Teacher: Correct. Thank you, Sugarcoat. You may be seated. [Sugarcoat replies.] Now who else would want to try a problem on the board? Anyone?
[Some students raise their hand as the teacher looks around.]
Math Teacher: Yes. You, Ms. Glimmer. Will you please come up?
[Starlight puts her hand down, gets up from her desk, and walks to the front of the class.]
Math Teacher: Now pick a problem from the book and do it on the board.
[Starlight looks at the open mathematics book on the teacher’s desk and starts flipping through the pages. She seems to have flipped over a hundred pages, until something catches her attention. She turns back just a few pages and points at the page she stopped on.]
Starlight Glimmer: This one, right here.
[Starlight moves to the chalkboard while the teacher looks surprised at the problem she picked.]
Math Teacher: But this seems a bit advanced for you. Maybe you should try anoth-
[Starlight writes the problem and its equation on the board with such swiftness and ease; surprising the teacher, Sugarcoat, and the rest of the class. Then she has just finish drawing.]
Starlight Glimmer [cheerful]: Oops! Almost forgot.
[She then adds the decimal point she had forgotten, completing the equation.]
Math Teacher [dumbfounded]: Uh…correct.
Sugarcoat: Show-off.

[INT. Crystal Prep Academy-Science Lab]

[The science teacher is observing the chemical mixtures the students have concocted. He observes Lemon Zest’s vile.]
Teacher: Good.
[Then he observes Indigo Zap’s.]
Teacher: Good.
[Then finally, he looks at Starlight’s vile.]
Teacher: Very good—What are you doing?
[He notices Starlight mixing chemicals in a separate beaker.]
Starlight Glimmer: Oh, I got bored after finishing mine. So I’d thought I use these excess chemicals to keep myself busy.
[She then removes the beaker from the Bunsen burner and gently stirs it. Then the concoction inside starts to glow with a phosphorescent light. This impresses the teacher, including Indigo Zap and Lemon Zest.]

[INT. Crystal Prep Academy- Cafeteria]

[The room is filled with round tables and chairs, and a cafeteria checkout counter. Students are sitting at those tables, chatting, enjoying the meals on their trays. On the other side of the counter is Gustave le Grand. He has light grey skin and a long black curly-q mustache. He wears a dark grey shirt with a white apron, a red ascot, and a white chef’s hat. The Shadow Five have just got their lunches and are looking for a spot to sit.]
Sunny Flare: Hey, look.
[Sunny alerts the others that she notices Starlight is sitting all on her own.]
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Aww. She has no one to talk to. [sourly] Probably had it coming the moment she walked into our school.
Sunny Flare: Sour!
Sour Sweet: I’m sorry, Sunny. But if Cinch has gotten to her, then she has to be so blind to apply here.
Sugarcoat: She has been rubbing her smarts in everyone’s faces.
Lemon Zest: Yeah. But you remember Twilight was like that too, and look where that got her.
Sunny Flare: We were never there for Twilight. If this is anything like the last time, we better let her know she’s not alone in all this.
Indigo Zap: Yeah. Let’s go over there and give her a real Crystal Prep welcome.
[So the five girls agree to go over to Starlight’s table. At her table, she is having her lunch while drawing in her notebook. Next to it is the photograph, facing down, which Starlight looks at with such sadness. She is surprised to see the girls sitting down at her table, going from her right; Indigo Zap, Sour Sweet, Sugarcoat, Sunny Flare, and Lemon Zest. She looks in confusion to see them at her table, smiling.]
Starlight Glimmer: Uh…hello?
Rest of the main cast: [various greetings]
[A moment of silence.]
Starlight Glimmer: Can I help you?
Sunny Flare: Oh we just noticed you sitting here all alone. So we thought you can use some company.
Starlight Glimmer: Aw that’s really nice of you, Sunny Flare, right?
Sunny Flare: Yup, that’s me.
Indigo Zap: Heya. We weren’t properly introduced. I’m Indigo Zap, and that there is Lemon Zest.
Lemon Zest: S’up?
Indigo Zap: Guess you’ve already met Sugarcoat here.
Sugarcoat: You seem very chipper for someone completely clueless of what goes on around here.
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Don’t mind her. She just says whatever comes to mind. [sourly] Though getting her to shut up about it is the hard part.
Starlight Glimmer: Wow. You all seem so unique. So…”generic”.
Indigo Zap: Okay? So we saw the things you did in class today.
Starlight Glimmer: So you did? How do you feel about that? Spiteful? Hateful? Disgusted? Inferior?
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] What?! No. Why would we think that? [They all stare at Sour with doubt.] [sourly] Okay, just a little. [sweetly] But you shouldn’t think so hard on it.
Sugarcoat: You were making those around you looking like a bunch of pansies.
Sunny Flare: Actually. The things you did, they were kind of…impressive.
Starlight Glimmer [confused]: It is?
Lemon Zest: Well, yeah.
Starlight Glimmer: Huh, well that can’t be right.
Indigo Zap: Don’t sweat it. We’re just trying to be nice. If you got a problem, we’ll be there to help you out.
Starlight Glimmer [smiling]: Oh, really? Well, don’t you think I’m the one who should be helping you?
Sugarcoat: Say what?
Starlight Glimmer: Oh don’t you worry. You’re just a bit confused. A lot people are once they got to see the truth?
Sour Sweet: Truth?
Starlight Glimmer: Let me explain; you all seem to be good friends, right?
Sugarcoat [confused]: I suppose so.
Starlight Glimmer: But I know what you need, what everyone needs. The only way we can all be great friends is if we are all exactly the same.
[There’s a moment of silence on the lunch table, until it is broken by Indigo Zap letting out a burst of laughter for Starlight’s remark. Starlight just stares at her with a blank expression, which puts the laughter out.]
Indigo Zap: Are you serious?
Starlight Glimmer [cheerful]: Oh don’t feel so bad. I have no judgements. In fact, don’t you want to change your ways in the first place? I’ve heard about your “impressive” winning-streak, but then you decided it should be better to treat everybody as equals. I admire that, really. And that’s what I’ll be helping the people here at this school to learn.
[She takes Lemon Zest’s headphones off her head and gives her an MP3 player with its own earbuds. So Lemon puts both buds in her ears, and Starlight hits the ‘Play’ button.]
Starlight Glimmer [voice from the earbuds]: In sameness, there is peace. Be your best by never being your best. You’re no better than your friends. To excel is to fail. Free yourself from your-
[Lemon Zest quickly takes off the earbuds, and feels a big chill.]
Sour Sweet [whispering]: Is she for real?
Starlight Glimmer: You see, I do not want to flaunt my special talents because I believe no one should have special talents to flaunt. Now that I see it, you five were all on the same team during the Friendship Games. So isn’t it about time for you to experience “true friendship” for the first time?
[As the girls start pondering what Starlight spoke to them, two students are already at the lunch counter. One is Party Favor; with light blue skin, blue curly hair, light blue eyes, and a pin of a pink balloon animal on his uniform’s lapel. The other is Sugar Belle; with pink skin, dark purple curly hair with a light blue ball hair band, magenta eyes, and a pin of a purple cupcake on her lapel. The two just got their lunches and are about to find their seats, until Party Favor sees Starlight at her table. Sugar Belle notices him looking off with a frightened expression.]
Sugar Belle: What’s wrong, Party Favor?
Party Favor: Sugar Belle, is that who I think it is?
[He points over at Starlight, allowing Sugar Belle to see what has her friend so spooked. She notices Starlight with the same reaction.]
Sugar Belle: No way. It can’t be!
[Back at Starlight’s table, the Shadow Five are still thinking about what she said.]
Sugarcoat: Well it—wait. If you don’t like “flaunting your talents”, the why are you doing so well in class.
Starlight Glimmer: Oh, I’m only doing that to impress Cinch.
Shadow Five: [various complaints]
Indigo Zap: Ugh, not Cinch!
Sugarcoat: That woman is the most repulsive thing here in this school.
Sour Sweet: [sourly] I knew she would be another pawn.
Sugarcoat: You are so gullible. Principal Cinch is an arrogant, glory-grabbing creep who’d do anything to get her way. Even exploiting her own students and threatening their entire future if they don’t comply. All she cares about is her precious reputation and the influence that comes with it.
Starlight Glimmer: Really!?
Lemon Zest: If you ever need anything, go to Dean Cadance. She’s the one who’s truly in charge. She cares deeply about all her students.
Sunny Flare: Listen to me, Starlight. You can’t trust Cinch with anything.
Starlight Glimmer: Of course I don’t trust her. That’s why I’m using her.
Sunny Flare: Well you really shouldn’t—Come again?!
Starlight Glimmer: I knew that Airhead Cinch was too clingy to that “Crystal Prep reputation” garbage. From the moment I spoke with her, I can tell right away she must had something to do with making this school the most hated place in the world. So I figure if I can get on Cinch’s good side just long enough for her to put me in a better position, I’ll turn that miserable hag’s career against her.
[The girls look dumbfounded at Starlight.]
Indigo Zap: Whoa.
Sunny Flare: You’re declaring war on Principal Cinch?
Starlight Glimmer: If I must. I just have to keep squeezing her until she’s ready to see the light. Once she realizes feeble her efforts truly are, she’ll finally understand what we’re trying to accomplish. There’s just one little thing I would like to ask.
Sour Sweet: What?
Starlight Glimmer: Who is Twilight?
Sunny Flare: Wha-what do you know of her?
Starlight Glimmer: Only that she was on the same team as you during the Friendship Games. I saw the picture; purple girl, glasses…you spoke so highly of her, and yet, I didn’t see anyone like that while I’m here. So tell me, who is she?
[A long pause.]
Sour Sweet: Twilight Sparkle…she was one of us. At least, we never thought she was then. She used to be the top student around here.
Lemon Zest: She was the brightest student that ever comes out of CPA, always getting the top scores on all her tests.
Starlight Glimmer: So, you really admire this girl, don’t you?
Sunny Flare: Well yes…and no. For all her time here, she never got close to anyone. She really cares about her studying, but we…we didn’t really care much about her.
Starlight Glimmer: Oh?
Sunny Flare: Well, you see…we-um, we sort of—
Sugarcoat: We treated her like dirt. She was being a very nice girl, but we were just awful to her because we thought she was better than us for being the best student. So we insulted her, belittled her, putting so much pressure on her, and Cinch manipulated her into joining the games with us. But we kept listening to Cinch when we were up against Canterlot High, which only made things worse. But she was doing terrible, we aided her in forcing Twilight to help us win, which led to a horrible disaster. And if it wasn’t for Midnight Sparkle, we wouldn’t hav—[She suddenly stops talking, and notices Starlight raising her eyebrows in curiosity, and the other girls giving Sugarcoat signals to not mention that moment.] Sorry.
Starlight Glimmer: Midnight Sparkle? Who is that? Is that Twilight’s sister or something?
Sour Sweet: Eh…you can say that.
Starlight Glimmer: So what you’re saying is…this girl, Twilight was the smartest girl at this school, and you just treated her like garbage for it?
Indigo Zap: I guess we did.
Lemon Zest: All we ever wanted was to be the best.
Starlight Glimmer: And without thought about how it affected her. Such selfishness. [The Shadow Five seem to feel bad about what they did.] Aw but don’t fret, she probably didn’t know how her accomplishments affected you. I’m curious - what ever happened to her anyway?
Sour Sweet: She transferred to Canterlot High after the games.
Starlight Glimmer: Ah, I see. So you’re saying, your actions drove her away. Am I right?
Sunny Flare: We could’ve been good friends with her.
Indigo Zap: None of us want to make that mistake again.
Starlight Glimmer: But in a world where everyone is the same, no one will ever feel terrible because there are no losers and no winners. Everybody wins!
Indigo Zap: I don’t know. That doesn’t sound right to me.
Starlight Glimmer: Oh I don’t blame you for being confused. It’s quite obvious you all have been blinded by the false promises this school had to offer. [She gets up from her seat; and grabs her tray, her notebook, and her photo.] I’ll give you all some time to think it over. By then, you’ll understand what I’m telling you. I got big plans for this school, and I would love for you to join me. I’m looking forward to your decision.
[She walks away from her table, dumps her garage in the trash bin, places the tray on top of it, and leaves the cafeteria. The Shadow Five look at each other with confusion, and then stare at the doorway Starlight just walked out of.]

[INT. Crystal Prep Academy-Hallway-The City-Afternoon]

[Starlight Glimmer is packing things from her backpack into her locker.]
Starlight Glimmer: There’s nothing to worry about. They’ll understand. They’ll all understand. Once I get that snobby principal to give up on her ideals, the school will be exactly the way I—
[Then Starlight hears some form of music playing. She listens in to the music in the empty halls. It is the music of the song from the series “Our Town”. Starlight is shocked to have recognized it.]
Starlight Glimmer: That’s…that’s the song from my village.
[She listens to the sound coming from one of the halls. The she chase down the song to locate the source. Every time she runs closer to the sound, she hears it coming from somewhere else, as if it was moving away from her. So she has to make turns, and pushing through a few students along the way, trying desperately to find where the music is coming from. Finally she stops and finds the song is coming from a door cracked open at the end of a small corridor, with a big black pipe going through the wall on each side. She opens the door and finds a small storage room with boards on the wall, a computer, a laptop, electronic equipment, papers pinned to the wall, a desk, a study table, and books. Starlight is amazed at what she had found. She walks in and looks around at the scientific splendors. She turns on one of the computers, and the background image of a cute purple dog with a treat in his mouth appeared on the screen. She looks around some more and sees a board with pictures and red thread wrapped around their pins, and all the threads connect to one in the center with a picture of Canterlot High.]
Starlight Glimmer: What is all this?
[She turns to the study table and sees an MP3 player on speakers, playing the song she was chasing.]
Starlight Glimmer: There you are. [Turns off the music] But how did you get here?
[She picks up the player and notices a stack of paper clipped papers underneath it. Starlight looks through the pages with drawings, notes, and schematics of a circular device, and what it can do. She flips back to the front page and notices a name written in the corner.]
Starlight Glimmer [reading]: “Twilight Sparkle”?!

[EXT. Crystal Prep Academy]

[Outside the window of the room, Starlight is still seen reading through the motes in astonishment. Meanwhile, a mysterious character (showing only his hand and shadow) is watching her on the other side and then leaves without her noticing.]

[INT. Storage Room-Crystal Prep Academy-Night]

[Starlight stayed and read Twilight’s notes about the device and her investigation on the “strange energy” from Canterlot High. She reads the notes all with her eyes wide open, her hair a bit messy, and looking as pale as a ghost.]
Starlight Glimmer [reading]: “As the readouts confirm; the bizarre energy fluxes originated from Canterlot High. During my investigation, my equipment has analyzed the strange EM frequencies. I believe I have found the solution to these anomalies. New data has led me to believe the source of this new energy could be ‘otherworldly’.”
[Starlight raises her head.]
Starlight Glimmer: IT CAN BE DONE!
[Lightning flashes from outside the window, followed by a thunder strike.]

[INT. Crystal Prep Academy-Day]

[Starlight walks down the hall with a wicked smile on her face, pulling a cart with boxes full of electronic equipment in them. She passes a couple of confused students on her way to the storage room. She brings the equipment inside, and puts them in various places. Machines, tools, laptops, parts and circuits, chemistry sets, textbooks…Starlight has successfully turned the room into a working laboratory again. In her free time, she would draw schematics of a variety of gadgets and handheld weapons. Then she would get to work on building these devices. She tests these devices on some crash test dummies she keeps. Some are rocket-powered, some give off electricity, and others fire off harmful, but not lethal projectiles. Starlight would go to the school’s library and look up books with scientific manuals to correspond with Twilight’s research. On the side, she’s been coming up with new ways to reconfigure the designs of her device. She secretly works on these notes outside or during classes (especially literature, where Fleur Lee Dis is fawning over the teacher, Fancy Pants). She even places some of her inventions in curtain parts of the school. In her lab, Starlight also put up her own board on the empty wall; with a picture of Principal Cinch in the center and threads connect her to different pictures. Starlight would assemble the new device and set up video logs about it on her laptop.]
Starlight Glimmer [video]: “Video Log 2:” The research that Twilight discovered is unparalleled. The fluctuations of EM frequencies coming from Canterlot High. This new energy may be useful in my plans for Crystal Prep. Twilight had created a device that can track the bizarre signatures like a spectrometer, and then captures it. Clever. But I think we can make it better. Twilight’s notes suggest the strange energy as being “otherworldly”. So it got me thinking, what if I remodel the device and outfit it with a miniature cyclotron and combine it with a set of interdimensional paradigm theories? That way, instead of going towards the source, I will just let the energy come to me, like a magnet. And turn it into a reactor.
[Starlight is finishing setting up the circuits on the device, and then attaches multiple cables into it.]
Starlight Glimmer [video]: “Video Log 5:” My first prototype is finished. Now we’re gonna see if this puppy will do the job. “Test 1”.
[She switches it on, and the lights come on, generating some form of power in a rising humming sound. Starlight smiles with certainty that it seems to be working.]

[INT. Principal Cinch’s Office]

[Principal Cinch is sitting at her desk, signing a few papers. Until she is surprised to find the room shaking, followed by the sound of a large boom.]
Principal Cinch: What the-?

[INT. Dean Cadance’s Office]

[Dean Cadance has a similar experience.]
Dean Cadance: What in the world?!

[INT. Hallways]

[After the shaking, dozens of students and faculty walk out of their classrooms, wondering where the explosion came from.]

[EXT. Crystal Prep Academy]

[Starlight opens the storage room window, letting out large clouds of smoke. Her hand is shown waving to blow away the smoke while coughing.]

[INT. Starlight’s Research Room (Storage Room)]

[Starlight sets up another video log. She’s covered in soot with a little smoke coming off of her, and hair a bit of a mess.]
Starlight Glimmer [video]: “Video Log 6:” I blew myself up, because I am an idiot. See, I forgot to count for a full systems check to make sure that the power is compatible to the circuits. Judging by the massive readouts Twilight uncovered, I’m gonna have to reinforce this device in order to contain this power. So I’m gonna start all over again, as soon as my ears stop ringing.
[Later on, Starlight would make parts of the devices, individually, and test each one to see if they can handle the massive power. Sometimes she would go on the internet and research about Twilight, Crystal Prep, and Cinch.]

[INT. Cinch’s Office]

[Principal Cinch is looking at a file, smiling with delight.]
Principal Cinch: She’s been here for a whole week, and she is progressing better than I expected.
[The door opens and Starlight walks in.]
Starlight Glimmer: You wish to see me?
Principal Cinch: Ah yes, Starlight. Please, sit down. [Starlight complies with Cinch’s request and sits down.] I have been looking at your test scores for the past week, and I must, say, what I see amazes me. Even your athletic scores are substantial. You are now top ranking of all your fellow classmates. Even your teachers are impressed by your grades and projects.
Starlight Glimmer: Why thank you, Principal Cinch. Though I don’t think I deserve it. After all, I am no better than anyone here.
Principal Cinch: Oh don’t be so modest.
Starlight Glimmer: [chuckles] No really...[changing mood to annoyed]…I meant what I said.
[Cinch’s expression changes from surprised, to confused, and back to delightful.]
Principal Cinch: Yes, well…I have informed the school board of your excellence and am impressed by what you have contributed. They are most pleased that I recommend such a girl into our academy.
Starlight Glimmer: Are they now?
Principal Cinch: Indeed. In fact, they are expecting you are doing more in your development. You seem to be making a name for yourself.
Starlight Glimmer: Really? You know, despite all of my “bizarre” research methods and “zany” experiments everyone—
Principal Cinch: Starlight, what you do in your spare time is of little interest to me. What’s more important is that you keep on what you’re doing so that Crystal Prep’s reputation stays afloat.
Starlight Glimmer: I see.
Principal Cinch: I’m suggesting you take our personal aptitude test so that your exquisite mind can be recognized throughout the educational system. Just think about it. Universities and study programs will be offering you scholarships for you to attend their special courses. You will be accepted in the most successful colleges in the country, it will lead you toward a bright—
Starlight Glimmer: No.
Principal Cinch: What did you say?
Starlight Glimmer: I’m not gonna take the aptitude test. Cause if I did, then everyone will know just how smart I really am, and everyone at this school will just hate me for it. I don’t think it would be fair if I’ve taken the test and get the top score.
Principal Cinch: What sort of nonsense is this? I’m talking about giving you the chance of a better future. Why should anyone matter because of it? Nothing but the best.
Starlight Glimmer: Oh, my future is not the reason I came to this school. I don’t want to be the best.
Principal Cinch: Then what?
Starlight Glimmer: The Friendship Games. [Cinch becomes appalled.] This school has lived off of its “reputation” of beating Canterlot High every time in the games, except recently when they decided to end it in a tie. The students here wanted to end their quarrel as equals. I admire that very much. Cause after all, equality is everything.
[Cinch just sits there dumbfounded and confused from what Starlight had said to her.]
Principal Cinch: You cannot be serious.
Starlight Glimmer: Aw don’t feel bad, this is perfectly normal for those who haven’t seen the light just yet. The only way we can be truly happy is if we are all equal. No one will be left out, no one will feel superior, and everyone wins!
Principal Cinch: Enough! Now you listen here. I’m giving you a choice to rise into greatness so tha—
Starlight Glimmer: What? Did you ever give Twilight Sparkle a choice? [Cinch is caught off guard.] Oh yeah. I know all about your former star-student, and that you exploited her just to get what you want.
Principal Cinch: That’s ridiculous.
Starlight Glimmer: Yes, ridiculous…but true.
Principal Cinch: Twilight Sparkle was weak. She had the passion of learning, but lacked the confidence and determination to do whatever it takes to win. I thought she could make a lasting impression for Crystal Prep, but all she ever brought us is nothing but shame.
Starlight Glimmer: I see. Is that why you' resorted to that “disaster” I’ve heard about?
Principal Cinch: I was desperate. Canterlot High has gotten an advantage by switching over to underhanded tactics and coordinated attacks.
Starlight Glimmer: Are you saying they were…cheating?!
Principal Cinch: I wouldn’t put it that bluntly. But yes, they were.
Starlight Glimmer: [stunned] Whoa. I can’t believe it…[suddenly cheerful] They should’ve thought of that ages ago!
Principal Cinch: What?!
Starlight Glimmer: I am intrigued. How bold. Even though I don’t know anything about CHS, I say they made a wise decision.
Principal Cinch: Now you listen here! Are you saying it is right for Canterlot High to depend on dubious tricks to win, that it’s alright for them to play unfairly?
Starlight Glimmer: Is it possible that it was you who were being unfair to them?
Principal Cinch: What are you implying?
Starlight Glimmer: Think about it. The Crystal Prep Shadowbolts are much more educated and athletic than the Canterlot Wondercolts. With the Shadowbolts getting the top scores and winning at every single event they were in, it’s quite obvious their success would cause the Wondercolts to feel sad and useless. You know, I don’t blame them for cheating though. All they ever wanted was to be our equals. In order for them to ever match up to such advanced students, they had to find another way. And you wanted to win so badly, and never thought about how badly if affected your opponents. Such selfishness. Frankly I think all of them should end in ties.
Principal Cinch: That is ludicrous! I refuse to throw away all that I work for just to see our rivals as equals. I will never back down to Canterlot High for what they—
Starlight Glimmer: Tell me something, Cinch. Did you ever compete in the games?
Principal Cinch: What sort of question is that? Of course we have. It’s a tradition we—
Starlight Glimmer: No. Not the school. You. You yourself, Abacus Cinch. Were you a student here at Crystal Prep once upon a time?
Principal Cinch: Ye-Yes, I was once. But that was a long time ago?
Starlight Glimmer: Did you compete in the Friendship Games then?
Principal Cinch: Why yes. I had no interest at first, but seeing how everyone was making such a fuss about it, I figured I should take part to represent my school.
Starlight Glimmer: And did you win, apparently?
Principal Cinch: But of course. We always win. In fact, I was the one who delivered the final act that allowed the Shadowbolts to attain the taste of victory.
Starlight Glimmer: Really? How did it feel?
Principal Cinch: Alive. It felt as though I was on top of the world. The sensation that comes from achieving at something great. The praise delivered by fellow classmates. The feeling of satisfaction from overpowering opponent. It made me realized how insignificant I was before. I was just going through life like any normal person. No plan. No ambition. Without a care in the world. Studying for every test they gave me and listening to every lesson they taught me in class like everyone else. Just another face in the crowd. I was a nobody. Until I took part in the Friendship Games, I’ve gone through all the events to what I was capable of. My eyes were finally open to what Crystal Prep had to offer. I never wanted to feel that feeble again. I wish those few minutes of glory would last forever.
Starlight Glimmer: [whispering to herself] So that’s how it all started.
Principal Cinch: What did you say?
Starlight Glimmer: Oh nothing. My point is I see no reason for taking that aptitude test, since it would be unfair to the other students. If we have both taken that test together and got the top scores, the whole school would’ve turned on us. Winning isn’t everything, equality is.
Principal Cinch: Is that what you think? Well, if that—
Starlight Glimmer: Oh, if you’re thinking about my enrollment here at Crystal Prep, I’ve heard that you and the school board are having a bit of a falling out. If they thought you were unconfident before, could you imagine how they will feel if they learn that you recommended a student for being the best out of all the others, only to be expelled after one week? Now that wouldn’t look so good for your image, now wouldn’t it.
Principal Cinch: But I just said they were—
Starlight Glimmer: Oh they were referring to me, not you. So I don’t think it counts. [Cinch starts pondering to what Starlight said.] Like I said, I’m here to help you, and this school. Tell you what, let’s hold off on the test for a while, and I will continue making this school great, okay? But don’t you worry; I won’t go mouthing off on what happened here. After all, you have a reputation to uphold. We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to it, now will we? [Starlight walks toward the door and opens it halfway.] I assure you, whatever I have to offer will be something that nobody will forget.
[She leaves the office and closes the door behind her. Cinch just sits at her desk with an unsure look on her face.]

[INT. Research Room]

[Starlight is working on part of the device. She switches on the power and it builds some form of energy in the center. She points her tools into the spot and pulls them away from each other. The tools are stretching open the energy to reveal a mini vortex. Starlight smiles at what she had discovered. Just then, the door starts to open. So Starlight quickly turns the power off, grabs a nearby gadget from the shelf, and points it at the doorway. Luckily, the visitor is only Dean Cadance, startled at Starlight’s reaction.]
Starlight Glimmer: Oh, it’s only you.
Dean Cadance: What is that thing?! Is that a weapon?!
Starlight Glimmer: Oh, no it’s not. Here, watch.
[She puts the gadget onto the special stand against a small cushion standing vertically. She ties a string around the hilt and trigger. When she pulls it, a wave of energy bursts out, and the invention flies backwards, and hits the cushion with great force.]
Starlight Glimmer: I’m already working on making a bigger version of it though. So what are you doing here?
Dean Cadance: Sorry. It’s just I heard noises in here, and I could’ve sworn it was—nevermind. [She looks around the room, amazed at what Starlight had done to it. Luckily for Starlight, the board with Cinch’s picture and the threads is covered by a large sheet.] Wow. You fixed this place up real nicely.
Starlight Glimmer: Well I can’t have all the credit. I can’t believe someone left all this stuff here.
Dean Cadance: Well Principal Cinch did plan to have this stuff removed once, but the room still smelled of dog.
Starlight Glimmer: What? Is Cinch afraid of the stench or something?
Dean Cadance: No. She’s just highly allergic.
Starlight Glimmer: Really?
Dean Cadance: I’m glad I found you. Could you please come to my office? I would like to ask you a few questions about your time here at Crystal Prep.
Starlight Glimmer: Um…sure, no problem.
[Starlight puts the pieces away, and walks out the room with Cadance.]

[INT. Dean Cadance’s Office]

[The office is half the size of Cinch’s office. But it is well decorated and neatly arranged to make it a homely and comfortable workspace. Dean Cadance sits at her desk, while Starlight takes a seat in the chair facing it.]
Dean Cadance: Thank you for coming. We have lots to discuss.
Starlight Glimmer: Of course. I am so glad you want to talk to me…I’m sorry. What was your name again? [Reads the name plate on the desk.] Ah, “Dean…Mi Amore Cadenza”?
Dean Cadance: Heh, “Dean Cadance” will do just fine. Now let us begin, shall we? How to do feel about being here?
Starlight Glimmer: It’s great.
Dean Cadance: Have you had any problems during your stay?
Starlight Glimmer: Not at all.
Dean Cadance: And how are you getting along with your fellow classmates?
Starlight Glimmer: Pretty good actually.
Dean Cadance: Now I’ve notice you haven’t been interacting with them much for days. In fact, I’ve heard you have assaulted two students on your first day with what some students are calling “a Taser ring”.
Starlight Glimmer: Well you see, they were being very unpleasant with me. I had to defend myself. You must understand.
Dean Cadance: Oh I do understand. But I have some concerns about your choice of actions. I do not want to see such behavior bringing harm to any of my students.
Starlight Glimmer: Ah yes, they were talking about you caring for their wellbeing, that you are the most trusted person to have at this school.
Dean Cadance: Well I’m flattered. Thank you.
Starlight Glimmer: As for me not interacting with the others, that is because I’m working on a very important project that will revolutionize the way this school is run. Once everyone starts to appreciate it, I’ll have plenty of friends I can rely on.
Dean Cadance: Are you sure about that? Has it even been approved?
Starlight Glimmer: Oh trust me. I am all for making new friends, and what better way than to make friends you can relate to.
Dean Cadance: Really? Well that sounds promising, but I don’t really know. You’re a very smart girl Starlight, and I would hate for you to make friends the wrong way. Knowing other people can help you learn more about yourself.
[Starlight notices the picture with the Friendship Games team on the shelf behind Cadance.]
Starlight Glimmer: Is that the same advice you gave Twilight Sparkle?
Dean Cadance: You know Twilight?
Starlight Glimmer: Not really. I only heard of her from the other kids. They seem to talk so much about her. Did you know her?
Dean Cadance: Why yes. She was so smart, so kind…it’s quite a shame she had to leave.
Starlight Glimmer: Sounds like you were close.
Dean Cadance: All the students here would focus on success, but Twilight was different. She’s the most brilliant student we ever had.
Starlight Glimmer: And it was because of that brilliance, the others didn’t appreciate her.
Dean Cadance: Well I wouldn’t say that. Twilight just had difficulty connecting with others, so the—
Starlight Glimmer: Now I don’t blame her for that. After all, who would want to be friends with a school full of ungrateful barbarians who been blinded by the false promises of their success? Now tell me, Dean Cadance. If this was such an issue, why didn’t you do anything about it?
Dean Cadance: Well, it—
Starlight Glimmer: Abacus Cinch, right?
Dean Cadance: Now wait just a min—
Starlight Glimmer: Her position has cast a certain influence over the entire student body, and you are just too powerless to do anything about it, are you?
Dean Cadance: Look. Despite what you believe, Cinch is just concerned for the school’s wellbeing.
Starlight Glimmer: Such backwards thinking. She only wants to make herself and everyone at this school feel more special than others. The only way people can be happy is if we are all equal. Kinda like what the students here are aiming for right now.
Dean Cadance: Well I’m glad you’ve noticed our students struggling to reach out to each other, but all the things you said are what Crystal Prep is about. It’s about taking chances, pushing boundaries, and making yourself better than you were before.
Starlight Glimmer: That’s not how I see it. If everyone here is to better themselves, then they should start giving up on what makes them better. Cinch, on the other hand, uses their unique gifts to build up her own measly reputation. Do you know what that is called? A parasite. A being that feeds off of others to strengthen themselves for their own satisfaction. Cinch projects her image so she can possess the power that comes with it. You won’t tell her about this, will you?
Dean Cadance [smiling]: You have my word.
Starlight Glimmer: Thank you. You really are considerate to your students. Now if you ask me, I believe Cinch has been at this for far too long. Now if it was up to me, I suggest she stand down. Crystal Prep would be better off with a new stronger leader, a better leader.
Dean Cadance: What? Are you suggesting me?
Starlight Glimmer: You? Well I’ve never considered it. But now that I think about it, I would love to make you a candidate.
Dean Cadance: Thank you. Principal Cinch really was reckless at that incident with Twilight. But until the school board can be fully convinced, Cinch cannot be removed.
Starlight Glimmer: I see. Speaking of which, how is Twilight doing?
Dean Cadance: Well it is quite a shame that she left. But it was for the best. She was originally going to apply to the Everton Independent Study Program, but she changed her mind and asked for a transfer to Canterlot High. She made plenty of new friends, so she’s doing great. I try keeping in touch with her through video chats.
Starlight Glimmer: Really? Well that sounds great. I guess I have nothing to worry about; now I know she’s in better hands. Seeing that she couldn’t handle the high quality efforts that Crystal Prep put on her, keeping her from fixing the damage they have brought themselves, I guess it’s up to me to pick up where she left off. So as you can see, I’m doing fine, and you don’t need to worry about what happens to me. I’ll make Crystal Prep go exactly the way it’s supposed to be. [She gets up off her seat and walks towards the door, where she notices a shadow moving in the crack.]
Dean Cadance: Okay. I hope you know what you’re doing.
Starlight Glimmer: But of course. I can take care of myself.
[Starlight quickly swings the door open, and Shining Armor, who was leaning on the other side of the door, falls to the floor.]
Dean Cadance: Shining Armor! [She gets up from her chair and helps Shining Armor up.] Are you alright?!
Shining Armor [grunting]: Yeah. I’m alright.
Starlight Glimmer: Wait, who is this?
Dean Cadance: This is Shining Armor. He’s an alumnus of Crystal Prep.
Starlight Glimmer: Really? [To Shining Armor] Tell me something, Shining. Have you competed in the Friendship Games?
Shining Armor: I sure have.
Starlight Glimmer: And did you win?
Shining Armor: Of course, we always win.
Starlight Glimmer: Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. [Shining Armor seems confused.] And I suppose Abacus Cinch was your principal at the time, correct?
Shining Armor: Yes, she was. [To Cadance] Cadance, who is this?
Dean Cadance: Shining Armor, this is Starlight Glimmer, our new star-student.
Shining Armor: Oh. Well it’s nice to meet you.
[Both Starlight and Shining Armor start shaking hands.]
Starlight Glimmer: Hello.
Dean Cadance: So what are you doing here anyway?
Shining Armor: Well…it…I…thought I can stop by and…
Starlight Glimmer: I believe it has something to do with this.
[She holds up a picnic basket. Shining looks at his hand and realizes it’s not there. So he grabs the basket from Starlight.]
Shining Armor: I just…thought I could deliver some lunch for Dean Cadance here.
Starlight Glimmer: Really? Feels like a lot of food for just one person. So how long have you two…?
[The two start blushing and stammering.]
Dean Cadance: Hey! Shining Armor, were you spying?
Shining Armor: Sorry. I was about to knock when I overheard my sister’s name through the door. I just couldn’t help myself but to—
Starlight Glimmer: Whoa, wait. Sister? What sister?
Dean Cadance: He’s referring to Twilight.
Starlight Glimmer [To Shining Armor]: You’re Twilight Sparkle’s brother?!
Shining Armor: Well yeah.
Starlight Glimmer: Tell me, did your sister ever tell you what happened at the Friendship Games?
Shining Armor: I really don’t know what to tell you. Details of that event were a bit sketchy. After the games, my sister decided to transfer over to Canterlot High. I just don’t get it. I tried asking Twily what happened, but she was being vague about it. I even asked Cadance here about it, but she doesn’t want to talk about it either. But whatever is it, I’m sure they had a good reason not to tell me.
Dean Cadance: Yeah. [She then takes the picnic basket from Shining Armor.] Why don’t I just set this up so tha--?
Starlight Glimmer: Just one more question before I go. [To Shining Armor] Do you have a sister named “Midnight”?
Shining Armor: No, I don’t. Never heard of her. [To Cadance] Who’s Midnight? [Cadance raises her shoulders, pretending she doesn’t know anything. Then he turns back to Starlight.] Where’d you heard that?
Starlight Glimmer [smirking]: Oh, well that’s alright. Just a little rumor I heard. I’ll just leave you two alone then, okay? It was nice meeting you both.
[Starlight then leaves Dean Cadance’s office, as Shining Armor and Cadance watch her go, both looking perplex.]

[INT. Hallways-Crystal Prep Academy-The City-Day]

[Sugarcoat, Indigo Zap, Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet, and Lemon Zest are just casually walking.]
Sunny Flare: I’m thinking about letting it grow longer.
[Then they stop to see Starlight at her locker. They watch Starlight pull the mysterious photo out of her locker, looking sad.]
Boy’s voice: Well, well, well. Look what we have here.
[Starlight finds herself surrounded by the three boys: Dumb-Bell, Hoop, and Score. Dumb-Bell is dark brown with light grey messy hair barely covering his blue eyes, and has a six-weighted dumbbell tie tack. Hoops is big with orange skin, brown hair covering his green eyes, and three basketballs branded on his breast pocket. Score is short and pudgy with violet-colored skin, dark grey hair covering his eyes, and three footballs branded on his pants pocket.]
Dumb-Bell: You must be the new girl we were told about Starlight Dimmer.

[The three boys laugh at that remark, annoying Starlight.]
Hoops: Heheheyeah! Starlight Dimmer! Off to another thrilling adventure in the life of a nerd?
Dumb-Bell: Yeah. You think you’re such a big shot just because you’re the top of the class? Well we think you should leave the heavy lifting to the ‘real’ pros and keep your nose in a book where it belongs.
[Starlight gets annoyed even more, and so are the Shadow Five.]
Indigo Zap: [grunt] I can’t take this. I’m going over there.
[Indigo Zap is about to go there, until Dumb-Bell spots the picture in Starlight’s hand and snatches his arm.]
Dumb-Bell: What this? [Starlight becomes more furious.] Aw, isn’t this cu—
[She then suddenly grabs Dumb-Bell’s wrist and starts twisting it. The surprised Indigo Zap stops as the surrounding students watches as the boys start yelling from the pain.]
Hoops: Hey!
[The two boys are about to help their friend, until Starlight reacts. Still hold Dumb-Bell’s wrist, Starlight shoves him into Hoops. Then she grabs and pulls Score’s tie, hitting his head on the lockers. Seeing Hoops about to retaliate, she got a foothold by pushing Score away with her foot, running up the lockers with momentum. When coming down, she knocks the approaching Hoops down with a double-kick. After landing, still twisting Dumb-Bell’s arm, she pushes her other hand down on his shoulder, making it more painful. The other students watch in fright and amazement on what happened. Even Indigo Zap starts backing-up, back to her friends.]
Indigo Zap [to Sunny Flare]: On second thought, you go over there.
[Starlight still torments Dumb-Bell for her picture.]
Starlight Glimmer: Give it back! GIVE IT BACK!
Dumb-Bell: [grunting] Alright, take it! Take it!
[She takes the photo from his hand and lets go of him. She presses the picture to her chest with relief, while the two boys help Dumb-Bell up. Meanwhile, Party Favor and Sugar Belle join the crowd, along with Double Diamond and Night Glider. Double Diamond has white skin, white messy hair, little blue eyes, and a pin of three snowflakes on his lapel. Night Glider is blue with white spiky hair, cerulean eyes, and a pin with a crescent moon in the center of two feathers on her right chest. All four look with fright at the sight of Starlight.]
Party Favor: It’s her! It’s her!
[Starlight calms down and looks around at the crowd, giving out a small chuckle.]
Starlight Glimmer: Now you see what happens when someone says such horrible things to you. Now we know just how hurtful teasing can be. In a world where everyone is unique, some are bound to feel more special than others. But that isn’t a license to be cruel, is it? Oh, isn’t it a shame we don’t live in a world where everybody is equal? No one would ever be teased there. Wouldn’t that be nice?
[As the crowd starts to process what it heard…]
Boy’s voice: Oh this is proposers.
[It is Hoity Toity; the new high-class, bigwig hotshot of Crystal Prep. He is grey with white well-groomed powered wig-style hair, blue eyes covered by his purple sunglasses, a dark magenta ascot, and a stick pin with an image of a fan on the end.]
Hoity Toity: I have never heard of such rubbish in all my life. I mean really, “more special than others”? What does being special have to do with teasing? This sounds like a mishmash of words that would be a complete waste of my valuable ti—
Starlight Glimmer: QUIET!
[Hoity Toity looks in fright at the furious Starlight. She looks around and sees the surrounding students, the bullies, and Shadow Five staring at her with the same scared expression.]
Starlight Glimmer: I am offering you a chance to see that there is more harm than good that comes from when you start “making your mark”. Or are you so desperately clinging on to what Abacus Cinch the Witch has taught you? [All the students start to feel confound and speculate on that statement.] She thinks the Crystal Prep Shadowbolts deserve more than any other school, while all of you have been living your miserable lives thinking you’re better than everybody else. But don’t you worry. You’ll understand. You’ll all understand soon enough. So you better ask yourselves: where do your loyalties lie…with each other or with her?
[She then walks away from her classmates, who are just standing there with so many thoughts going through their brains. The four friends are still frightened, knowing Starlight is at their school.]
Night Glider: Ah man, that’s her alright.
Double Diamond: No. Not again!
[As for the Shadow Five; they feel scared, concern depressed, and confused at the same time.]

[INT. Gymnasium-Crystal Prep Academy]

[The whole gym is completely empty, with the exception of the Shadow Five hanging out at the bleachers.]
Lemon Zest: Well, at least everyone knows she’s against Cinch now.
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Oh yes. They sure do. [sourly] Except now they know she means business. What makes her think she can make people do whatever she wants anyway?
Sugarcoat: Well if I would have to guess, going against Witch Cinch would allow the others to rally to her side. Though due to her ridiculous statement about equality, some may consider her to be completely insane. Unless if anyone refuses, she may resort to force as she did earlier. So they might decide to join her method through fear. From what I can tell; with her intelligence, her defiance, and her “possible insanity”, she may have the power to do it.
Indigo Zap: Oh, so now we got another Twilight? One who doesn’t mind playing rough?
Sunny Flare: No. She is no Twilight Sparkle. Twilight would never resort to such brash behavior.
Lemon Zest: Especially when we wanted her to.
[The five girls begin moping.]
Sunny Flare: Okay, so we weren’t the best of classmates. But Twilight has already forgiven us, and we get to hang out with her and her new friends on occasion. She taught us to be much better friends, so everything’s alright between us. But all of it could’ve been avoided if we were good to her when she was here. We could’ve been nicer, much more considerate, less selfish…we already failed Twilight before. I would hate for that to happen again. So that’s why we need to make friends with this Starlight girl. This is our chance to make everything right on everything we have done. If Starlight can see just how we can be such good friends in our own way, she might give up on her silly philosophy and try to be someone who would fit in with the rest of us. She can be someone worth getting to know. Wouldn’t that be nice?
Lemon Zest: You know, that actually does sound like a pretty sweet deal.
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Yeah, that must be the most delightful… [sourly] piece of hogwash I’ve ever heard. Oh give me a break, Sunny. You’ve seen how Starlight acted back there. The chances of us helping her to change are a million to one.
Sugarcoat: Yeah. I’m gonna have to go with Sour on this one. Starlight is a potential nutcase bound to her own beliefs. The thought of having her change her ways is completely impossible.
Indigo Zap: Well, if it all sounds way too challenging, then I’m all in. We are not giving up on this girl. We’re gonna become good friends, correct our mistakes, and show her Crystal Prep can be a perfect place to be!
Lemon Zest: Oh yeah! That’s what I like to hear, man! Count me in!
[Indigo Zap and Lemon Zest high-five.]
Sunny Flare: [To Indigo and Lemon] Thanks guys. [To Sugarcoat and Sour Sweet] Well?
Sour Sweet: I…guess it’s worth a try.
Sugarcoat: Have you all forgotten we’ve already offered our friendship to her before? How can we possibly befriend her if she might not cooperate?
Lemon Zest: Oh yeah. What would the Wondercolts do?
Indigo Zap: Starlight thinks people are better off being the same than being completely separate.
Sunny Flare: [whispers] “Separa…” [out loud] THAT’S IT! Divide and Conquer!
Rest of the cast: [various interjections of confusion.]
Sunny Flare: We couldn’t make a difference when we were together. But if Starlight gets to know each of us individually, she may get to see how great the parts of our friendship are made as a whole. That could be enough to convince her that there’s nothing wrong with being great or different.
Indigo Zap: You know, that actually might work.
Lemon Zest: Yeah! Let’s do this!
Sour Sweet: [sourly] That is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. [sweetly] Let’s do it.
Sunny Flare: Thanks, Sour. Glad to have you with us.
[The four girls then turn to look at Sugarcoat in hopes of an answer.]
Sugarcoat: I think this whole cockamamie scheme has no logic behind it, that it absolutely holds no water of being accomplished just on a whim. [Moment of silence.] But, seeing this looney plan actually working might be interesting. Count me in.
Sunny Flare: Alright!
Shadow 5: [various cheers]

[INT. Starlight’s Research Room]

[Starlight’s is setting up another video log while several failed devices are on the floor.]
Starlight Glimmer [video]: “Video Log 18:” After fifteen failed attempts, I finally succeeded on making the device capable of sustaining the bizarre energy, that’s Part 1. Part 2 is letting it knowing what type of energy to attract. Luckily; I found the solution. Going through Twilight’s notes, I learned she created a scanner to detect these unusual power fluctuations. Not only did it sense the strange energy, but it was also able to establish the full analysis of its unique signature. Once Twilight got what she needed, she took the scanner apart and applied the pieces to her little gizmo. That’s how it was able to track and capture the anomalies. Now, I could duplicate the process. But to save time and money, I need to know what happened to the original. Looks like I got some free time on my hands.
[She then turns off the camera.]

[INT. Girls’ Bathroom-Crystal Prep Academy]

[Starlight leans on the counter of sinks, talking to someone on her cellphone.]
Starlight Glimmer [on the phone]: And are you sure you can deliver the parts I need…No, I have no problem with the price. So when will they arrive…Sounds great! Thank you so much…Yes, I’m looking forward to it myself…Okay. Bye.
[She turns off her cell phone and puts it away. She then looks in the mirror and adjusts her equal sign pin. Then she looks at her hands, shrugs her shoulders, and uses one of the sinks to wash her hands. While washing, Sunny Flare enters the girls’ bathroom.]
Sunny Flare: Ah, Starlight. I’ve been looking for you.
Starlight Glimmer: Sunny Flare. It’s good to see you again. Have you accepted that offer of mine?
Sunny Flare: Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something else.
Starlight Glimmer: Oh?
Sunny Flare: …Have you considered accessorizing and beautifying yourself?
Starlight Glimmer [confused]: Excuse me?
Sunny Flare: Oh I think you would look fabulous with a little blush, maybe with some mascara as well. What kind of product do you use?
Starlight Glimmer: You want me to improve on the way I look? Unacceptable! No one should change their natural appearance to impress others.
Sunny Flare: Come on, sweetie. There’s nothing wrong with a little primping. You at least gotta give it a try.
Starlight Glimmer: No thanks. I already got my own style that everyone should consider. I’m thinking no accessories, no makeup, well-trimed straight hair for the boys, and braided hair for the girls, or in a bun.
Sunny Flare: [dumbfound] Uh…Well…[turns Starlight toward the mirror]…maybe you need a new outlook. [She starts messing around with Starlight’s hair. I’m thinking you should get rid of those pesky bangs, they do not work for you, honey.
Starlight Glimmer: Umm…
Sunny Flare: [She pulls out her compact.] Trust me; this is a good color for you.
[Sunny pulls a little brush from the compact and starts applying a little blush to Starlight’s cheek. But Starlight whacks Sunny’s arm away from her out of discomfort, and takes a paper towel to wipe away the blush off her cheek.]
Starlight Glimmer: What do you think you’re doing?!
Sunny Flare: I just want to improve your profile to give you a much better prospective.
Starlight Glimmer: Well don’t. I’m not gonna change myself just to be someone else. And neither should you.
[Starlight leaves the girl’s room, with Sunny feeling miserable.]

[INT. Library-Crystal Prep Academy]

[Starlight is just sitting at one of the reading tables, looking at books on engineering. Sour Sweet pokes her head around one of the book shelfs and sees Starlight. She walks over to her and sits next to her.]
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Hey, Starlight. How’ve you been?
Starlight Glimmer: Pretty good.
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Great. You don’t mind if I have a quick chat with you? [whispering sourly] Even though I could be doing something better right now.
Starlight Glimmer: What?
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Oh nothing. So, what’cha reading?
Starlight Glimmer [closing the book]: Oh, nothing special.
Sour Sweet: [sourly] Oh. [sweetly] Well, if you’re interested, we can talk about…guys. Are you into boys?
Starlight Glimmer: Only if they share my interests.
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Really?!
Starlight Glimmer: …And everyone else.
Sour Sweet: [sourly] Oh. [sweetly] So, you spend a lot of time in this library. Quite amazing, isn’t it?
Starlight Glimmer: It sure is. [Sour Sweet smiles.] Just wish it was plain. [Sour Sweet snarls.]
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Okay. So you’re really into this equality thing, huh?
Starlight Glimmer: Oh of course.
Sour Sweet: Why do you like it so much anyway?
Starlight Glimmer: What’s not to like? Being with other people you have so much in common with; people you can always trust and never betray or abandon you.
Sour Sweet: But wouldn’t that be a bit strange? Having everyone look like you, act like you? There’s really nothing to gain out of it. Just the same thing every single day. There won’t be anything new.
Starlight Glimmer: It’s better than having different opinions and constantly hating each other for it.
Sour Sweet: But don’t you think there can be more to leading a better life?
Starlight Glimmer: Of course you wouldn’t understand.
Sour Sweet: [sourly] What’s that supposed to mean?
Starlight Glimmer: You’re just trying to fool yourself to believing just acting like a nice person will help you live a better life.
Sour Sweet: [gasps] [sweetly] That’s not true. I’m not manipulating the way I feel. [sourly] Even though you got no problem doing it yourself. [She then quickly covers her own mouth.] [sweetly] What I meant is, I’m just looking out for what’s best for you. There’s really nothing wrong with being different, and I want you to know I’ll always be there for you when you need help.
Starlight Glimmer: [cheerful] Gosh. You should be a great motivational speaker.
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Really?!
Starlight Glimmer: [cheerful] Yeah. [She then grabs her books, gets up from her seat, and changes into an irritating tone.] You motivated me to get out of here.
[Starlight walks away from the table with a small stack of books under her arm, leaving Sour Sweet.]
Sour Sweet: [Sourly scoffing and stammering, then grunts.]
[She slams her forehead on the table.]
Amethyst Maresbury (the librarian): Shh!

[INT. Hallways-Crystal Prep Academy]

[Starlight is just causally putting some books in her locker and taking a few out, while whistling the toon from “In Our Town”. She closes the locker and reveals Sugarcoat on the other side, waiting for her. Then Starlight whistles the last note in disappointment.]
Starlight Glimmer: What do you want?
Sugarcoat: With an attitude like that, you’re not gonna make any friends.
Starlight Glimmer: You didn’t answer my question.
Sugarcoat: You’re acting ridiculous. This whole equality business is complete lunacy. You should consider giving it up.
Starlight Glimmer: Give it up?! Are you insane?! Having equality means everything to me.
Sugarcoat: Well maybe it’s about time you try something different.
Starlight Glimmer: No! I refuse to try anything else. This is the only way I would make any friends here.
Sugarcoat: What makes you think your crazy ideas are gonna help everyone for the better?
Starlight Glimmer: I already have plans for this school, and I’m not gonna stop because someone has an issue. Who are you to tell me how I should run my life anyway?
Sugarcoat: Hey, I’m just being honest with you.
[Starlight becomes stammered on what Sugarcoat just said. So then she faces her, and approaches right in front of her.]
Starlight Glimmer: “Honest”. You want to be honest? Fine. I’ll be honest with you…do you think anybody ever takes your advice into consideration? Do you think anyone cares about what you have to say? You think you’re contributing to their efforts? Well let me tell you something…they’re not. Have you ever seen anyone try inflicting their opinions on others? No, because it’s just you. That’s what sets you apart from the rest of them. You just want to be different from everyone, but all it’s ever done is get you to be spited by them. Maybe that’s why Twilight Sparkle left; because you can’t keep your “special” thoughts to yourself like a normal person. And, getting influenced by Cinch’s repulsive need to win has made you less of a person than you have to be. And what is with your hair anyway? Two big pigtails and a hair knot? Have you ever heard of a haircut? Who are you trying to impress? I would consider braids and bangs a lot better. Seriously, are you trying to making something of yourself? No wonder you don’t have a lot of friends. Because being unique will always get you into trouble, and shrugging off every attempt for me to help has convinced me you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Now here’s a little advice for you; quit drawing attention to yourself, you silly little fool.
[Starlight turns and walks away from Sugarcoat. Two students: Neon Lights and Royal Pin have been standing in the hall when they overheard Starlight and Sugarcoat’s conversation. They watch Starlight leave all bug-eyed, then both turn to Sugarcoat. She just stands there frozen with a shocked expression on her face and her glasses sliding slightly down on her nose.

[EXT. Courtyard-Crystal Prep Academy]

[Starlight is bizarrely taking huge steps on the lawn with a notebook in her hand.]
Starlight Glimmer: …Sixteen…Seventeen…Eighteen. Hmm, very good.
[She stops and writes her findings in her notebook.
Indigo Zap: Hey, Starlight! [She approaches Starlight, tossing a soccer ball in her hand.] I was just about to go out on the field for a few practice rounds. Wanna be goalie?
Starlight Glimmer: Gee, I’d love to, really I would. But I got some important work to do, so I--
Indigo Zap: Oh come on!
[Indigo suddenly grabs Starlight and pulls her offscreen.]
Starlight Glimmer: WHOA! [Drops her pen and notebook.]

[EXT. Soccer pitch-Crystal Prep Academy]

[Indigo Zap is doing a few kick tricks with the ball on the field, while Starlight is just standing at the goal, unamused.]
Starlight Glimmer: [grunts] Let’s get this over with.
Indigo Zap: Okay! Let’s go!
[Indigo starts kicking around and dribbling the ball toward the goal, as the unenthusiastic Starlight acts as goalie. Indigo gets close enough and sets up a big kick. The ball flies toward the goal. Then Starlight shifty sticks her arm out and catches the ball in her hand, much to Indigo’s surprise.]
Indigo Zap: WHOA!
[Starlight throws the ball back, and Indigo starts kicking the around until she got it to fly towards the goal again. But Starlight immediately reacts by moving in the way and catching it. Indigo starts getting irritating as she tries to score a goal over and over again. But Starlight reflexes are so quick; she keeps blocking and catching the ball every time. She gets annoyed at the repeated attempts.]
Starlight Glimmer: Okay, this is getting ridiculous.
[Indigo Zap tries to score again. She kicks the ball hard and it finally goes into the goal.]
Indigo Zap: I did it. I DID IT! Yes! I actually di—[She just realizes Starlight’s not there anymore.] Starlight?
[The backdoor to the school slams close, and Indigo turns after hearing the sound of it. Then she starts feeling disappointed, knowing Starlight just left.]

[EXT. Courtyard-Sunset]

[The final bell just rang, and all the other students have left for home. Starlight sticks her head out of the door and looks around to see that the coast is clear. She then walks out the door completely in her regular clothes while carrying a duffle bag. She sighs with relief on her way to the front gate. But when she faces forwards, she jumps in surprise to see Lemon Zest right in front of her, smiling.]
Starlight Glimmer: [grunts] Alright. What is it this time?
Lemon Zest [taking off her headset]: Dude, you gotta hear this sweet song. You’ll love it.
[Lemon puts her headset on Starlight’s ears, and she starts listening to the rock music Lemon like to listen to. But the music too loud and thumping, Starlight couldn’t take the sounds rupturing her eardrums.]
Lemon Zest: Pretty awesome tune, don’t you think?!
[Starlight has enough, takes the headset off, and throwing it at a distance.]
Lemon Zest: HEY! [She goes after her headset.]
Starlight Glimmer: What is wrong with you girls today?!
[Starlight continues walking while Lemon picks up her headset. She starts to feel bad as she watches Starlight leave the front gate. Starlight crosses the street and steps into an arriving bus. She sits down at one of the seats, and opens up the duffle bag with a sinister smile. She pulls out and looks upon a small circular device from her bag.]

[INT. Joe’s Donut Shop-The City-Evening]

[The local donut shop is run by the big, gruff owner Joe, serving behind the counter. He has light amber skin, light brown hair, and green eyes; and he wears a little white paper hat and a white apron with the picture of a donut with pink frosting and sprinkles. The Shadow Five are all sitting at a countered booth together. Sugarcoat is wearing a yellow sleeveless blouse and a white collar. She also has a white skirt with an image of a violet and yellow stick of dynamite on the hip. Sour Sweet wears an aqua-green dress with a pink coat, and a purple skirt that has the image of a pink and blue heart with a blue diamond. Sunny Flare is in a magenta blouse in a black jacket, a black choker collar, and a purple skirt with the brand of a sun and a rain cloud. Indigo Zap has a yellow wide-shoulder t-shirt with the picture of a dark purple cloud with a pink star in the center and a blue lightning bolt sticking out. She also has on a black tank top under her shirt and blue jeans. Lemon Zest has a pink shirt with yellow fireworks and lemon slices on it, a light blue short hoodie, and chartreuse shorts with a black leather chain.]
Indigo Zap [to Sugarcoat]: She said what?!
Sugarcoat [still shocked from talking to Starlight]: I…I don’t know what to say. Nobody’s ever talked to me like that before.
Lemon Zest: Man. That must’ve been harsh. I thought throwing away my headset was bad.
Sour Sweet: Well, I can’t believe the nerve of that girl. We were only trying to help.
Sunny Flare: Well if she doesn’t like anything that makes people different, how are we gonna make a good friend out of her?
Sour Sweet: We can’t. She’s a strange little girl, and that’s all she’ll ever be.
Lemon Zest: Come on. We can’t give up already. We don’t want to fail this girl like we failed Twilight, do we?
Indigo Zap: To be honest, Lemon. It’s like Sunny Flare said, this girl isn’t anything like Twilight. So it’s a lot more challenging than we thought.
Sugarcoat: Perhaps she was right.
Sour Sweet: What? About what she told you? Well just don’t let it bother you so much and yo—
Sugarcoat: No, not that. About everything. About being different makes it difficult to make friends. About being equal will make us happy. About trying to be the best will only make things worse.
Lemon Zest: Sugarcoat, you can’t be serious!
Sugarcoat: I know it sounds crazy, but everything Starlight said somehow makes sense. We weren’t exactly the nicest people in the world ourselves. If we have any hope of being better people, we have to start changing ourselves. Maybe if we start acting the same, we may have a chance of being better friends, and maybe Starlight will accept us.
[The five girls start to ponder about this concept, until…]
Double Diamond: You’re all talking about Starlight, aren’t you?
[They turn to see Double Diamond, Party Favor, Sugar Belle, and Night Glider approaches them.]
Sour Sweet: Hey, I know you. You’re a bunch of those students we got. I see you a lot around school.
Double Diamond: Yeah. My name is Double Diamond, and this is Party Favor, Sugar Belle, and Night Glider.
Party Favor: Is it true that you’re all trying to make friends with Starlight Glimmer?
Sunny Flare: We are. But it seems more complicated than we realized.
Night Glider: Do yourselves a favor: stay away from Starlight. She ain’t worth it.
Sunny Flare: What?!
Indigo Zap: Hold on. Why not?
Double Diamond: Trust us, if you know her like we do, you’d be well to avoid her.
Sugar Belle: I thought they put her away for good.
[The Shadow Five are shocked to hear of this.]
Sugarcoat: “Put her away”?
Party Favor: Whatever she told you, don’t buy what she’s selling.
Sour Sweet: Wait, you actually know her?
Night Glider: I never thought I’d see that face again after what she did.
Party Favor: It took forever to get my hair back the way it was.
Sugar Belle: We gave up everything for that ‘lunatic’, because we thought she was our friend.
Double Diamond: That’s right, she’s no friend. She never even gave us a chance. Don’t listen to a word she says. She’s a liar, a fraud. Everything she says about friendship is nonsense. All she does is mess with your head and take over your life. I really mean it; stay away from Starlight Glimmer.
[The four friends then turn and walk away. As for the Shadow Five; they feel scared, concerned, and confused at the same time.]

[INT. Sweet Shoppe]

[Twilight Sparkle arrives to greet her six friends at their usual sitting spot. She unzips her backpack and Spike spot. Fluttershy then takes Spike, petting him, as Twilight proceeds to sit down next to Sunset Shimmer.]
Sunset Shimmer: Hey, Twilight. So, how’s it coming along?
Twilight Sparkle: Well, it’s doing pretty well. But I feel it needs a little tweaking to be perfect.
[She reaches into her backpack and pulls the broken top half of the same device she used during the Friendship Games. Rainbow Dash notices it, and jumps a bit with fright.]
Rainbow Dash: WHOA! Is that the magic capture device you made at the Friendship Games?!
Applejack: The same device that drained the magic out of us?!
Fluttershy: Oh goodness. I can’t believe you would bring that horrible thing here.
Spike: It’s okay, guys. That thing’s perfectly harmless since Sunset broke it in half.
Twilight Sparkle: He’s right. It’s the other half of the device that had the components made to capture your magical energies. This half only has the parts to detect and track the bizarre frequencies. Sunset and I have been working on it for quite some time. When it is done, it will merely act as a spectrometer to detect magic. So if one of us ever ponies up and uses Equestrian Magic, we’ll be able to location them.
Rest of the main cast sans Sunset and Spike: Phew!
Rainbow Dash: Well that’s a relief.
Rarity: Indeed. I would hate for that little gizmo to be fully active again. I do not wish to go through the same ordeal we went through at the Friendship Games.
[Twilight begins to feel distressed about that incident. Sunset puts her hand on Twilight’s shoulder and made her feel better.]

[EXT. Show Shoppe]

[As the Humane 7 are seen through the window, a teenage girl concealed in a hoodie is seated at a table outside. As she finishes her drink and looks at her book, she puts a special earpiece in her ear under her hood, and places the small circular device from earlier against the window.]
Applejack’s voice from the earpiece: So if this half only detects the “strange energy”, where’s the other half that captures it?
Sunset Shimmer’s voice from the earpiece: It’s being kept in my locker at school. After all the trouble it caused for us at the game, I don’t want anyone to mess around with something like that.
Fluttershy’s voice from the earpiece: Well that’s reassuring.
Sunset Shimmer’s voice from the earpiece: Don’t worry. As long as it stays there, it won’t do any harm to us.
[The girl gives a small smile and gets up from her seat. She takes a look at the seven girls through the window. She begins to feel grief watching the friends talking, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. As she walks away, Twilight gets a strange feeling and turns around to see the girl is already gone.]
Sunset Shimmer: What’s the matter, Twilight?
Twilight Sparkle: It’s nothing. Nothing at all.
[Back outside, the mystery girl steps onto a bus. As the bus takes off, the girl takes a seat. She gives a sigh a relief and pulls off her hood, revealing her to be Starlight Glimmer, giving a menacing smile.]

[INT. Starlight’s Research Room-Night]

[Starlight starts packing her duffle bag with various gadgets and tools. She talks to a video log in her laptop, while the other computer displays a description of Sunset Shimmer and Canterlot High.]
Starlight Glimmer [to her video log]: “So the parts I need are at Canterlot High. It won’t be difficult. All I have to do is break into the school, get to that Sunset girl’s locker, and get it. Shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll go tonight, and I will finally have everything I need to complete my invent—” [As she was moving things to make room in her bag, she notices her Crystal Prep uniform, still folded inside the bag. She pauses for a moment as she looks at the uniform. Then she has an epiphany, giving off another wicked smile.] “You know what? Change of plans. I’m gonna wait until tomorrow. Because now I think it’s time to get two birds with one stone.”
[She then turns off the camera.]

[INT. Hallway-Crystal Prep Academy-Day]

[Dean Cadance is walking the halls, looking through some papers. Then she is stopped by Stormy Flare.]
Stormy Flare: Excuse me, miss. But can you tell me who is in charge here?
Dean Cadance: Oh sure. I am Dean Cadance. Are you here for any business wi--?
Principal Cinch: What seems to be the trouble here?
[Cinch approaches the two.]
Dean Cadance: Principal Cinch. This lady here wishes to speak with you.
Principal Cinch: I see. [She shakes hands with Stormy Flare.] Abacus Cinch, a pleasure.
Stormy Flare: Stormy Flare, likewise. I’m sure Starlight’s told you all about me.
Principal Cinch: Starlight? Starlight Glimmer?
Stormy Flare: Yes. I could’ve been here a few days ago. But I had so much work on my plate; I couldn’t find the time to visit. Now, where is Starlight?
Dean Cadance: She’s not here.
Principal Cinch: What do mean “she’s not here”?
Dean Cadance: Some of her teachers told me she hasn’t come in today. No one has seen her.
Stormy Flare: Oh my. Oh, I wish I’d come here sooner, then we would settled how Starlight is handling her enrollment so tha—
Principal Cinch: Sorry, wait a minute. Who are you exactly?
Stormy Flare: Wha—I’m Starlight’s therapist.
Principal Cinch: Therapist?
Stormy Flare: Well yeah. I was assigned to help Starlight after she was released.
Dean Cadance: Released?!
Stormy Flare: She didn’t tell you? [Both Cinch and Cadance shake their heads.] Oh no. I should’ve known this might happen. There’s no telling what she’s doing now.
Principal Cinch: What are you talking about?
[Stormy Flare pulls a file out of her bag and gives it to Principal Cinch. As Cinch looks at the contents, her facial expression slowly changes to devastation.]
Principal Cinch: What?

[INT. Hallway-Canterlot High School-Afternoon]

[Dozens of the students roam the hallways doing various activities before the next bell rings. The Humane 7 are walking and talking down the hall together, with Twilight being at the front. Flash Sentry comes around the corner and accidentally bumps into her (again). The two of them just stare at each other for just a moment, blushing.]
Flash Sentry: Oh sorry. I didn’t see you there.
Twilight Sparkle: No. It’s my fault. I should’ve looked where I was going.
[Her friends start giggling at this predicament.]
Flash Sentry: Well I…better be off then.
Twilight Sparkle: Yeah. So…catch you later.
Flash Sentry: Sure…Don’t want to get in your way…Bye.
[Flash walks pass the girls and continues walking. Twilight starts frowning, and her friends notice it.]
Sunset Shimmer: Hey, Twilight? Are you alright?
Twilight Sparkle: I don’t know. Princess Twilight could probably talk with Flash with ease. I wonder if I can ever amount to what she had done, or for anything, for that matter.
Sunset Shimmer: Twilight, you’re only starting to understand friendship and how you can contribute to it. You’re not gonna be as great as she is in just a short amount of time.
Rarity: She’s right, darling. Everyone knows you’re beginning to adjust to your place here. Even Flash understands.
Applejack: Yeah, and even if you can’t reach those requirements, we won’t see you any different. Because we’re always gonna be there to support you.
Twilight Sparkle: Well, I guess you’re right.
[After Twilight feels just a little better, the gang continues walking.]

[EXT. Courtyard-Canterlot High School]

[Some of the students are enjoying themselves with their friends. Paisley, Rose Hearts, and Tennis Match are on a mat on the ground, having a conversation; until they are interrupted by a shadow casting over them, and they look up to see who’s casting it.]

[INT. Main foyer-Canterlot High School]

[Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops are having a chat as they go to the door. Upon opening it, they are halted to see someone is blocking their path.]
Sweetie Drops [nervous]: Uh…hello. What’s your name? I’ve never seen you around here before.
[Lyra looks over the stranger’s shoulder, and is appalled. She taps Sweetie Drops shoulder and points at what she sees of her friends. Sweetie Drops is shocked to see all the students outside behind the mysterious girl, all lying on the ground. Both girls are now in dismay, and then pushed by the unknown visitor. They both fly back inside a few feet from the door. Most of the students inside notice this, and look at the doorway, realizing the stranger is actually Starlight Glimmer, now in her Crystal Prep school uniform, showing off a villainous smile. She also seems to be equipped from head to foot. She’s got on a belt around her waist with huge pouches and tools on them, a few straps on her torso with some gadget on them, a backpack with some grip handles sticking out, and she’s carrying her duffel bag. Facing the students, she closes the door behind her, and pulls out some small metal orbs between her fingers. She gently tosses one from her hand, and it lands and starts rolling over to Lyra and Sweetie Drops. The two friends are still on the ground, shaking off the push Starlight delivered. They notice the little metal ball stopping between them. They look down on the orb, until blinking red lights start forming around it, followed by a beeping sound; and the ball explodes into a cloud of smoke, revealing to be a smoke bomb. Starlight then throws the other smoke bombs all over the foyer. The bombs catch the students by surprise as they each pop and surrounding them with large puffs of smoke. Some of them start coughing, while some are trying to see past the smoke. But one-by-one, the teenagers are either being pulled into the smoke and surprisingly knocked down. The green hipster boy, Scott Green has a metal pad unknowingly placed on his forehead, which shocks him with electricity. As the smoke clears, the students in the foyer are all knocked down on the floor, with Starlight still standing. She then moves down in to one of the hallways, pulling out some of her handmade weapons.]

[INT. Hallway]

[The green-haired girl Sweet Leaf steps out of a classroom, and then is ambushed by a flying bola tying her up. When the red-haired Nolan North notices her attacker, Starlight, uses a special stun gun on him. As three boys come around the corner, she throws little shards that release cables with magnets at the ends, sticking to each other, making a net and trapping the boys. She opens a door with the teacher Cheerilee and few students in the room, and tosses an orb in there and closes the door. Lights on the orb flicker and it releases an energy wave that blows the people inside away. After shooting a cable to wrap around the browned-haired Sophisticata’s legs, Starlight notices another boy coming around the corner. She runs towards him, jumps on him, and twirls him around until she throws him down on the ground. Starlight looks up and notices Derpy a few feet from her watching it all. Derpy just stands there, smiling and waving at her. Then Starlight just hurls herself at her.]
[While elsewhere, the Humane 7 are hearing strange noises and seeing a group of students running down the halls.]
Twilight Sparkle: What’s going on?

[INT. Principal Celestia’s office-Canterlot High School]

[Principal Celestia is just sitting at her desk until someone starts knocking on her door. She gets up and answers the door to see it was the blue-haired Blueberry Cake on the other side.]
Blueberry Cake: Principal Celestia, something terrible is happening!

[INT. Cooking Class-Canterlot High School]

[Granny Smith was cooking up some meals while Big McIntoch is setting some supplies down on the counter. But then Big Mac gets hit by some type of wad of gloo.]
Granny Smith: Hey! What do you think you’r—
[She then gets hit by the same wad. Starlight leaves the room with the gloo launcher she used, leaving both Granny and Big Mac stuck to the wall, covered in gloo.
Granny Smith: Now there’s something you don’t see every day, is it?
Big McIntosh: Nnope.

[INT. Hallways]

[Starlight continues going down every hallway, going into every room, attacking everyone she finds on the way (students and faculty), anyway she can. On some, she uses her nonlethal weapons, and on others, she just forcefully knocks them down. She finds Octavia Melody and DJ Pon-3 on her rampage, and Starlight grabs hold of Octavia’s cello, swings from it, and knocks her down with a double kick. Then she turns to DJ Pon-3. She changes position, jump flips over her, and in midair, she places a tiny device on her headphones. After landing, she pushes a remote, and DJ Pon-3 can hear some strange sound coming from her headset which causes her to be disoriented and she passes out.]
[As she moves on, she has already incapacitated Flash’s bandmates, Brawly Beats and Ringo. Then she crosses paths with the girl magician Trixie Lulamoon and her assistants, Lavender Lace, and Fuchsia Blush. She rushes towards them, knocks the two girls out of the way, leaving Trixie, and points a special shooting weapon at her.]
Trixie Lulamoon: You wouldn't dare. Can't you see you are messing with the Great and Powerful Tri--Oof!
[Starlight already fired the device. The projectile is a large wide plate that pushes Trixie backward, sending her flying back to the end of the hall. The force slams Trixie into the lockers and she passes out. Starlight walks up to retrieve the hulking projectile.]
Starlight Glimmer: Sorry. You seem like a nice kid. I love to hear more about your life story. But I have a tight schedule to keep.
[She then leaves the unconscious Trixie.]
[After assaulting another kid, she looks down a row of lockers.]

Starlight Glimmer: Ah, this is the one.

[She sticks a small circular device onto the locker, next to the combination lock. She presses the button on it, an as the lights go on, the combination knob starts to move on its own. When it is finished, Starlight removes the device from the locker and opens it. She searches through the inside when the box at the bottom caught her attention. The box is full of strange objects and gadgets, including Sunset Shimmer’s magic journal.]
Starlight Glimmer [confused]: What is all of this?
[Then she sees something in the box that causes her to grin. She pulls it out and reveals it to be the other half of Twilight device. Starlight holds it by the necklace string attached to it as she looks upon it with excitement.]
Starlight Glimmer: Finally, I have everything I need.
[Then a flash of light appears out of nowhere. The surprised Starlight turns to find the source, and sees it is the school’s student photographer, Photo Finish, along with her assistants, Pixel Pizazz and Violet Blurr.]
Photo Finish: Yes! Show Photo Finish something. I must kepture za magicks!
[Starlight responds by slamming the locker shut and charging at the three. Luckily for the half-crazed photographer; she takes some great pictures of Starlight dashing toward them, kick-leaping off the lockers, knocking out Pixel Pizazz, then Violet Blurr, and delivering the final blow on Photo Finish herself. Photo Finish flies back, hitting the lockers. Starlight takes her camera and hovers over the three passed-out girls.]
Starlight Glimmer: How’s that for magicks?
[Then she snaps a picture of them.]
[The Humane 7 run through the halls, passing a few frightened students, trying to find the source of the disturbance.]
[Vice Principal Luna, along with Cranky Doodle and Mrs. Harshwhinny, are trying to herd the rest of the students to safety.]
Cranky Doodle: Everyone, please! Remain calm!
Mrs. Harshwhinny: Yes! There’s no need to panic!
Vice Principal Luna: Alright, everyone! Move out to the field! Single file! No pushing!
[While the teachers are busy rounding up the other students, the Crusaders: Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle; are in one of the classrooms, hiding.]

[EXT. Gymasium-Hallway-Canterlot High School]

[Starlight faces the eco-boy, Sandalwood.]
Sandalwood: Uh…[makes a peace sign]…Peace?
[Starlight grabs his fingers, crushing them a bit.]
Starlight Glimmer: Sorry, none here. [The she pats him on his shoulder with her Taser ringed hand.]
[Then she sees the jock Teddy near the gym door. She removes the empty harnesses, and pulls a shooter with an electric cross on the end out of her backpack.]

[INT. Gym]

[Teddy flies through the door with the cross harnessed to his torso, shocking him. Starlight steps into the gym, noticing two students inside, Heath Burn and Normal Norman. She throws the weapon on the floor and pulls out another shooter weapon from her bag. It fires energy projectiles, knocking the two boys out.]
Voice: There, look! There she is!
[Starlight stops and turns to see Blueberry Cake at the entrance with Principal Celestia; followed by Vice Principal Luna, Mrs. Harshwhinny, Cheerilee, and Cranky Doodle.]
Principal Celestia: Alright! What is the meaning of this?!
Mrs. Harshwhinny: You better explain yourself, young lady!
[It is at that time; Twilight, Sunset, and their friends arrive at the entrance.]
Vice Principal Luna: I really don’t know what makes you think you can just come to our school to inflict such damage. But such behavior will not be tolerated fo—
[But before Luna could finish, Starlight pulls out a small diskette-shaped device from her belt and points it at the teachers. She presses the switch on it, and it admits focused waves of energy at the first group, making them feel disoriented. She switches it off; and Principal Celestia, Vice Principal Luna, the three teachers, even Blueberry Cake, all passed out. The Humane 7 are all shocked to see what happened.]
Rainbow Dash: HEY!
[Starlight takes notice of the seven friends standing at the door. But she is most astounded to seeing Twilight Sparkle.]
Starlight Glimmer: You.
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, us. What do you think you’re doi--?
Starlight Glimmer: Twilight Sparkle.
[The friends, especially Twilight are surprised to know this mystery girl knows her name.]
Twilight Sparkle: [noticing her uniform]: You’re from Crystal Prep, are you?
Starlight Glimmer: Thanks for noticing.
Rarity: Ugh, how can I forget those gaudy uniforms?
Starlight Glimmer [to Twilight]: I am a great fan of your work. Now I have no idea what was worth wasting your precious time on, but still, impressive.
Applejack: Twilight, who is this girl?
Twilight Sparkle: I don’t know. I’ve never seen her before.
Rainbow Dash: Well whoever she is, she’s got a lot to answer for.
Sunset Shimmer: That’s right. Why are you doing this? We have no quarrel with the Shadowbolts anymore. There’s no reason for you to be doing all this.
Rarity: Or perhaps that nasty principal of yours, Cinch, convinced you otherwise?
[From this, Starlight feels dismay.]
Fluttershy: Um…why don’t we just settle down and you can calmly explain what problems you have, as soon as Principal Celestia wakes up. I’m sure if you explain yourself, they might go easy and we’ll have a chance at getting to know each other. I mean…if you want to, that is.
Pinkie Pie: Oh! I like that option. Then afterwards we can throw a “Super-Duper-New-Friend-Making-with-a-Crazy-Girl-After-Giving-a-Good-Reason-for-Attacking-Our-School Party”! [She throws confetti she keeps in her hair.]
Starlight Glimmer: I don’t understand. How can this be? You sound like you’re friends.
Sunset Shimmer: We ‘are’ all friends.
Starlight Glimmer: But…you’re all so different. How can you be so different and stay friends? Don’t you end up hating each other?
Rarity: Uh…beg your pardon?
Starlight Glimmer: People with different styles, different opinions, and different ideals will only end with disagreements and heartbreak; thinking they’re better and more important than others. After all, isn’t that why you left Crystal Prep in the first place?
Twilight Sparkle [stuttering]: What? No…I…That’s not…That’s not…I…
[Sunset steps in front of Twilight in attempt of shielding her.]
Sunset Shimmer: You didn’t answer our question. What are you doing here?
Starlight Glimmer: I’m just making a statement.
Applejack: What statement?
Starlight Glimmer: Everyone should be all equal.
[The girls are so confused, with Twilight being most surprised, finding something familiar about that statement.]
Rainbow Dash: Uh, seriously. Is she for real?
Sunset Shimmer: You’re not making any sense.
Starlight Glimmer: Oh don’t be confused. Let me explain in every gritty detai—[She stops and swiftly fires a beam from her shooter.]
[The blast hits Sunset, sending her flying back, into Twilight. Starlight continuing shoots at the others, as they spread and avoid the shots. Twilight checks her unconscious friend, as Spike gets out of Twilight’s backpack.]
Twilight Sparkle: Sunset!
Spike: Is she alright?
Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, she’s alright.
[Starlight continues shooting, as Rainbow Dash runs down the bleachers. Then a lasso appears and wraps itself around her arm (the one holding the weapon) with Applejack tugging on the other end. Starlight struggles to make her let go, until she gets an epiphany.]
Starlight Glimmer [smiling]: Wait. What am I doing?
[She moves her hand to point the energy gun at Applejack and fires. The shot hits Applejack and she goes down, noticed by Fluttershy, hiding behind the bleachers.]
Fluttershy: Applejack!
[Fluttershy runs out of her hiding spot to tend to Applejack. Starlight sees this, removes the lasso from her arm, and points the knock-out disk device at them. Rainbow Dash, who managed to get close to Starlight, knocks the device out of her hand. Then she throws a series of punches and kicks. But Starlight swiftly dodges them all with ease, smiling as if it doesn’t bother her. She tries pulling out another weapon from her bag. It is the thruster gadget she was working on in her research room (as mentioned in Scene 5). But she’s moving around so much, it seemingly slips out of her hand. Both Starlight and Rainbow see the gizmo on the floor. Rainbow can see Starlight looking all worried about it. So when she flinches for it, Rainbow leaps, rolls, and grabs it first. She stands and points it at Starlight.]
Rainbow Dash: Don’t even try to make a move.
[Starlight’s expression changes from worried to satisfying. She then points her own weapon at Rainbow Dash.]
Rainbow Dash: Okay. You asked for it!
[Rainbow pulls the trigger, and the force of the gizmo sends her flying back across the gym. She hits the pad attached to the wall, and falls to the floor.]
Starlight Glimmer: Ha! You silly fool. I dropped that thing on purpose.
Pinkie Pie: HEY!
[Starlight quickly turns, aiming the energy shooter, sees Rarity and Pinkie Pie running toward her, and immediately stop a few feet from her. After a moment, she starts to smile. Then she drops her weapon, her duffel bag, and her backpack. She then swerves her limbs into a stance, and waves her finger to signal them to come at her. They try to hit her or grab her, but she keeps dodging every attack, and blocking them by using her arms to redirect blows. She manages to get Rarity in such a position to deliver a kick to her back. As she recovers, she’s devastated to see the kick left a shoeprint smudge on her shirt.]
Rarity: IT! IS! ON!
[She tries furiously to hit Starlight this time, but with no avails. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie has cheerfully got behind her and gives her a good hand smack to the back.]
Pinkie Pie: Tag! You’re it.
Starlight Glimmer: “Tag”? Do you think this a game? [As she is getting up, she notices the hand-held thruster device lying in front of Rainbow Dash, who is shaking off what she went through.] I haven’t even begun to play.
[She runs toward Rainbow, with Pinkie following behind. Twilight puts Sunset down against the lockers and goes back into the gym with Spike to watch the action. Rainbow Dash gets up and notices Starlight heading towards her. She throws a punch, but Starlight avoids it, does a cartwheel, and grabs her invention off the floor. As she puts it in her belt, she sees Pinkie coming, runs to the wall, and bounce off it with her feet; tackling her to the floor. She then pulls out two cuffs connected with a long cable from her belt. She shackles Pinkie’s ankle with one end, pulls out a grappling hook, and shoots it upward. It pulls her up and she slips the other end over a bar of the basketball hoop above them. Then she causes the grappling hook to drop her, and she falls, holding onto the other end of the cable, pulling Pinkie Pie up. When she comes down, Rainbow Dash is about to punch her, until she avoids it and shackles the other cuff to Rainbow’s wrist. Pinkie Pie starts falling, causing the cable to pull Rainbow Dash up. The two are just dangling on the basketball hoop. As Twilight is astounded by this, Rarity tries to get another round at Starlight. Applejack starts coming to, and gets up to assist Rarity. The two try to get one on Starlight, but she’s too evasive to get a hit. Applejack even throws a kick, but Starlight dodges it, grabs it, then lifts AJ up a bit, and throws her. Rainbow Dash tries getting the cuff off her wrist. She manages to do it, but the result cause both her and Pinkie to fall a few feet. They get up, and help Applejack and Rarity fight off Starlight. But Starlight grabs the thruster gun, aims it at the ground, and uses it to launch herself in the air backward. She does a flip and lands on the top step of the bleachers behind her. She looks down on the four girls at the bottom, grinning.]
Starlight Glimmer: [chuckles] Is that all you got?!

[EXT. Soccer pitch-Canterlot High School]

[All the other students (especially the ones who have recovered from being attacked or the ones who aren’t still in school unconscious) are outside the school by the soccer field. The crowd includes Flash Sentry, Micro Chips, and the highly muscular student, Bulk Biceps.]
Flash Sentry: Is that everybody?
Micro Chip: I think so. Where are the teachers?
Flash Sentry: I don’t know.

[INT. Gym]

[Twilight, Fluttershy, and Spike continue watching Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie fending off against Starlight. But she keeps blocking, dodging, and deflecting their attacks, while throwing a few more effective blows of her own. She move around and avoids them while doing a few cartwheels when eventually she grabs her duffel bag and backpack. She holds them off until she gets near the door. Then she pulls some smoke bombs out of her belt, throws them on the floor, and makes it out the door while the girls are occupied by the smokescreen.]

[EXT. Gym-Soccer pitch]

[Starlight gleefully steps outside until she stops with surprise to sees the crowd of Canterlot High students, all looking at her with shock.]
Bulk Biceps: GET HER!
[The Canterlot Wondercolts all charge angrily at Starlight Glimmer. But Starlight responds by quickly dispatching her first attackers. She even kicks the blue jock, Curly Wind in the knee. When the Humane “6” come through the door join in on the action, Starlight grabs Curly Wind and throws him into the girls. She fights with a series of attacks, blocks, dodges, jumps, and flips. She even manages to grab the small metal fence behind her surrounding the soccer field, and do a backflip over it. The boy with red mohawk, Crimson Napalm, tries to hit her, but she dodges again and slips some special handcuffs to his wrists. It pulls his hands down and sticks them to the fence by some kind magnetic force. The mob goes through the space in the fence. She pulls out her thruster device, pulls the trigger, and is launched backwards, right towards the center of the field. The mob of Wondercolts all runs into the field. The students who were attacked by Starlight inside the school come out, and join the angry crown. Twilight, Fluttershy, Spike, Trixie, Photo Finish, their assistants, the eco-kids, some of the techies, and the younger students like Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are staying out of the conflict by staying off of the field. The students who are involved rush toward Starlight as she pulls out two new shooters. The ammunition they fire are little red rubber balls, traveling at high speeds. The students they’ve managed to hit fall down from the sores. The rest of them get close, and Starlight tries to avoid them or fight back. Those who attempt to assault her would fail and get knocked down. While on the sidelines, the rest of the Wondercolts watch in both amazement and concern. Photo Finish takes more pictures of the action, while most of the others, including Diamond Tiara are recording it all on their cellphones. They capture footage of Starlight using martial arts to fight off against the Wondercolts. Sometime when she’s out of ammo, she would still use them like a club. One student is able to knock one out of her hand, to the ground. Then as it bounces off the ground, she kicks it up, and it flies into their face. She ever uses a mechanical glove that expands its knuckles. It misses, but the knuckles are absurdity so long, it reaches the fence and hooks itself down on it. They turn around to see that she’s retracting it. It pulls her forward, allowing her to strike down those in front of her.]

[INT. Classroom-Canterlot High School]

[The Crusaders come out of their hiding place, and look down at the action on the soccer field through the window.]

[EXT. Soccer pitch]

[The two class clowns, Snips and Snails charge at her yelling. Starlight simply walks past Snails, grabbing the back of his collar, causing it to pull Snails and making him fall down. Then she moves aside and sticks her leg out, causing Snips to trip on it and falling just as easily. Applejack tosses her lasso again to catch Starlight. But she immediately duck-splits when AJ tugs, and sticks her thruster gadget in the air; so when Applejack pulls on the lasso, it tightens around the device.]
Starlight Glimmer: Fooled me once.
[She pulls the trigger and the gadget is launched, pulling the rope and Applejack along with it. Pinkie Pie pulls out one of her party cannons, but before she can use them, Starlight already gets a hold of her.]
Starlight Glimmer: TAG! [shows Pinkie her Taser ring] You’re it! [slaps her on the shoulder, zapping her] You’re it! [zaps her again] You’re it! [again] You’re it! [again] You’re it! [again] You’re it! [again] You’re it!...
[Rarity grabs Starlight’s Taser-ringed hand.]
Rarity: Now see here! Let’s not descend to—
[She then smacks Rarity on the left side of her chest.]
Starlight Glimmer: TAG! [When she removes her hand, Rarity can see there’s a small disk-like device stuck to her chest.] You’re it.
[Starlight presses the red button on the trigger remote she’s holding, and a small flame comes out of the disk. It’s a little rocket thruster that pushes Rarity backwards, launching her to the other side of the field.]
Spike: RARITY!
[After seeing what happened to Rarity, Spike struggles furiously out of Fluttershy’s arms, and leaps over the fence and onto the field, and run towards the battle. Both Twilight and Fluttershy are so worried for Spike, they get into the field, chasing after him.]
Twilight Sparkle: Spike! No! Wait!
Fluttershy: Where are you going! Come back!
[Back in the action, Starlight fights off against Rainbow Dash, until she manages to get two more of those rocket disks onto Dash.]
Starlight Glimmer: Tell me. Do you like to fly? [She presses the button on the trigger again, and the rockets on Rainbow just blast her off a few yards. Starlight is able to take down a few more students, including Flash Sentry. While Flash is on the ground, Starlight picks up Pinkie Pie’s party cannon and points it at him. She pulls the string, thinking it to be an actual cannon, it blasts confetti and streamers in Flash’s face. Flash is blown from the blast, while Starlight seems confused at the cannon’s function.] What is wrong with you people? [Micro Chips and the drummer boy, Valhallen jump Starlight. She manages to recover, and got Valhallen to hold the party cannon.] Take this for a second, will ya? [Then she is able to knock both boys down. Suddenly, Spike leaps at her and bites her leg. She notices the dog after feeling the pain of the bite. She grabs his collar and holds him up by it. Spike tries biting her, though she is out of reach, while Starlight recognizes him.] Hey! I know you. You’re that dog on the computer screens. [Spike stops after realizing what Starlight just said.]
Twilight Sparkle: Spike!
[Starlight turns, pulling out an energy shooter, and points it at Twilight who stops right in front of her.]
Flash Sentry: Twilight!
Twilight Sparkle [to Starlight Glimmer]: Please. You don’t have to do this.
Starlight Glimmer [smiling]: Aw, don’t be afraid. I know it’s hard to understand at first. But pretty soon, this school and all of Crystal Prep will be able to experience ‘true’ friendship for the first time.
[Twilight is stunned once again, feeling as if she’s heard that statement from somewhere before.]
Fluttershy: Spike!
[Fluttershy pops out and tries to grab Spike. But Starlight struggles at keeping hold of him. The two keep tugging at Spike back and forth. Then Starlight points her gun at Fluttershy; she starts to close her eyes and shivers. Then she opens her eyes, giving her The Stare. Starlight is frozen in fright, and doesn’t know why. She then shoves Spike into Fluttershy, making her fall to the ground with the dog in her arms. But then, Fluttershy’s backpack begins moving, much to Starlight’s confusion.]
Starlight Glimmer: What in the world?
[The backpack opens up, and all of Fluttershy’s animals start bursting out, attacking Starlight. She swats at the little birds flying and pecking her, and tries shaking off the cats, bunnies, and hamsters latched onto her.]
Starlight Glimmer: I hate doing this to animals.
[She pulls out another small device, and flips the switch. It admits a high frequency sound that affects the animals. The birds scatter away from Starlight, the other animals let go of her and fall to the ground running around or covering their ears, even Spike is yelling and covering his ears from the noise. She turns off the sound device, and resumes fighting off the Wondercolts; some of them with an electric rod. Bulk Biceps tries to get her, but she leaps onto his torso, grabs his shirt, and leans backwards; using his own mass against him by pulling him with her and smacking his head on the ground. Applejack starts getting up, notices Starlight’s duffel bag, and looks into it. While fighting, Starlight kick-pushes one student, he is shoved backward and two other kids catch him. He then realizes she planted a bomb on him. It releases a big puff a powder. Some of the Wondercolts are coughing from the cloud, as Starlight knocks them down. She throws another powder bomb at more students. Rainbow Dash walks back from where she was blasted, stopping next to Applejack, still doing through the duffel bag.]
Applejack: There’s gotta be something in here we can use.
[She then pulls out some kind of launcher-type weapon.]
Rainbow Dash: Uh, what is that?
Applejack: I have no idea.
[Twilight, Spike, Fluttershy, and all her animal are hiding behind the bleachers, watching the battle. Twilight looks surprised at the weapon Applejack is holding.]
Twilight Sparkle: Applejack! Are you crazy?! You’re gonna hurt someone with that thing!
Applejack: Yeah…HER.
[Applejack looks into the targeting system on the launcher, and aims it directly on Starlight. Starlight ceases fighting when she looks in fright at AJ holding one of her weapons. She looks around quickly and starts running the opposite direction.]
Applejack: FIRE IN THE HOLE!
[Applejack pulls the trigger, and a casing comes off the end of the launcher. In the air, it releases the series of spinning flying disks. The other Wondercolts move out of the disks’ way as they are locked on to Starlight. While running, she picks her backpack off the ground and pulls out another thruster device. Rarity is walking back when she sees Starlight running towards her with the disks behind her. Starlight uses the thrust device while sliding under Rarity’s legs. Rarity sees the disks coming and tries to cover herself. But they all miss her, still following Starlight. She runs toward the soccer goal with the disks still behind her. Meanwhile; Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity rejoin the mob, with a few helping the fallen students up including Pinkie Pie. Back to Starlight, she smiles as she pulls the grappler out of her backpack. She fires it onto the goal, and uses the thruster device to launch her into the air. She fires it off so many turn, she is able to make a whole u turn in the air while holding onto the grappler attached to the goal post. With the flying disk still behind her, she set the grappling device to let go and uses the thruster gadget to land safely, running toward the shocked crowd.]
Flash Sentry: Are you kidding me?!
Rainbow Dash: RUN!
[The Wondercolts start to scatter in panic; some bumping into each other. Starlight pulls a few more things out of her backpack. She then jumps, twirling backwards, holds the thruster shooter in front of her, and pulls the trigger. She is pushed back, with her elbow moved up front. She flies into a line of students (including Rainbow Dash, Flash Sentry, and Bulk Biceps), giving them an elbow strike to the head. The other Canterlot High students see the disks coming in fear.]
Applejack: Now calm down, y’all! They’re only chasing after her!
[She then feels her foot bump into something. She looks down and sees the things Starlight pulled out of her backpack, scattered all over the ground. They look like red metal plates with orange holes all over them. Applejack is terrified when they all start to beep with little lights blinking.]
[The Canterlot High kids are scattered even more. The red plates are flare dispersers, firing little flares in all directions. As the flying disks get close, the little sparks hit them passing by, causing them to explode. Luckily, the crowd is far from the explosion to get hurt, but close enough for them all to be blown away and knocked right off their feet. As for Starlight, she uses her thrust device to get clear of the blast and land safely. The smoke clouds spread as everyone tries to see what has happened. As the smoke clears; Twilight, Fluttershy, Spike, the animals, the crowd outside of the field, and the Crusader still inside the school; all watch in horror and astonishment to see their friends and fellow classmates all laying out the ground with aches and exhaustion. Twilight is terrified the most at the carnage. She turns to Starlight getting up, still standing. She turns around to see her own work, looking at teenagers all over the ground and most of the field torn up.]
Starlight Glimmer: Is that it? These are our archrivals? Hm. Guess Crystal Prep is in worse shape than I thought.
[As the smoke cloud clears behind her, revealing Sunset Shimmer standing there in anger. As Starlight turns around in an attempt to leave the scene, she stops and notices Sunset ready to confront her.]
Sunset Shimmer: Hold it right there. [She throws off her black jacket.] You’re not going anywhere.
[Starlight smirks at the brave redheaded girl who’s about to face her. She takes off her backpack one more time. The two just stand there with distinct intentions, face-to-face for a few moments. The fallen students are getting up and see the two girls, trying not to get involved. The rest of the Wondercolts are still watching on the sidelines; along with the Crusaders still in the classroom, and Twilight, Fluttershy, and Spike still behind the bleachers. After a few minutes of silence, Sunset Shimmer charges in first. Both she and Starlight are engaged in a one-on-one battle. Sunset throws a variety of kicks, punches, and chops. But being more experienced in martial arts, Starlight has the advantage when it comes to deflecting and blocking all her strikes. Sunset tries her best to dodge most of the attacks; Starlight still gets a few hits on her. Although, Sunset would get lucky and get a couple of blows on Starlight. All the other Wondercolts are delighted at Sunset’s results. Starlight keeps smiling, shaking off from the last blow.]
Sunset Shimmer: This is your last chance. Stand down now and walk away, before this gets really worse.
Starlight Glimmer: I’m gonna enjoy this more than you.
[Then they resume fighting. They keep exchanging blows, blockings, dodges, grabs, and throws. The Wondercolts cheer on for Sunset to beat her.]
Rainbow Dash: Go, Sunset!
Applejack: That’s right! You can do it!
Cherry Crush: Give that psycho girl the what for!
[Both girls put up a fight. But then, Starlight is able to hit Sunset so hard, she flies back, onto the ground. The crowd is devastated by this. Sunset struggles to get back up, despite the pain. She is then able to stand and position herself in a fighting pose. Starlight gives out a sigh of disappointment, and then charges in at her. They start fighting again. Only this time, Sunset gets more aggressive and throws harder hits. This makes Starlight try harder at countering. At one point, two little glows appear on both sides of her head, implying her pony ears are about to appear. But after several moves delivered by both girls, Sunset gives a kick that Starlight just catches. She pulls Sunset up and throws her into the bleachers. Due to that, the little glows on her head disappear. Starlight approaches Sunset, laying on the bleachers seats. Sunset attempts to hit her, but Starlight blocks it. Starlight blocks her opponent’s attacks while hitting her with her swiftness. She then picks her up a bit, and kicks her down. Starlight walks down from the bleachers, as Sunset struggles at getting up. She runs at Starlight from behind, but Starlight reacted to it by swing-kicking her down.]
Twilight Sparkle: Sunset!
[Starlight picks up one of energy blasters on the ground, and stops a few feet in front of Sunset trying to get up. Then she points the weapon at Sunset.]

Starlight Glimmer: You know what your problem is? You try way too hard. [But before she could pull the trigger on the frightened Sunset, Twilight has concern for her friend and decides to do something about. She leaves her hiding spot and runs toward the two. She stops between them, blocking Starlight from Sunset.]

Twilight Sparkle: NO!
[Starlight, Sunset, their friends, and all the other students are surprised at this action.]
Rainbow Dash: Twilight!
Sunset Shimmer: What are you doing?! Get out of here!
[Starlight gets irritated, and points the shooter at Twilight instead.]
Starlight Glimmer: Get out of the way.
[Twilight gets frightened at first, then her expression changes to being firm.]
Twilight Sparkle: Go ahead. Do it!
[Everyone is still pretty frantic about this. Some of the fallen students even struggle to get back up.]
Sunset Shimmer [to Twilight]: Are you crazy?! Run!
Starlight Glimmer [to Twilight]: Move or I’ll fire!
Twilight Sparkle [to Starlight]: No! I won’t let you harm her.
Starlight Glimmer: [grunts] Why are you trying so hard to protect her?
[Twilight looks at Sunset, then looks back at Starlight.]
Twilight Sparkle: She’s my friend.
[Starlight is surprised to hear this. Then her expression slowly changes to sadness. Twilight notices this change. Then Starlight becomes more firm, and points the weapon at Twilight again.]
Starlight Glimmer: Then who’s Midnight?
Twilight Sparkle: What?
Starlight Glimmer: Who is Midnight Sparkle?
[Twilight and Sunset are in shock at hearing of this.]
Twilight Sparkle [stammering]: Well…she…I…
Starlight Glimmer: Who is she?
Twilight Sparkle [stammering]: …I…eh…I…
Starlight Glimmer: Answer me! Who?!
Applejack: Twilight!
[Starlight turn to see Twilight’s friends and the other Wondercolts have recovered, and are coming their way. She becomes furious, grabs a small, red box-like device from her belt, and throws it on the ground. Then a large stream of flames appear across the field. Twilight, Sunset, and all the other Canterlot High students are frightened by the massive flames. While behind them, Starlight grabs her backpack and runs out the opening in the fence. She then starts running around the outside of the field. Everyone is so distracted by the flames, they never notice.]

[INT. Classroom-Canterlot High School]

[The Crusaders are still watching everything through the window, and are terrified by the fire. Then they notices Starlight running towards the courtyard.]
Apple Bloom: There she is! Come on!
[The three then start running out of the classroom.]

[EXT. Courtyard-Canterlot High School]

[Starlight runs up to the Wondercolt statue and climbs up the statue’s pedestal. She then pulls out a can of black spray paint and a stencil paper of an equal sign cut out of her backpack.]

[EXT. Soccer pitch]

[All the students are scared of the fire burning through the field. Some of them stumble trying to run. They try to help each other get up and get out of there.]
Rainbow Dash: Let’s get out of here!
[Twilight helps Sunset up and the two start to run when Twilight stops and notices something strange about the flames.]
Twilight Sparkle: Wait a minute.
[Sunset stops and sees Twilight walking toward the fire.]
Sunset Shimmer: Twilight!
[Twilight gets close and hesitates about sticking her hand in it. But then she mustered up the courage and sticks her hand in it. It doesn’t seem to be hurting and she walks in completely. She sees the small square gadget Starlight had earlier on the ground. Twilight picks it up and pushes it’s button. Then the flames suddenly disappeared. All the other Wondercolts are shocked to have seen this.]
Sunset Shimmer: It was a hologram!
Rainbow Dash: We were tricked!
Twilight Sparkle [looking around]: Wh-where is she?!
[Brawly Beats is on the ground after tripping from the escape. As he is getting up, he sees Starlight standing next to the statue.]
Brawly Beats: There she is! She's at the Wondercolt statue!
Applejack: Well come on y’all!
[Twilight, Sunset, their friends, all the other students on the field, and the students on the sidelines head towards the front lawn.

[EXT. Courtyard]

[Starlight is finished at what she came to do and climbs down from the back of the pedestal. Her hand is pressed on the side with the closed portal to Equestria. She is astounded at seeing the glowing waves her hand is making pressing against the portal.]
Starlight Glimmer: What is this?
[The Crusaders come out of the front entrance.]
Scootaloo: There she is!
[They see Starlight, distracted by the portal to notice them. Apple Bloom runs toward her first.]
Sweetie Belle: Apple Bloom, wait!
[The other two follow after. Starlight is still fascinated by the strange reaction on the statue.]
Apple Bloom: Hey!
[Caught by surprise, Starlight swings around and pulls out her energy shooter at Apple Bloom. She and the other two Crusaders stop due to their situation. Starlight looks at them with a frightening, angry face. The shooter in her hand starts shaking. Apple Bloom is holding her hands up, terrified with the weapon aimed straight at her. Starlight then looks at her friends behind her, just as scared. The anger in her face slowly fades away and her hand becomes perfectly steady. She lowers the weapon and the Crusaders start to calm. They then see that Starlight is about to express feelings of sadness with small traces of tears forming in her eyes.]
Applejack: APPLE BLOOM! [All four turn and see the angry crowd of older students running toward them, including their sisters.] GET AWAY FROM HER!
[Starlight gets agitated, looks at her watch, pulls several smoke bombs out of her belt, and throws them at the crowd. The scattered bombs explode, creating large clouds of smoke surrounding the students. Then she pulls out more bombs and throws them down on the ground, making at smoke screen that even the Crusaders can’t see through. Starlight runs out of the smoke screen towards the road, throwing more smoke of the ground, making it bigger. She runs across the street, swing parkour on the lamppost on the other side, just as the bus arrives, and runs onboard. As the bus departs, the smoke clears. The CHS students look around for the mystery girl with no trace of her. Meanwhile the Crusaders are being comfort by their sisters; Applejack for Apple Bloom and Rarity for Sweetie Belle. Rainbow Dash tries to comfort Scootaloo as well.]
Applejack: Apple Bloom! Oh, thank goodness you’re alright.
Rarity: Oh, Sweetie Belle! Did that mean girl hurt you?
Sweetie Belle: No, Rarity.
Rainbow Dash: Hey, squirt. Are you okay?
Scootaloo: Yeah. I’m alright.
Octavia Melody: She’s not here.
Pinkie Pie: She’s gone!
Flash Sentry: Well where did she go?
[While all the other students are searching the area, Twilight and Sunset notice the bus driving off, heading toward the city. Meanwhile on the bus, Starlight is sitting at the back of the bus, watching the scenes out the big window. She then sits down and gives off a sign of relief. She seems very sad for a moment, which changes into a small chuckle. She reaches into her backpack and smiles as she pulls out the broken half of Twilight’s magic-capturing device she took from Sunset’s locker.]

[INT. Principal Cinch’s Office-Crystal Prep Academy-The City]

[Principal Cinch is sitting at her desk, Dean Cadance standing next to her, and Stormy Flare in the seat opposite from Cinch. Cinch is horrified by what she found in the file Stormy Flare gave her, while Stormy Flare is looking through the file Cinch gave her.]
Principal Cinch: I can’t believe it.
Stormy Flare: I shouldn’t be surprised. This file is incomplete. There’s no recollection of her juvenile record, no statement from her parents, no documents of her hearing…nothing.
Dean Cadance: I never would’ve thought she could be capable of such atrocities. What could’ve caused her to do such a thing?
Principal Cinch: Indeed. In fact, I’m a bit curious about that myself. [To Stormy Flare] What are her reasons for these actions?
Stormy Flare: She wants everyone to be equal. She thinks people with different talents would never be accepted to forming a connection.
Principal Cinch: Yes, we already know about that. I meant how did it all start? What are her motives?
Stormy Flare: Nothing. There doesn’t seem to have any.
Principal Cinch: Oh please. Someone capable of these offences has to have some motivation to her own actions.
Stormy Flare: She never told anybody. Not me, not the people at juvy, not even her own parents. She’s been that way her whole life.
Dean Cadance: Her entire life?!
Stormy Flare: Well, her parents did say she was very happy in her early life. But one day, she was just…different. Nobody knows. I’m sorry. I wish I could be more help to you.
Principal Cinch: I see.
Stormy Flare: This file has been censored. The important parts have been taken out. Where did you get this?
Dean Cadance: What do you mean? Weren’t you the one who gave it to Principal Cinch?
[At this point, Cinch becomes concerned.]
Stormy Flare [to Dean Cadance]: What? No. I haven’t seen this woman before in my live.
Dean Cadance: So what made you decide Starlight would be better off at Crystal Prep?
Stormy Flare: I had a phone call from someone who said he was a representative of Principal Cinch.
Dean Cadance [to Principal Cinch]: I thought you recommended Starlight personally.
Principal Cinch: Um…eh…well…I…
Stormy Flare: Well no wonder you didn’t know about me. Did you show Starlight this file?
Principal Cinch: Yes.
Stormy Flare: I’d thought so. So she really didn’t tell you about me. And knowing her, she’s up to something and doesn’t want me getting in the way.
Dean Cadance: So who was it on the phone that told you about Crystal Prep?
Stormy Flare: I don’t know. He never gave me his name.
Dean Cadance: But if you knew all the stuff Starlight has done, why did you agree to it?
Stormy Flare: Because he told me to do it. He told me to write down instructions for convincing Starlight to attend. I know his plan sounded pretty strange, but he was very…persuasive. It’s as if he knew I was getting desperate. He told me that Crystal Prep had suffered a similar experience, and that your school would be perfect at helping Starlight with her case.
Principal Cinch: [whispering to herself] That idiot. [To Stormy Flare, smiling] Well thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will assure that the representative will be held accountable for his peculiar methods. As for Starlight, we will see that she is properly supervised in her condition. If any of us come across young Starlight, we will be sure to give her a firm talking to regarding her recent behavior, and will inform you if any progress occurs. You have my word that Miss Glimmer shall be handled with the most qualified of sessions, and see to it that she finds a special place for her here at Crystal Prep.
Stormy Flare: Well, I’m glad to hear that. Maybe I didn’t make a mistake after all. It’s a relief to know Starlight is in good hands. But I must warn you to use caution when dealing with Starlight. Do you really think your school is capable of helping her with her issues?
Dean Cadance: This is first time we ever had something like this happened. But we’re willing to do our best and give it a try.
Stormy Flare: Thank you. Now, seeing that you have everything under control, I’d better be going. It’s a pleasure meeting with you both.
Principal Cinch: It was no problem.
Dean Cadance: Thank you for telling us of this.
Stormy Flare [getting up]: [To Cinch] Oh, here’s your file back.
Principal Cinch [smiling]: No, you keep it. I think it would be better that you add it to your record of Miss Glimmer. [She then looks at the completed file Stormy Flare gave her.] You don’t mind if I hold on to this? I would like to have an original transcript on our students.
Stormy Flare: Um, sure. No problem. [She puts the censored file in her bag.] Thanks again.
[Dean Cadance walks Stormy Flare over to the door, while Cinch looks menacingly into the new file.]
Stormy Flare [to Cadance]: It’s a good thing I came here as soon as I could. You’ll look after her, won’t you?
Dean Cadance: I promise, we will take better care of her.
Stormy Flare: Thank you. Goodbye.
Dean Cadance: Goodbye.
[Stormy Flare walks out of the office and Dean Cadance closes the door behind her. Cadance then places her hand on her chest, with a look of concern.]
Dean Cadance: That poor girl. I can’t imagine what could’ve led her to cause such deeds.
Principal Cinch: Yes, it really is a shame we have no indication of her motivations. We could’ve used that.
Dean Cadance: Well, what are we gonna do?
Principal Cinch [standing up, smiling]: Right now, we will do nothing. If Starlight wishes to continue her work here at Crystal Prep, she will have no choice but to comply. Let me worry about Starlight for now. You just wait for farther instructions until I figure out what to do with her.
Dean Cadance: Are you sure you can handle talking Starlight down? From what we just heard, I don’t think she would give you a chance.
Principal Cinch: But of course. We might have gotten off to a bumpy start, but that was before I found the means to her cooperation. Now I have a better understanding of who this girl really is. So, if the reputation of this school has any hope to survive, then I must be willing to use whatever opportunity is presented to me. That will be all, Cadance.
Dean Cadance [insecure]: Okay.
[Cadance leaves the office, not feeling convinced. Cinch looks through the new file of Starlight again.]
Principal Cinch: What sort of game are you playing at, Glimmer?
[Cinch continues looking through the contents, unaware that the little device Starlight planted on the edge of her desk (as seen in Scene 3) is still there.]

[INT. Starlight’s Research Room-Crystal Prep-Sunset]

[Starlight walks in the room, takes off the belt, and puts her backpack on the work desk. She sits at her chair and pulls out Twilight’s device from the backpack. She starts taking it apart. She then hooks the device’s motherboard to the computer (unaware it’s still contaminated by magic from the Friendship Games). As the computer is analyzing the circuitry, Starlight moves to her laptop and puts headphone over her ears.]
Starlight Glimmer: Alright, Cinch. Let’s see what you’ve been doing today.
[She clicks on a rewind symbol on her laptop, and then hits “play”.]
Principal Cinch’s voice in the headphones: I can’t believe it.
Stormy Flare’s voice in the headphones: I shouldn’t be surprised. This file is incomplete. There’s no recollection of her juvenile record, no statement from her parents, no documents of her hearing…nothing.
[Starlight is surprised to hear her therapist’s voice in the recording.]
Starlight Glimmer: So, it looks like Stormy Flare decided to come for a visit after all.
[She clicks “fast forward”, then “play”.]
Dean Cadance’s voice in the headphones: So what made you decide Starlight would be better off at Crystal Prep?
Stormy Flare’s voice in the headphones: I had a phone call from someone who said he was a representative of Principal Cinch.
Dean Cadance’s voice in the headphones: I thought you recommended Starlight personally.
Principal Cinch’s voice in the headphones: Um…eh…well…I…
Starlight Glimmer: What?
[She hits “fast forward” and “play” again.]
Stormy Flare’s voice in the headphones: He told me to write down instructions for convincing Starlight to attend. I know his plan sounded pretty strange, but he was very…persuasive. It’s as if he knew I was getting desperate. He told me that Crystal Prep had suffered a similar experience, and that your school would be perfect at helping Starlight with her case.
[Starlight hits “fast forward” and “play” again.]
Stormy Flare’s voice in the headphones: Thank you. Now, seeing that you have everything under control, I’d better be going. It’s a pleasure meeting with you both.
Principal Cinch’s voice in the headphones: It was no problem.
Dean Cadance’s voice in the headphones: Thank you for telling us of this.
Stormy Flare’s voice in the headphones: Oh, here’s your file back.
Principal Cinch’s voice in the headphones: No, you keep it. I think it would be better that you add it to your record of Miss Glimmer. You don’t mind if I hold on to this? I would like to have an original transcript on our students.
Stormy Flare’s voice in the headphones: Um, sure. No problem.
[Starlight hits “fast forward” and “play” again.]
Principal Cinch’s voice in the headphones: What sort of game are you playing at, Glimmer?
Starlight Glimmer [taking of the headphones]: So you think you’ve got one up on me. Huh, Cinch?
[She hears the sound from the computer and rolls her chair back towards it. Analysis is done on the parts, and Starlight is amazed by the data from the device.]
Starlight Glimmer: Incredible! I’ve never seen anything like this before.
[She writes it down in her notes. When she unfolds it, they reveal to be in the same paper clipped row of papers as Twilight’s notes (as seen in Scene 5). Starlight gets up from her seat, and places the notes on the table near the back wall with the sheet-covered chart with Cinch’s picture and threads (also from Scene 5). She then picks up some sort of neck-wearing device and puts it on. Then she switches it on.]
Starlight Glimmer [with the device changing the tone in her tone]: Testing, testing…[voice changes to sound like Cinch’s]…Testing 1, 2, 3.
[She smiles and removes the sheet, revealing Principal Cinch’s picture; along with more thread, more pins, and even more pictures with printed documents. Then she writes an outline of a faceless person with a question mark on the head and pins it on the board, tying another thread to Cinch’s photo, making another connection to Cinch.]
Starlight Glimmer [with Principal Cinch’s voice]: Keeping more secrets, Cinch. Seems there’s more going on at Canterlot High than you’re letting on. I’ll find out who this “representative” of yours is. But until then…
[She smirks again as she holds a cellphone in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other. She puts in a number on the phone, and it starts ringing.]
Starlight Glimmer [with Principal Cinch’s voice]: Hello. This is Abacus Cinch, headmistress of Crystal Prep Academy.
[She slides the scissors on one of the threads connected to Cinch’s photo, and cuts it.]

[EXT. Courtyard-Canterlot High School-Sunset]

[The entire Canterlot High student body is rallied at the front steps, as Principal Celestia, Vice Principal Luna, and the rest of faculty reside on top. The crowd of students is in a frenzy from what has happened today. Meanwhile in the crowd, Twilight, Sunset, and some of her friends are more concerned than angry.]
Principal Celestia: Now, everyone! Eh…please, just calm down!
Micro Chips: Do you mind telling us what just happened today?!
Octavia Melody: This is outrighteous! I’ve never been treated in such a way!
Sandalwood: Yeah! Not cool, dude!
Cranky Doodle: Now will you all just relax! We’re just as confused as you are!
Flash Sentry: I don’t get it. I thought we left in good terms with Crystal Prep.
Sweetie Drops: Is this Principal Cinch’s way of a joke?!
Students: [shouting angrily]
Principal Celestia: Now, now, students! Please! Let us not jump to any conclusions. We don’t know if ‘all’ of Crystal Prep was even in on any on this.
Vice Principal Luna: Twilight Sparkle! You used to go Crystal Prep. Do you have any idea who this girl is?
Twilight Sparkle: No, I haven’t. I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with that. I’ve never seen this girl before in my life.
Bulk Biceps: YEAH! She’s right. I don’t remember seeing that girl at the Friendship Games either.
Applejack: Must be one of those new students Principal Cinch recruited.
Rainbow Dash: [grunts] I should’ve known. Cinch’s “influence” must’ve gotten to her.
Snails: Well, I don’t know who this crazy girl is. But I gotta admit her fighting is so cool.
Snips: Yeah! The way she jumped around, and flipped, and knocked us on us butts. Oh man, makes me feel less bad about getting beaten by her.
Photo Finish: Yes! Whoever she is has shown such grace, such power. And I, Photo Finish, am thwilled to have discovered such a shining star.
[Most of the Wondercolts just stare at them for a moment, until Rarity starts pondering.]
Rarity: Well, when you look at it that way, it really is amazing how she was able to achieve such feats, and in such unique style as well.
Rainbow Dash: I’ll say. I’ve never seen anyone move like that.
Sunset Shimmer: And those gadgets she used are so state of the art. I wonder where she got them.
Trixie Lulamoon: And the way she disappeared like that in the end. What a vanishing act.
[Twilight starts to ponder.]
Pinkie Pie: Yeah. She must be a better magician than you, Trixie.
Students: [laughing]
Trixie Lulamoon [annoyed]: Oh be quiet!
Mrs. Harshwhinny: Well, amazing or not, Canterlot High will not tolerate such behavior.
Cheerilee: I’m afraid she’s right. Even though this mystery girl is not from this school, she will still have to answer for all the damage she had committed.
Spike: Principal Cinch has to be held accountable for this as well!
Twilight Sparkle: Spike!
Students: [shouting in agreement]
Blueberry Cake: Yeah! It’s Cinch’s student anyway!
Diamond Tiara: She should take responsible!
Silver Spoon: I knew she was horrible!
Principal Celestia: Now hold on, everyone! If anyone here is to say anyone should be held responsible, it’s gonna be me.
Vice Principal Luna: Indeed, and you should all realize you are in as much trouble as this Shadowbolt girl. Retaliating the way you did is not how a Canterlot Wondercolt should behave. Now I know you all had good reason to do so, but acting in such a manner as she will lead you to hurting yourselves and those around you. Is that not clear?
Students: [various agreements in shame]
Principal Celestia': Well now that we got that settled, I’ll report to the school board tomorrow and see if we can schedule a meeting with Crystal Prep to discuss about this development.
[As Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna walk down the steps and through the crowd, Twilight firmly picks Spike up.]
Twilight Sparkle: Why did you do that?!
Spike: Because Cinch is just horrible, and she deserves what she gets. And this Shadowbolt girl is the perfect way she can answer for what she’s done. Have you forgotten what she had done to you at the Friendship Games?
Twilight Sparkle: No, I haven’t. But, Spike, Principal Cinch would never plan anything like this if it means ruining her reputation. This doesn’t make sense. [Putting Spike down] Why would a girl from Crystal Prep attack their rival school for no reason?
Fluttershy: She said something about “True Friendship” and everyone being equal.
Rarity: Well, it doesn’t seem “equal” from what I saw.
Sunset Shimmer: She also knows about Midnight Sparkle, but doesn’t really know who she is. What does she have to do with it, and what does this Crystal Prep girl hope to gain by attacking our school?
Twilight Sparkle: I don’t know. But the things she said and the way she said it. It all sounds so…familiar.
[As Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna are passing the Wondercolt statue, Celestia bumps into something with her foot that makes a clanging sound. The two look down on the ground, and see the spray paint can and stencil paper Starlight had earlier. They pick them up and look at them with confusion.]
Principal Celestia: What?
Vice Principal Luna: Where did these come from?
[They then look up to the statue, and are appalled at what they see. Twilight sees the two sisters seeing that something’s wrong, and decides to walk up to them. She looks up at the statue and is shocked on what she finds. A big black equal sign has been spray-painted on the horse statue’s flank. She backs away from the statue in terror. Sunset, Spike, and their five friends see this, and run up to Twilight in hopes to comfort her.]
Sunset Shimmer: Twilight? Hey, Twilight! Are you alright? Is something wrong?
Spike: Twilight?
[Twilight turns around, facing her friends with an expression of fright frozen in her face. Her eyes wide awake and her jaw completely dropped.]
Fluttershy: Twilight?
Pinkie Pie: You okay?
Rarity: What is the matter, darling?
Applejack: What’s wrong?
Rainbow Dash: Well spit it out.
Twilight Sparkle: It can’t be…Starlight Glimmer?
[Meanwhile, a mysterious person is recording the incident with a cellphone under a tree across the street. He is so far away, nobody could see him. Then he walks away, without a trace.]

[EXT. Parking lot-Crystal Prep Academy-The City-Morning]

[Principal Cinch has just arrived from her car, and notices a limo parked in one of the spaces, and enters the school.]

[INT. Hallways-Crystal Prep Academy]

[Cinch tries furiously to call somebody on her cellphone, but with no answer.]
Principal Cinch: Come on, come on… [grunts] I cannot believe that fool is not answering. He must’ve known I’d find out. Is he trying to ridicule me? I swear if I ever see that ignoramus again, I will—
Voice: Principal Cinch!
[Cinch stops and sees who’s approaching her in one of the halls. It is the president of the Canterlot High School Board, Spoiled Rich. She is a tall, thin, middle-aged lady with dark pink skin, groomed purple hair, and a curled upward nose. She also has dark turquoise eyes, light purple eyeshadow, a big diamond ring on her finger (her cutie mark), a gold chain necklace around her neck, and a light blue dress on. She walks up to Principal Cinch with an unpleasant scowl.]
Principal Cinch: Spoiled Rich. I thought I saw your limo taking up space in our parking lot. To what do I own the pleasure of speaking with the head of Canterlot High’s school board here in my academy?
Spoiled Rich: Spare me the pleasantry, Cinch. I’m here to ask what kind of school are you running here. It seems that you have absolutely no idea how to properly educate your students into behaving in the most civilized standings. Let alone the lack of respect and trust you are setting for them. You have proven once again your complete incompetence in keeping this school functioning the way it should.
Principal Cinch: How dare you question my resolve? I have done nothing but keeping my school afloat. But if you want to continue about that mishap at the Friendship Games, I assure you, I was barely involved. Of course, being from a rival school, I can see you may have some concerns for your fair dues.
Spoiled Rich: Oh I’m not talking about that. I was referring to the control you have over your students. Have you been setting a good example? I hope you are proud of yourself for all the damage.
Principal Cinch: What are you talking about?
[Spoiled Rich pulls a cellphone out of her handbag, taps on it, and shows it to Principal Cinch. The phone plays a video of Starlight’s attack on the Canterlot High students on the sports field. Cinch looks in shock to see her star-student, in her Crystal Prep uniform, beating on kids from their rival school; knocking them down with little effort, beating them senseless with advance fighting moves, and blasting them with her custom-made weapons. The footage has left Cinch dumbfounded.]
Spoiled Rich: Isn’t that your prized pupil you praised so much about?
Principal Cinch: I…uh…but…how…eh…?
Spoiled Rich: My daughter recorded all this on her video phone, as well as several other students. It’s already posted on the internet now. Both school boards have probably seen it by now, and knowing them, they are as displeased about it as I am. Is this what you’ve been teaching your kids over here. I know Crystal Prep has a history of pulling pranks on Canterlot High. But this seems to be a tad too much, don't you think? Shows how incompetent you really are, letting psychopaths like this into your school. And since you recommended this girl to enroll here, it seems fitting that you should be held responsible as well.
Principal Cinch: Now wait a minute! I—
Spoiled Rich: The school is going to have a meeting with Principal Celestia later this afternoon. I’m already considering scheduling a personal meeting for myself, and Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna, with you and the head of your school board. Then we will discuss your future here at Crystal Prep. If things go exactly as I predicted, you won’t be able to get a job teaching at a children’s daycare center.
Principal Cinch [startled]: But…but…but…I…
Spoiled Rich: Now, it would seem I have wasted enough of my time as it is. So now if you excuse me, I have to return to the board and set up our meeting with Celestia. I’ll be seeing you very soon, ‘Miss’ Cinch. Good day.
[Spoiled Rich turns around and walks away from Cinch down one of the halls. She passes Fleur Dis Lee and Suri Polomare, who both turn and look at Mrs. Rich.]
Suri Polomare: What’s up with that woman’s nose?
[Cinch continues her walk down the hallways, feeling offended by what Spoiled Rich said, but is also devastated by what has happened. While going through a hall full of students, she can see they are all talking amongst themselves in groups. Cinch feels uneasy from overhearing her students’ comments about Starlight. At one point, she looks over one boy’s shoulders, and sees him and his friends watching the Starlight vs. CHS video on his phone. She continues up the stairs to her office, still shaken up from the news, with a hint of anger.]

[EXT./INT. Principal Cinch’s office-Crystal Prep Academy]

[Cinch tries to shake off the negative feeling from the Canterlot incident as she approaches her office door. As she enters the office, she is surprised to find Starlight Glimmer sitting in her chair in a relaxed position, staring at Cinch with a sinister smile, her legs crossed and feet propped onto the desk, and her hands place behind her head. She then breaks her position to greet Cinch.]
Starlight Glimmer: Welcome back, Cinch.
Principal Cinch [walking towards Starlight in anger]: Get out of that chair!
Starlight Glimmer: Why? Is feel go comfortable.
Principal Cinch: I said get out!
Starlight Glimmer: And the position it’s in. Behind this desk; the power, the authority, the feeling of importance. I can see why you like it so much.
Principal Cinch [standing next to Starlight]: Funny. I was just about to call you in. What are you doing here?
Starlight Glimmer: Same as you. I just want to talk. In fact, I’d thought of keeping myself entertained in the meantime.
[Starlight pulls out a cellphone, and plays the video of her. It is at the part where she flipped Bulk Biceps.]
Starlight Glimmer: [laughs] That is my favorite part. It’s wasn’t easy turning that lunk’s mass against him. [laughs]
Principal Cinch: Are you insane?! Is this why you skipped school yesterday?! What were you thinking?! You walked in a rival school in broad daylight; you attacked a number of innocent students; you violated the relationships between our two schools, and for what?! Vandalism, assault, trespassing, damage to private property, and possession of hostile weaponry…have you got any shame?! I have a mind to report you to the—
[At this point, Starlight stands up from Cinch’s chair, and confronts her with a more serious tone.]
Starlight Glimmer: Spare me your sentimental nonsense. Why do you care? You hate Canterlot High. You hate the Wondercolts. I only did what you wanted.
Principal Cinch: Excuse me!? Why in the world would I want you to launch a one-man assault on Canterlot High for no reason?! I would never ask for such behavior!
Starlight Glimmer [walking around the desk]: Oh please. You despise Canterlot High for costing you that win at the Friendship Games. You despise them for putting a black mark on your “perfect” winning-streak. You see them as such a nuisance. I was just trying to make a point; that Crystal Prep is way more superior to Canterlot High. Now that this is your intention, not mine. I’m more interested in befriending them as equals. [She sits down on the usual stool in front of the desk.] Come to think of it, they were doing friendship all wrong. So many different interests, different styles, different talents…I just had to let them know that what they were doing is all wrong.
Principal Cinch: This is outrageous! Such acts of intolerance are not how a Crystal Prep Shadowbolt should behave. If you wish to continue your stay at Crystal Prep, you will have to answer for what you have committed.
Starlight Glimmer: Oh, what are you gonna do? Expel me? The officials won’t let you.
Principal Cinch: Oh really?
[Principal Cinch picks up her office phone and taps in the number with confidence, while Starlight looks at her with an unfazed smirk.]
Principal Cinch [on the phone]: Hello, Child’s Service? This is Abacus Cinch, headmistress of Crystal Prep Academy…Yes; I’m calling about a certain student of mine…Starlight Glimmer. You see, she’s been behaving in the most absurd manner. So she-- …What? ...But…I didn’t call you for that…What? ...But I didn’t…She is? …But…Alright, thank you. [She hangs up the phone, looking all stunned. Then she looks at Starlight, still smirking. Cinch becomes more firm and picks up the phone again.] Hello, Social Department? This is Abacus Cinch… I want talk to about Ms. Starlight Glimmer…What? ...What email? I didn’t send you an email…Well, I know she’s my responsibility. But she-- …Oh…I see…Well, thank you anyway. [Principal hangs up the phone again, looking wearier, and Starlight’s still smirking. She tries putting in another number.] Hello, Homeland Security? My name’s Abacus Cinch. My students, Starlight Glimmer, had done a terrible thing. She is in possession of some very dangerous equipment, and-- …What do you mean it was just a kid’s home movie?!...I know I shouldn’t take it seriously. But-- …But I didn’t-- …Alright. [She keeps calling numbers desperately and hanging up over-and-over. But no one would hear her out about Starlight.] But I didn’t send you a document…Yes, I’m sure of it…I understand. You look into that then…Goodbye.
[She hangs up once more, feeling depressed, while Starlight just sitting there, still smiling.]
Starlight Glimmer: Aw, what’s the matter, Cinch? Couldn’t get any of the sources to hear you out? That’s too bad.
Principal Cinch [looking at Starlight all terrified]: What did you do?
Starlight Glimmer: I made sure my place at Crystal Prep is secured, unlike yours. Homeland Security, huh?
Principal Cinch: How…how did you do all that? How do you know those numbers?
Starlight Glimmer: I thought you weren’t interested in what I do in my free time.
Principal Cinch: I…It doesn’t matter. I can still go to the school board about this.
Starlight Glimmer: Oh, I wouldn’t go do that. It’s most likely the board has already caught wind of that little incident at CHS. They must be very ticked at you about that by now. I know they were upset with you before, but could you imagine how furious they are at the moment?
Principal Cinch: Don’t you start passing blame onto me. We both know you are responsible for that catastrophe.
Starlight Glimmer: True, and who is responsible for me? How wonderful it will be for to explain to the members of the board how your student, your ‘star-student’, you star-student who ‘you’ recommended personally has gone on a senseless rampage on a rival school?
[Then Cinch, more irritated than before, pulls a file out from her desk.]
Principal Cinch: I-It won’t come to that. I just have to show them this. I’m sure they’ll understand.
Starlight Glimmer: Ah yes, my completed juvy record. [Cinch looks at Starlight in surprise.] Yeah, that’s right. I know Stormy Flare came to visit, and I know about your representative. I just don’t know who that is. You wouldn’t happen to know who that is, do you? [Cinch remains silent.] Anyway, it’s quite a shame you gave Stormy Flare the ‘only’ evidence to this misunderstanding. It wouldn’t look good for you if you tell them I came from juvenile hall, as you claimed to have “hand-picked me”. That might raise a lot of questions. If you planning on taking me to the school board to confess my actions, then I’ll just tell them you put the idea in my head. And you can’t tell them you were fooled, or else you’ll be a laughing stock in Crystal Prep history. Just give it up, Cinch. It’s my word against yours. You can’t get rid of me that easily.
[Cinch becomes furious that a little girl has trumped her every move. But then a thought has come to her mind, and she starts to calm and give a smile.]
Principal Cinch: Well in that case, if I can’t get you to leave Crystal Prep, then I’ll just have to make your stay here most unpleasurable, as you try to ruin mine. Stormy Flare dropped you into my lap, now she’s gonna get you off my back. I understand you’re hoping to gain your classmates’ influence into joining your “equality sect”. But after reading the contents of your record, I find it appalling and disturbing to boot. Why, if word ever got out about what you’ve been promising the other students…
Starlight Glimmer: Are you…threatening me?
Principal Cinch: I prefer to think of it as “reminding you that this is my territory, and warning you about the hazardous conditions that come from treading on it”, but…yes. So I’ll make you a deal. All I ask is your complete cooperation and for you to take full responsibility for what happened at Canterlot High, and I may keep this information just between the two of us. Although, I could inform the students about your past. That wouldn’t look good for your generous proposal. What do you think I should do?
[The two just stare at each other, frozen in a moment of complete silence, until it is broken by Starlight, bursting with laughter. Cinch is caught off guard by this sudden reaction.]
Principal Cinch: What’s so funny?!
Starlight Glimmer: Sorry, but that would be intimidating if you were…well intimidating. [laughs]
Principal Cinch: Don’t you understanding what I’m saying here?! I’m practically holding your future in my hands!
[Starlight starts to settle, and she pulls out some sort of little microphone gadget. When she flips the switch, the entire intercom system gives off a high pitch squealing sound that everybody in the school can hear.]
Starlight Glimmer [talking into the gadget, on the intercom]: Attention all students. This is your fellow classmate, Starlight Glimmer speaking, and I am here today to deliver a very important announcement.
[Principal Cinch is surprised to see Starlight speaking on the intercom through her little wireless device. She tries using her own microphone to figure out this predicament, but there is no response from it.]
Starlight Glimmer: [to Principal Cinch] Yeah, that’s right. I high jacked your intercom system. [Back on the intercom] As you probably know, there been a series of videos on the internet of me attacking the Canterlot High School Wondercolts. And it pains me to inform you…it is true. I have assaulted our rival school. For you see, I was just trying to relate to all of you. [All the students in the school the members of faculty, even Dean Cadance are listening to the announcement. This includes the Shadow Five and the four kids who know Starlight.] I am fully aware of your history and your relationship with the students of Canterlot High. Of how you wanted to crush them for not being like you, to show them that they are inferior compared to you, to prove you are more superior in all things. But now I understand you want no quarrel with them anymore. You want to befriend them instead. To be the equals. And that’s been my intention for a very long time. I have been trying the show people that there is a better life than being great, that you’d never have to be alone, and that there shouldn’t be so many differences. I was so close to making that vision true, until…well…I must be honest with you. I have spent three months prior to attending Crystal Prep in juvenile hall. [Principal Cinch is shocked to hear Starlight confessing, and the students are more than surprised to hear of this.] I know this will come as a shock, but it’s true. And you must understand that the things I’ve done to end up there was just for the sake of others. Could you imagine being sent to juvy just because you were doing what you believe is right?! [Most of the students listening start expressing their agreement.] Is this how you want to be remembered? To deliver pain to those lesser than you?! To be branded as purveyors of hatred and false judgement?! To be misled by the words of the most misguided of individuals into becoming a pack of sellouts?! [The students continue their approval; all except the Shadow Five and the four friends.] I am here to help you from suffering the same fate as I did, while showing you the meaning of true friendship! For together, we have a chance to make-up for our mistakes! So we can be redeemed! So we can be cured! So we can be all EQUALS!
[Starlight turns off her device and turns back to Cinch, looking all distorted.]
Starlight Glimmer [to Principal Cinch]: How’s that for influence? Did you really think you can control me with such a feeble attempt like that? I’m not ashamed of my past. I knew you going to exploit my record in hopes to manipulate me. You’re so predictable. But if you really want to play that game, fine. Let’s play.
[She pulls a folder out of her backpack, and slams it on the desk in front of Cinch. Cinch looks down on it with confusion. She opens it up and is shocked to see what’s inside.]
Starlight Glimmer: The numerous benefactors who have been placing bets on your past Friendship Games, favoring Crystal Prep and giving you your usual cut to add to the school’s budget. The anonymous parties that supply you with the equipment for your school, some of which come from devious origins. A list of students that you threatened to exploit if they did not answer your demands; along with those demands, and the intel you used against them. Hundreds of rejected students’ requests. Hm, seems this one was meant for charity. Guess you didn’t think it was worth their time. And what’s this? Hundreds of intercepted messages of students…demanding your retirement.
Principal Cinch [looking franticly through the papers]: Where did you get this?
Starlight Glimmer: Now who’s interested in my free-time? [She pulls out a recorder.] Oh, and let’s not forget the previous talk we had about my predecessor. [She clicks “plays”.]
Starlight Glimmer’s voice on the recorder: “Did you ever give Twilight Sparkle a choice?”
Principal Cinch’s voice on the recorder: “Twilight Sparkle was weak. She had the passion for learning, but lacked the confidence and determination to do whatever it takes to win.”
Principal Cinch: You’ve been recording us?
Starlight Glimmer: I don’t think the school would be happy to know what you’ve been doing behind their backs. Wouldn’t you agree? First order of business is to get new chairs for this office. I am not gonna make these dealings on a stool.
Principal Cinch [smiling]: Let me see if I got this right. So your plan is to blackmail ME, but you just handed the evidence to ME. Now what’s the next step in your “master plan”?
Starlight Glimmer [playful distort]: Oh! Oh no! Your right! What was I thinking? My plan has been foiled! Whatever am I going to do now? Oh well. Guess I’ll just have to use one of the copies then.
Principal Cinch [stun]: “Copies?”
Starlight Glimmer: Yeah. You didn’t think I flash this stuff in front of you without making backups.
Principal Cinch: WHERE ARE THEY?!
Starlight Glimmer: They’re EVERYWHERE! They’re in my locker, they’re at my house, they’re in my cellphone, in my computer, on a private account on the internet just waiting to be uploaded! I made dozens. Even if you can find one, I’ll still have more, and have hidden them so you can never get to them all. You have nothing on me. [Takes out a cellphone] All I have to do is hit a button, make a call to contact, or walk to the nearest mailbox, and all your dirty secrets will go viral. So, Abacus…may I call you “Abacus”?
Principal Cinch: No.
Starlight Glimmer: So, Abacus. You can’t stop me no matter what you do.
Principal Cinch: That doesn’t seem fair.
Starlight Glimmer: Fair? Don’t you dare act like you know anything about me. That village of mine was a sanctuary of equality, where nobody would ever be allowed to feel superior! It was a special place, until people like ‘you’ took it away! Now it’s MY turn to take something special from YOU!
Principal Cinch: Are you so willing as to run all of Crystal Prep to the ground?
Starlight Glimmer: Oh of course not. I'm not going to destroy Crystal Prep. I'm going to cure it! One bad rep for a bad rep! Sounds like a fair trade to me! What do you think I should do?
Principal Cinch [facing forward, as Starlight stands beside her]: And to think, you were meant to save my reputation. Now it seems my plans have just backfired on me. I was gonna reclaim what is rightfully mine. But I had it taken away from me. Now I have lost the trust and respect of all my students, all thanks to a few individuals who did not approve of my vision.
[Starlight then pauses and looks down upon the headmistress with a realization.]
Starlight Glimmer: I see. Guess we do have something in common after all.
[Principal Cinch then looks up at Starlight with the same expression. The two just stare at each other for just a moment.]
Starlight Glimmer [smiling]: Tell you what…I’m gonna help you. [Puts away the cellphone, and take away the file and recorder] So here’s the deal. I’m gonna keep this information between the two of us. As for “blackmail”, I may ask for a few things in the future, which I am hoping you will grant. But for now, I’m only asking for one thing from you…Don’t get in my way. [She is able to leave, but stops before she can make a step.] Now that I think about it, there is, at the moment of course, just one more little thing you can do for me.
[Principal Cinch looks with caution, while Starlight keeps grinning down on her.

[INT. Science lab-Canterlot High School]

[Both Twilight and Sunset (in lab coats) are going through the weapons and gadgets Starlight left behind with her duffel bag. They just take them apart and look over the pieces, while Spike brings them the tools they asked for. They have a wheeled bulletin board with the photos of Starlight’s assault on the students pinned on it. Just then, their five friends walk in.]
Spike: Hey, girls!
Applejack: Howdy, Spike.
Fluttershy [to Twilight]: Did you find what you were looking for?
Twilight Sparkle: Oh yes. Lots of it actually.
Applejack: Mighty kind of Principal Celestia to give you two access to that Shadowbolt girl’s freaky gizmos.
Sunset Shimmer: I’ll say. Some of this tech used in the attack is amazing, and some I found very peculiar.
Rarity: What do you mean?
[Sunset holds up tweezers with a small circuit board in them.]
Sunset Shimmer: Look at this. A PJRC Circuit Board.
Rainbow Dash: Okay?
Sunset Shimmer: This is the kind of stuff you find in MP3 players. [She looks at the disassembled devices.] Cellphones, Computers, Digital Camera…Whoever this girl is, she managed to remove the circuit from ordinary electronics and out them, together with these new parts, to make weapons. Some of them I don’t even recognize. They must be handmade.
Twilight Sparkle: Well the explosives is what got me interested. I analyzed the chemical compound in the bombs and rocket fuel, and I was able to identify the mixture. Some of the chemicals were very familiar. There’s one place I know that they are registered to.
Sunset Shimmer: Let me guess…Crystal Prep science lab?
Twilight Sparkle: Yes. But that’s not what got me boggled. The rest of the chemicals I found very interesting. They seem to be comprised of ordinary cleaning fluids and ground-up minerals, like rocks you can just find right outside. The combination of that, along with these classroom chemicals, can make a combustible compound or a vapor emitting fluid.
Sunset Shimmer: So this mystery girl is not only a tech genius, but also an expert in chemistry.
[Rainbow Dash and Applejack look at the photos on the board.]
Rainbow Dash: [grunts] I can’t believe Photo Finish took pictures of us getting our butts kicked. Still, not too bad.
Applejack: Yeah. Not only is this girl tough, she’s good. [She points at the picture of when her lasso was wrapped around Starlight’s thruster gadget after she ducked from getting tied up by it.] Like right there. The second she saw my lasso, she ducked just before it went taut. Must have taken some good timing and reflexes to pull that off.
Twilight Sparkle: Yeah. [She seems lost in thought.]
Spike: Are you alright, Twilight?
Twilight Sparkle: Huh? Oh yes, of course.
Sunset Shimmer: Still thinking this Crystal Prep girl could be Starlight Glimmer?
Twilight Sparkle: I don’t know. She might be.
Rainbow Dash: Well if we know who she is, why don’t we go tell Principal Celestia or Vice Principal Luna about it?
Twilight Sparkle: Because we’re not even sure if it really is her. We never even met her before.
Sunset Shimmer: Yeah. We don’t even know what she looks like.
Fluttershy: She’s right. All we have to go on is what Princess Twilight told us about her the last time she was here.
Pinkie Pie: [quickly] Yeah. Like how we never got a response from Princess Twilight during the Friendship Games about the Twilight from this world and our magic getting stolen. But she couldn’t because she was busy in Equestria with one of her enemies, Starlight Glimmer, a crazy pony who grew bitter and tried to make everyone exactly the same. So she takes revenge on Twilight by having her caught in a time traveling loop, preventing her from having any friends. But then Twilight showed her what they were doing to the present. So she shows her what friendship truly means and fixes everything, and then decided to take Starlight on as her student. Only afterwards, she got our message, only to come to our world and meet the new Twilight.
Twilight Sparkle: I’m not quite certain if that really is Starlight or not, but the way she talked about “equality” and “true friendship”, and how she put that equal sign on the Wondercolt statue, it’s exactly how the other me described her. Could you imagine if it really was her, the girl who was meant to be ‘my’ students? Now she’s at Crystal Prep. Who knows what sort of things Principal Cinch could be doing to her; how they’re treating her over there? And she wants to know who Midnight Sparkle is.
Sunset Shimmer: Don’t worry. [She looks at her magic journal, sitting on one of the tables.] I’ve already sent a message to Princess Twilight of this development. I know she might have a lot to deal with, being a princess of Equestria. So I’m not expecting an immedient response. But it doesn’t hurt to ask for some advice, since she knows more about Starlight than we do.
Applejack: We sure could use some. She told us the Starlight in her world is pretty talented with magic. Could you imagine how talented she is with science in this one?
Rarity: I believe we’ve proven that theory first hand. I just can’t believe my clothes were all wrecked during that commotion.
Rainbow Dash: [grunts] I am so miffed that one little girl was able to beat us like that.
[Meanwhile, Spike distracts himself by swinging around and gnawing on his chew rope near the entrance. He swings it so hard; it flies out of his mouth and out the door, into the halls. Spike runs out to get it, while getting in the way of an orange-skinned boy. Spike notices the kid stopping in front of him, and starts sniffing him. He has spikey blue hair under a red and white cap, and purple eyes under a pair of sunglasses. He wears red sneakers, blue sweat pants, and a red, white, and black jacket.]
Boy: Whoa! Sorry, dog.
[Fluttershy walks out of the science lab, gets Spike, and goes back into the room, as the orange boy proceeds walking.]
Sunset Shimmer: Look. Let’s say this girl is Starlight Glimmer. We don’t have anything that ca—
[Suddenly, Twilight’s laptop makes a sort of “pinging” sound, signaling her she has a video chat request. She goes to her computer and responds to the message. Then a video window opens up, with Dean Cadance on the other end.]
Dean Cadance: Twilight!
Twilight Sparkle: Dean Cadance!
Dean Cadance: Oh Twilight! I’ve just learned what happened. Are you alright? Are your friends okay?
Twilight Sparkle: I’m fine. We’re all fine.
Dean Cadance: Oh I am sorry. I never meant any of it to happen. She’s one of our new students. I had no idea she would go this far. Her name is—
Twilight Sparkle: Starlight Glimmer.
Dean Cadance [now perplexed]: Yes…it is. [The others girls are now shocked to hear of this.] How did you know that?
Twilight Sparkle: Um…lucky guess?
Dean Cadance [unconvinced]: That’s was way too specific for just a guess.
Twilight Sparkle: Um…well…uh…
Sunset Shimmer: She told us herself when she was here. What do you know about her?
Dean Cadance: Starlight Glimmer has been enrolled here at Crystal Prep for the past two weeks. She is very brilliant, but uncontrollable. When I spoke with her, all she wanted is for everyone to be treated fairly and equally. It was just yesterday, I’ve learned she spent three month in juvenile hall with no progress. She’s dangerous. I can’t believe she would be capable of doing such a thing.
Applejack: Guess that means she’s in real trouble now, right?
Dean Cadance: She should be. But Principal Cinch has ordered the staff to not go anywhere near her until farther notice. Not long ago, Starlight herself have just made an announcement over the intercom, confessing her time in juvy. Now the students are rallying around her words. And to make matters worse, Spoiled Rich, the head of your school board came over and called Cinch out on it.
Rainbow Dash: Whoa.
Dean Cadance: She said she’s considering a personal meeting with the heads of both boards and schools.
Twilight Sparkle: Is there anything we can do?
Dean Cadance: I’m afraid there isn’t. I’ll see what I can do over here. I’m so glad you’re all alright.
Twilight Sparkle: Yeah. Me too. [She closes the chat, and turns to her friends, now looking disturbed.] She’s Starlight Glimmer.
Sunset Shimmer: And she’s still evil in this world.
Rainbow Dash: Three months in juvenile hall.
Fluttershy: What are we gonna do now?
Applejack [noticing Sunset’s journal is glowing and vibrating]: Look!
Sunset Shimmer: Well, looks like we’re about to find out.
[Sunset picks up the book and opens it, while everyone else gathers around to hear the message.]
Pinkie Pie: What’s it say?
Sunset Shimmer: It says “Help Starlight Glimmer. Trust her. Be patient with her. I know you can do it. Good luck. – Twilight.” [She looks closely at the message, all confused. She even turns the page to see if there’s anymore.] That’s all there is.
Rarity: [sarcastically] Well that was certainly helpful.
Applejack: Great. Now what are we gonna do?
Sunset Shimmer: Maybe Princess Twilight thinks we’re all capable of figuring this out on our own.
Rainbow Dash: Well I say we go to Crystal Prep and teach that Starlight girl not to mess with us.
Sunset Shimmer: Hold on, Rainbow Dash. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We need to plan this out. We can’t just rush in and confront this girl head on. We need to know what she’s hoping to accomplish.
[Twilight goes over to one of the lab tables, with several more photos of Starlight’s attack. She goes through some of them, until one of them just stuns her.]
Twilight Sparkle: [loudly gasps]
[This catches her friends’ attention.]
Sunset Shimmer: Twilight? What is it? What’s the matter?
[Twilight’s face is frozen with fright. Sunset walks up to her and looks at the photo she’s holding. She expresses the same fear in her face as she takes the picture from Twilight’s hand. She drops the photo and runs out the lab.]
Rarity: Sunset? What is it?
Applejack: What’s wrong?
[The picture falls to the floor, revealing it to be the one Photo Finish took of Starlight stealing Twilight’s magical spectrograph from Sunset’s locker.]

[INT. Hallways-Canterlot High School]

[Sunset looks frantically through the inside of her locker. Her friends catch up to her.]
Sunset Shimmer: It’s gone! Twilight, your magic capture device is gone! She took it! How did she get in?
Twilight Sparkle: She must’ve been after that device the whole time, and the attack on Canterlot High was just a diversion.
Pinkie Pie: Oh no! What could she want from stealing that thing?!
Fluttershy: With Starlight having that pendent, I can’t imagine what she could do.
[As her friends talk amongst themselves, Twilight is in deep thought.]

[INT. Hallways-Crystal Prep Academy]

[Starlight is smiling, walking down the hall with a small stack of files under her arm. A girl student is walking towards her. When she notices Starlight, she scarcely moves aside for her.]
Girl: Go right ahead! I insist!
Starlight Glimmer: Why thank you. That was awfully kind. [As she continues walking, she waves over to the Shadow Five.] Hi, girls!
[They feel a bit uncomfortable to see her at the moment.]
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Hi, Starlight!
Starlight Glimmer: Hey, uh…I'm sorry. Am I speaking to Sweet or Sour? It’s really hard to tell. [To the others] I’ve been looking for you guys. I have something to tell you.
Indigo Zap: Yeah, we got something to tell you too. What were you thinking?!
Starlight Glimmer: What do you mean?
Sunny Flare: You assaulted the Canterlot High Wondercolts!
Starlight Glimmer: Oh that. Sweet, wasn’t it?
Lemon Zest: What? No! Those were our friends.
Starlight Glimmer: Friends? Those were Wondercolts, your archrivals, the very people you love to hate. I thought you like to have them beaten and humiliated. And I can see why, they all seem to have so many differences.
Indigo Zap: Well…yeah…but things are different now.
Sunny Flare: You had no right to do that.
Sugarcoat: Well, in my opini—[Starlight looks at her with an angry look on her face.] Nevermind.
Starlight Glimmer: In any case, I guess that makes me one of you now.
Sour Sweet: [sourly] Are you kidding me?! There’s no way you’re one of us after the stunt you pulled! There is nothing in this world you can do to make me acce—
[Starlight presents the files to the girls.]
Sugarcoat: What is that?
Starlight Glimmer: Everything Principal Cinch has on you girls.
[The girls seem surprised.]
Lemon Zest: What?!
Starlight Glimmer: That’s right. [She hands out each of the girls their own file.] All information that that Cinch had to use as leverage against each and every one of you. Profiles, photos, it’s all here. Now you can do whatever you want without that witch bearing down on your shoulders.
Indigo Zap: Whoa.
Sour Sweet: [sweetly] Did I ever tell you how caring and gener--?
Starlight Glimmer: Save your breath. I know you don’t mean it.
Sunny Flare: Wow. Starlight, I don’t know what to say. Thank you.
Starlight Glimmer: No worries. It’s just something that “good friends” do for one another.
Lemon Zest: Whoa! This is cool. How did you get these?
Starlight Glimmer: I persuaded Witch Cinch to hand them over with a little leverage I have on her.
Indigo Zap: No way.
Starlight Glimmer: You see, I would do anything for my friends.
Sugarcoat: Wait. You didn’t get these for us as a favor to join your “equality thing”, did you?
Starlight Glimmer: Well that seems a bit harsh, don’t you think?
Sour Sweet: So is it true? Did you really go to juvenile hall for three months?
Starlight Glimmer: Tragic, yes. But it’s true, I’m afraid.
Lemon Zest: Wow. What did you do to end up in a place like that? Come on, tell us. Come on. Come on. Tell us. What’cha do? [She pokes Starlight’s arm repeatedly.] What’cha do? What’cha do? What’cha do? What’cha do? What’cha do? What’cha d--? [Starlight swiftly grabs her finger, and proceeds to bending it.] AAHHH!!! UNCLE! UNCLE!
[She then lets go of her finger.]
Starlight Glimmer: Very well. You see, all I ever wanted was a nice peaceful place for everyone to be equals and good friends. So, I gathered up the neighborhood kids and told them the truth about the false promises and the consequences that life can give. Once they understood, they would leave their old lives behind and come live with me, in a quaint little village I made just for them in a secluded location. It was a safe haven for those who wish not to flaunt their special talents. I had to keep them under complete surveillance; to make sure no one inspires all sorts of free thinking. [chuckles] I even took a piece of wood I found and passed it off as something called “The Staff of Sameness”. [chuckles] I can’t believe they bought that. Those who don’t would be disciplined. It was for their own good. It’s quite a shame, really. I never got around to doing the electric shock collar treatment. Oh well. [Right now, the five girls start getting worried about Starlight.] In any case, those were the days. It was a perfect paradise, ready to allow others to make a pilgrimage to our town, until that dream was ruined.
Sunny Flare: Wha—What happened?
Starlight Glimmer: The adults were starting to get concerned. After a week of searching, they found our little village. I tried reasoning with them, the only way I know how, despite their disapproval. I almost had them convinced, until some of them got very nosey. They uncovered the inner workings of my methods, and exposed it to the villagers. They were surprised to see I went against what I taught them. I only did it for their sake, to keep our new lives in perfect harmony. The parents turned them against me. They called me “a fraud”. They called me “a control freak”. They called me “insane”. After everything I’ve done for them, this is how they repay me? I freed them from their miserable lives, and they were willing to throw it all away because of other people. People like Abacus Cinch. I brought them friendship! I brought them equality! I created harmony!
Sour Sweet: Well I wouldn’t blame them for it. You lied to them.
Starlight Glimmer: So what? E-Everything else I said is true! The only way to be happy is if we're all equal!
Sugarcoat: Except for you.
[Starlight fiercely turns to Sugarcoat with a loathsome look.]
Sunny Flare: Double Diamond was right about you.
[Starlight pauses and slowly turns to Sunny.]
Starlight Glimmer: Double Diamond? He’s here?
Lemon Zest: Well yeah, he is; along with Sugar Belle, Night Glider, and Party Favor.
Sour Sweet: Lemon!
Lemon Zest: Oops…
Starlight Glimmer: [gasping with glee] Are they?! Oh my old friends! I missed them so much. And they remembered me. Did they say they missed me?
Sunny Flare: They told us you were insane.
Starlight Glimmer [scornful]: Oh. So they are still a bit sore about what happened. But not to worry; once they are reintroduced and reminded to the way things were then, they’ll have to see once again how promising it is and how they are better off without their special gift. I lost everything that day. But soon, I will reclaim what was taken from me.
Sour Sweet: What are you saying? You’re not thinking of turning Crystal Prep into another one of your “sanctuaries”, are you?
Starlight Glimmer: And why not? I am familiar with this school’s history. It has been nothing but a breeding ground for arrogant bullies and spoiled brats. But once my changes for this school have begun, things here will finally work out for the best, as soon as I get Cinch to see things my way. My attack on Canterlot High was just to get under her skin. That was just “Strike 2”. She just made “Strike 1” at the Friendship Games. Just one more strike, and she’s out. So, what do you say? Continue living under Cinch’s thumb as miserable glory hogs, or you can join me and find a better path to true happiness.
Sunny Flare: I just have one question. Why us? I mean, out of all the students here Cinch got a file on, why did you ask for just the five of us?
Starlight Glimmer: I-I don’t know. You were the first to ever approach me on my first day. I guess you’re the closest thing I have to friends. So how about it? Join me and you will be the perfect people you want to be. We can help everyone get better too. We can have more friends. Isn’t that what you all wanted?
[The Shadow Five are deeply hesitant on this matter, as Starlight waits for their answer.]
Sugarcoat: Why not?
Indigo Zap: What?!
Sugarcoat: Girl, think about it. We can finally live the lives we are meant to have. We will never have to fight anyone for anything again.
Sour Sweet: Yeah. It would be better for everyone if we would all just change. I want in.
Starlight Glimmer [cheerfully]: That’s the spirit! Now I’m sure you won’t reg—
Indigo Zap: Stop! Hold on! Girls, are you crazy? You can’t give in to this madness.
Sunny Flare: I’m with Zap on this. All of this, it just feels so…wrong.
Sour Sweet: What? Sunny, we have a chance to fix the mistakes we made in the past. Don’t tell me you’re planning on going back.
Sunny Flare: I’m not. I’m just doing what I feel is right.
Sour Sweet: [sarcastically] Yeah, that’s worked well for you so far.
[Sunny gets stunned.]
Sugarcoat: This is the only way.
Indigo Zap: You’re not seriously gonna go through with this garbage, are you?
Sugarcoat: As if you even know what “garbage” looks like.
Lemon Zest [putting her hand on Sugarcoat’s arm]: Dude, calm down. No need to get worked up about it.
Sugarcoat [knocking Lemon’s hand off her arm]: Why don’t butt out of this? You don’t even understand how hopeless our condition has been, what with you always sticking your ears into those noise makers.
Lemon Zest: Oh yeah?! Well do you ever hear any of the stuff that comes out of your mouth?
Indigo Zap [to Sugarcoat]: Yeah! If you’re unable to notice the useless babble you talk to make people miserable, it’s really no surprise you would agree to this dribble.
Sunny Flare [to Sour Sweet]: I can’t let you ruin your life like this.
Sour Sweet [to Sunny Flare]: My life’s already ruined. How much worst can it get?
Sunny Flare: She’ll use you. Can’t you see it?
[Starlight looks in devastation, as the five girls continue to bicker amongst themselves. She is very upset to be watching Sunny Flare arguing with Sour Sweet, and Indigo Zap and Lemon Zest with Sugarcoat. As they continue yelling at each other, Starlight keeps looking at each of the girls, slowly getting angry from watching them fight. Then finally, she gets so fed up, she moves so swiftly in an instant. In just a moment, Starlight is standing there, breathing heavily, while the five girls are all lying on the floor, groaning in pain. The girls try sitting up, looking at Starlight with fright.]
Starlight Glimmer: This is what I was talking about. Different opinions lead to disagreements, which leads to conflict, which leads to hatred, which leads to misery. So, you still considering joining my cause now? [But Sunny Flare, Indigo Zap, and Lemon Zest seem concerned about it. Even Sugarcoat and Sour Sweet are having second thoughts. Starlight feels very disappointed.] So, that’s how it is then. Some friends you’d turned out to be. But that’s alright. Once everyone here has been converted, you won’t have any choice. Only then will you be free from the ideals of false idols; like Cinch the Witch…or Twilight Sparkle. [The Shadow Five are staggered by that remark.] Oh yes. I’ve seen Ms. Sparkle at CHS, and I must say…I’m not impressed. I can see why she left. She doesn’t want you to feel the shame.
[Sour Sweet gets irritated, she stands right back up.]
Sour Sweet: How dare you? Don’t ever say that way about Twilight. She would never resort to this. If you were half the girl she is—
Starlight Glimmer: I'm not Twilight. I'm just the fool who took her place. Just as she replaced all of you.
[Starlight turns around and walks away, leaving Sour Sweet in a state of shock. The other four get up, and Lemon Zest is concerned for Starlight, and then runs after her.]
Lemon Zest: Yo! Wait! Starlight!
[Sour Sweet begins stammering, then releases a small scream in anger and storms off in the other direction.]
Sunny Flare: Sour Sweet! Wait!
[Sunny Flare runs after Sour Sweet, leaving Indigo Zap and Sugarcoat, looking depressed.]
[Sunny Flare catches up with Sour Sweet.]
Sunny Flare: Sour, wait! Sour! Look, I know Starlight was out of line, but you can’t just walk away from this.
Sour Sweet: It’s not her. It’s everything! I can’t take it anymore, Sunny.
Sunny Flare: Look, this is our last chance fix our mistakes, make it up to Twilight, and help Crystal Prep get out of its rut.
Sour Sweet: It’s easy for you to wait.
Sunny Flare: NO I’M NOT! [The two stop walking.] I’m tired of waiting for things to get better. When we were at the Friendship Game, all I wanted was for everyone to play fair and follow the rules. When Cinch was convinced the Wondercolts were cheating, I actually believed her. When she asks us to cheat too, I thought I was doing what’s right by getting even with them. But all I’ve done was turn Twilight into Midnight Sparkle. When Cinch started calling her “a monster”, it makes me wonder about how she really feels about us.
Sour Sweet: Sunny, I’m tired of putting on a happy face when I know things aren’t okay. You have no idea what I’d--
Sunny Flare: What?
Sour Sweet [tear forming in her eyes]: --What I’d give to be someone else.
[As Sour bursts into tears, Sunny puts her arms around her, embracing her.]
Sunny Flare: Don’t worry, Sour. I’m here. We can get through this, together.
[The two just stand there, while Sour continues crying.]
[Starlight is marching with anger while Lemon Zest is still running after her.]
Lemon Zest: Hey, Starlight! Wait up! Will you just stop?
[Starlight gets aggravated; she turns around, stops, and faces Lemon Zest in front of a trophy case.]
Starlight Glimmer: What do you want?!
Lemon Zest: Yo man, that was uncalled for. You didn’t have to do that. We were only trying to help you.
Starlight Glimmer: Help me?
Lemon Zest: Yeah, that’s what we need to do now. You’re one of us.
Starlight Glimmer: [chuckles] One of you? I came here to help you. I thought you were all like me. I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe I shouldn’t have signed that enrollment sheet.
Lemon Zest: You just want everyone to get along. I understand.
Starlight Glimmer: No you don’t! You don’t understand, none of you do, you’re Shadowbolts. [She points at the trophy case.] You’re used to-to this life. Winning is the only thing that matters, when you think your better than everyone, not caring who you hurt, becoming the most hated school in existence, where nobody cares about you at all. [Right now, Lemon Zest gets stammered.] I thought this school was filled with people who just want to change. But now I see they are nothing more than a bunch of ungrateful degenerates that have to be forced to see wha—[She stops speaking, surprised to see Lemon Zest sniffling and tears building up in her eyes.] I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…I…it’s just…eh…what I meant was--
[Lemon holds her hand up to signal Starlight to stop what she’s saying.]
Lemon Zest: No, you’re right. [She then looks at the trophy case, and sees the pictures of the Shadowbolts beating the Wondercolts time and time again.] Nobody cares about us. [Starlight feels awful about what Lemon said. Then Lemon Zest turns back to Starlight, smiling.] Whatever it is you’re planning, I won’t judge you. You have my support. All I can do is wish ya luck.
[Lemon holds out her hand for a shake. Starlight hesitates at first, but then shakes Lemon’s hand anyway. Lemon Zest turns arounds and walks away, while Starlight looks at the trophy case one more time, and then leaves in the opposite direction.]

[EXT. Parking lot-Crystal Prep Academy-Sunset]

[Indigo Zap and Sugarcoat are sitting in the chair on the lawn with the umbrella tables. Sugarcoat seems most depressed, and Indigo is worried about her.]
Indigo Zap: Oh come on, SC. Everything Starlight said was just a load of hooey. Don’t take it too seriously. We’ll be just fine without any of that stuff. [There is no response from Sugarcoat.] Look, is this about what she said to you the other day? Like I said, you can’t make a big deal out of it. [Still no response.] You really shouldn’t blame yourself for what happened to Twilight at the Friendship Games, you know? Principal Cinch was just manipulating her, and got the rest of us to coach her into doing it. Okay? We put too much trust in her, but now it’s over.
[After a few seconds of silence…]
Sugarcoat: You still don’t get it, do you? It really was all our fault. We can blame Cinch for what happened, but it was our own actions. She didn’t “use” us. She protected us from our own moral conscience, and we thanked her for it. I…liked it. Now do you see? How do you expect people to trust me if I can’t even trust myself? I don’t know who I am anymore.
Indigo Zap: Hey, we’re both on the boat. During the games, I was trying to get Twilight all amped up for them. But all I’ve ever done was pushing her. I even pushed her to releasing all that magic and all it did was turn her into Midnight Sparkle. I still remember the frightened look on her face, her reaching out with her hand, and her cries for help. And what did I do then? Nothing. I could’ve helped her then. I could’ve stopped it.
Sugarcoat: There was nothing you could’ve done.
Indigo Zap: Is there? In the motocross event, you got attacked by those giant plant monsters, and I didn’t help you. I wasn’t thinking about you. I wasn’t thinking about her. All I cared about was winning. We never cared what she wanted.
Sugarcoat: We were all not in the right mindset.
Indigo Zap: She was just an innocent kid, and I was her teammate. We would’ve been good friends, and I treated her like nothing. I’m supposed to support and help her, always have her back, and think about what’s best for her. [Tears start building up in her eyes.] That’s what I’m supposed to do!
[She wipes the tears from her eyes, as Sugarcoat gets up from her seat and walks over to Indigo. Sugarcoat puts her hand on her shoulder. As Indigo looks up, Sugarcoat gives her a comforting smile. Then Indigo returns a smile to her.]

[INT. Twilight’s Room-Night]

[Twilight is at her desk, on her computer, with Spike sitting on the desk, next to her. There is a knock on her door, and Shining Armor comes in.]
Shining Armor: Twily, Dean Cadance told me what happened the other day. Are you alright?
Twilight Sparkle: Yes, I’m fine.
Shining Armor: I didn’t think this Starlight girl would be capable of such a thing. I’m gonna march right down to Crystal Prep tomorrow and—
Twilight Sparkle: Wait! Hold on, big brother. There’s no need to do that. It’s really nothing to worry about.
Shining Armor: But, Twilight—
Twilight Sparkle: It’s alright. I’m sure Cadance has everything under control. And besides, if that girl ever shows up again, I’m sure I can take care of myself.
Shining Armor: If you say so, Twily. I know you had trouble with your old school, but nothing like this has ever happened. You and Cadance have been pretty vague about it. You sure you don’t want to talk about it? [He notices Twilight feeling uncomfortable about it.] Well if you ever want to talk about it, just let me know. Okay?
[His sister gives a nod. He scratches Spike behind the ears and leaves the room. Twilight sits back down on her chair and gets back on her computer.]
Spike: You know, you’re gonna have to tell him sooner or later. About magic, Equestria, Midnight Sparkle…the fact I can talk.
Twilight Sparkle: I know, Spike. But for now, the fewer people who know, the better. Right now, we gotta find a way to help Starlight Glimmer.
Spike: Twilight, you’ve been at this all day. I know we should handle this issue with Starlight, but you seem pretty fixated. Why is this such a big deal to you?
Twilight Sparkle: I always knew this day would come, though I never intended it. The Starlight Glimmer from Equestria was convince to give up her evil ways by Princess Twilight, and was made her student. Now this Starlight is at Crystal Prep, my old school. If anybody can make sure she does the same, it’s got to be me.
Spike: But don’t you have Sunset and your friends to help you?
Twilight Sparkle: Well of course they can help, but I have to be the one to get through to Starlight. She’s meant to be my student. [Smiles with confidence] If she has any hope at seeing the light, then I must live up to everything the other Twilight believes in.
Spike: So what are you doing exactly?
Twilight Sparkle: From what Princess Twilight told us about Starlight Glimmer, I think I know what might help us with that.
[She picks up her cellphone and enters in a number. She waits for it to stop ringing, and someone on the other side picks it up.]
Twilight Sparkle [on the phone]: […] Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle. I’m sorry to have called you at this hour unannounced, but I just had to tell you, I’ve been reading up on your work about energy convergence and manipulation. And I must say, I found it very fascinating. […] Well you’re very welcome. I like to discuss more about it with you, and I would love to exchange my own query on the subject. But before we go into any details, I want to ask one personal question. […] Do you know of a girl named Starlight Glimmer?
[Her computer reveals a picture of an orange-skinned boy with slightly messy vermilion hair, blue eyes, a goatee, and white framed glasses with circular lens.]

[INT. Starlight’s Research Room-Crystal Prep Academy-The City-Night]

[Starlight (in her regular clothes and a lab coat) has succeeded at taking Twilight’s mechanical amulet, and adding them to her own invention. She just completes another systems check. Everything seems to be working just fine with the new parts added to them. She delivers another one of her evil smiles. Later on, she starts connecting the piece of the device and welds them together. She then switches on her computer for another one of her video logs.]
Starlight Glimmer [video]: “Video Log 32:” The final systems test was a complete success. The particle accelerator is operating perfectly, the interdimensional theories have been acknowledged, reinforcement has been established, and the systems have accepted the new parts. I have taken the liberty of putting the pieces together. It is ready. Now it is time for it to go through the final test. It’s the moment of truth. For tonight, everything is about to change.
[The device is composed of a saucer plate, very similar to the inside of Twilight’s spectrometer, with the miniature particle accelerator in the center. The bottom of the saucer is attached to mechanical base with an activation switch. Starlight connects several cables to the device. Some come from the walls, some go outside the window and into the school’s power grid, and few are connected to the computers and several separate machines for reading. She then puts on her safety goggles.]
Starlight Glimmer: Let us begin. [She is about to press the activation button, but stops halfway.] Oops! Silly me. Almost forgot. The finishing touch.
[She opens a boxes on her desk, and picks up a flat metal disk-like ring; with four leg-like stems sticking out of one side, and yellow and black caution stripes painted on the other. She places the ring (stems down) in the center of the device in the saucer, and twists it on.]
Starlight Glimmer: Better be careful. Without this safety bar, who knows what catastrophes this little gadget can bring? Now then…
[Starlight then presses the button on the device and the little machine is turned on. The lights on it start glowing aqua green, the little particle accelerator begins speeding up at a very fast pace, the machine starts making a humming sound, and the bars on the computers are moving up. The lights that are on in the school start flickering on and off. Even the janitor is perplexed. Energy starts sparking and admitting in the center of the saucer, particle accelerator, and safety bar. The energy glows brighter and begins to form into a small vortex. Starlight starts to smile with excitement.]

[EXT. Crystal Prep Academy]

[From outside the school, the bright lights can be seen flickering from Starlight’s little window. Then suddenly, a ball of white light and sparkles (one of many traces of Equestrian magic that leaked into the human world from the crack in the portal made during the Midnight Sparkle attack, as seen at the end of Legend of Everfree) is flying overhead, above the school. Then it starts to be drawn to Crystal Prep, towards the flickering lights.]

[INT. Starlight’s Research Room-Crystal Prep Academy]

[Starlight goes on the computer and flips a few switches to keep her little reactor going.]
Starlight Glimmer: Yes. Yes! It’s working! I have come too far to fail now! [In her excitement, she looks up out the window and sees the ball of light.] What is that?
[The magic orb flies in through the window and into the device. The light flashes even brighter than before, Starlight has to shield her eyes. When the light begins to go down, Starlight moves her arms and then removes her goggles as she looks at the device with amazement. The portal is functioning as she wanted. She looks at the computers and machines, and sees that everything is operating perfectly.]
Starlight Glimmer: I don’t believe it, it worked. The strange light…is as if the bizarre energy I was looking…came from the same source. The spectrograph capture functions must have drawn that energy straight to it. Perfect. [She looks at the computers.] Good. It’s gathering the energy as planned.
[The mini portal opens through dimensions and reveals the other side as some form of window to another world. Starlight looks into it and it shows her an overhead view of Ponyville in Equestria.]
Starlight Glimmer: What’s this? Is this the source of the anomalies Twilight was looking for?
[Then a gray pegasus pony with a blonde mane and tail, and an image of bubbles on it’s flank, appears flying in the foreground of the viewing portal, facing the opposite direction. Starlight looks closely as it turns its head around, revealing it to be the pony version of Derpy, with her yellow wall eyes. Starlight notices Derpy smiling and waving to something out of view, and is reminded of the human Derpy waving at her during the Canterlot High incident. Starlight is surprised at the similarities.]
Starlight Glimmer: What?
[Still in shock at this development, she slowly moves her hand closer to the vortex. When touching it, a large voltage of electrical-type energy blasts into her, causing her to fly back.]

[EXT. Ponyville-Equestria-Day]

[In the skies above Ponyville, a spark of energy from Starlight’s touch of the portal appears behind Derpy. She hears the sound it makes and turns around to see what it is. But it only flashes in an instant and disappears right before Derpy turned around. So she shrugs it off as nothing and flies off.]

[INT. Starlight’s Research Room-Crystal Prep Academy-The City-Human World-Night]

[Starlight is on the floor, flailing and twitching in pain, as the “strange energy” surges through her entire body. During her struggles, she sees that white glowing magical auras (the kind that can be seen on unicorn horns) have appeared on both of her hands. Then the auras change colors from white to turquoise. But Starlight is still tossing and turning from her continuing agony. The lights from the energy currents are getting brighter, and a large gust of wind appears, blowing a few papers around the room. Close-up view of her eyes as the current is shown within them, while she keeps screaming.]

[Cue Dream sequence]

[Starlight is no longer in Crystal Prep, but is intently in utter blackness.]
Starlight Glimmer: Wha—Where am I? What’s going on?!
[Then from a flash of light, she is now in the middle of Ponyville, with dozens of ponies roaming all around her. They are just going on with their lives, not noticing Starlight at all. Some of them just phase through her, as if she was a specter to them.]
Starlight Glimmer: What is this place? Are these all…horses?
[She is by Sugarcube Corner, as a few ponies leave with sweets, Mr. and Mrs. Cake are seeing them out.]
Mr. Cake: Thanks for coming, everypony. Come back soon.
Starlight Glimmer: “Ponies”. I was close.
[Then suddenly, the entire scenery starts to move all around Starlight. Then she stops right in front of Princess Twilight castle. She looks at the large crystal tree with amazement. Then the Mane 6 ponies, plus their baby dragon friend Spike, come out the door. Starlight looks at them, and recognizes them as the Humane 7 from Canterlot High.]
Twilight Sparkle: Starlight! Come on! We’re all waiting for you!
Starlight’s voice [from inside the castle]: Coming!
[Starlight is surprised to hear her own name being used. A seventh pony is standing at the top of the steps. She is light purple with a regular purple tail with an aquamarine streak, and a mark on her flank similar to the star image on Starlight’s skirt. But her face is covered by the shadow from inside. Starlight is anxious to see the mystery walking out. But before she can see its face, the entire scenery starts moving again. She can see traveling long distances with such swiftness. When it stops again, Starlight is in front of the Crystal Empire. She marvels at the sight of the empire, but then horrified to see it all crumbled to the ground, and Crystal Prep rising in its place. She then notices two ponies in front of the school. They turn their heads to her, revealing themselves to be Shining Armor and Princess Cadance (the pony counterpart of Dean Cadance), looking depressed.]
Starlight Glimmer: Dean Cadance? Shining Armor?
[She then looks behind herself, and see the human Twilight with her back facing her.]
Starlight Glimmer: Twilight?
[Twilight then transforms into a silhouette of Midnight Sparkle. She laughs menacingly, with only the glow of her eyes, mouth, and flaming glasses frame showing. Starlight backs away from her in fear. She turns around, and sees a mysterious dark figure of a humanoid character, with what seem to be a glowing equal sign floating over his opened hand, and the light shining off his circular glasses lens. Starlight gets excited to see the stranger, as if she recognizes him. As she runs towards it, he moves into the dark mist and disappears. Starlight is disappointed, but then the stranger appears behind her. When she runs towards it, it disappears in the mist again. As she gets depressed once again, the mist clears behind her, revealing another Starlight Glimmer with an evil grin standing behind her. The second Starlight pounces and tackles the first Starlight to the ground. The two struggle, until the first Starlight is able to slip in a kick to the second’s face. As they both get up, the second Starlight’s face starts cracking up and the pieces fall off her face. She turns her head to face the real Starlight, revealing Principal Cinch’s face on the broken half. Starlight sees this in terror.]
Principal Cinch/Starlight Glimmer doppelganger: You said we should all be the same.
[It walks towards Starlight, along with all the students of Crystal Prep, all coming out of the mist behind it. Starlight is forced to step back from being overwhelmed by the massive numbers marching towards her.]
Starlight Glimmer: No! Stay back! I’m warning you! Don’t come any closer!
[But they just keep coming, and Starlight just keeps backing up. They are backing Starlight towards a ledge just right behinds her. She takes one step too far and falls over the edge. During the fall, she sees a gigantic Crystal Heart right below her, which shines with Starlight’s cutie mark in the center. When she hits the hearts, it shatters, and Starlight continues falling down a rainbow vortex (the same kind that connects Equestria to the human world in the other films).]
Starlight Glimmer: Noooooooooo!

[End Dream sequence]

[It is nothing but total blackness, until the sounds of birds can be heard.]

[First person view: Starlight]

[She tries opening her eyes, and sees the clear morning sky and birds flying overhead.]

[End First person view]

[Starlight wakes up somewhere outside, somehow. She then tries to get up.]
Starlight Glimmer: Morning? But…what happened, and how’d I get out here?
[She jumps off of whatever she is laying on and stands on some kind of slant, on which she loses her balance and starts rolling down. When she gets to the end, she quickly grabs hold of the ledge. She then realizes she is hanging on for her life on the edge of the roof of Crystal Prep.]
Starlight Glimmer: Ah! AAAHHH! How did I get up here?! HELP! Somebody help! Oh who am I kidding? It’s Saturday. Nobody’s here. Okay, calm down, Starlight. You’re probably still dreaming. [She loses her grip in one of her hands. Now she starts to panic.] If this is a dream, now would be a good time to wake up!
[She loses her grip and starts to fall. She sees the ground coming closer, and she shields her eyes with her forearms.]
Starlight Glimmer: NO!
[Then her hands glow in the same magical aquamarine aura, and then her entirly is surrounded by it. Suddenly, she stops falling. She moves her arms and is surprised to see that she is now floating in midair just a foot above the ground. She looks at the strange magical aura around her and her hands. But then the magic turns off and Starlight falls to the ground. As she gets up, she ponders at what has occurred.]
Starlight Glimmer: What just happened? [She then sees the open window and large cable going into her lab.] The project! [She starts running.] Maybe it will have any answers about—
[Her hands start glowing again, and Starlight completely disappears in a magic flash.]

[INT./EXT. Starlight’s Research Room]

[The room is a bit of a mess from last night. Starlight is teleported there in an instant.]
Starlight Glimmer: --all of this. [She gets confused on how she got there. But then she focuses on the readouts on her computer from last night’s experiment, and is impressed on what she sees.] Incredible.
[She looks at the device, removes all the cables from it, and presses the switch again. It seems to be working perfectly; the lights are working, energy is being manifested, the accelerator is spinning, and the small dimensional window to Equestria is opened. Excited to figure it out, she looks for a tool to tweak it a bit. She found that it is between the desk and a cabinet. She reaches out her arm in the crevasse to get it. Just then, her hand starts to glow again, an aura surrounds the tool, and it flies into her hand. Surprised again, she looks at her hand holding the tool. She tries to concentrate, and she starts casting magic again, making the tool float. She then looks at the mess in the room, and tries using the magic to move everything and clean it up. Papers are coming off the floor, tools are flying into their drawers, and the devices and weapons Starlight made goes back on the tables. After it is all clean, Starlight backs up and leans on the door, trying to process all of this. But then her magic got on a spot on the door behind her and she falls through it, phasing through the door and into the halls. She gets up and looks at her hands. She tries concentrating again, making the auras appear on her hands, and gets teleported.]

[EXT. Courtyard-Crystal Prep Academy]

[She reappears in the front lawn, and smiles with excitement. She keeps teleporting all over the courtyard, and enjoying it. She then starts forming the energy in her hands into an orb. She waves her hands forward and it becomes a magical energy beam. When it hits the ground, a large crystal miraculously grows in its place. Delighted at this, she keeps shooting beams again and again, make more crystals.]
Starlight Glimmer: Woo! This is so cool! [In the excitement, she shoots another beam at one of the crystals, causing it to explode into pieces.] Whoa! Got to be careful with that one. I just can’t believe this is happening to me.
[As she’s looking at the magic, she only takes one step, and the next thing she knows, she zooms all the way to the other side of the courtyard. She speeds back and forth from one side of the lawn to the other, just for the fun of it. She smiles with determination, as she fires a magic beam at the surrounding wall of the school, creating a magic spot on the wall. Then she super speeds into the spot, phasing through the wall, and running through the streets. She runs through the city, turning at every street corner she comes by. During her excitement, she sees a moving truck heading towards her and she freaks out. The magic surrounds her again and she jumps over the bus, flying through the air. She soars into sky, flying so high, over the buildings. She raises even higher, she passes over the clouds, and the city is so far beneath her. She starts soaking up the rays of the sun. But she loses focus, the magic turns off, and she starts to fall. She is over a thousand feet in the air, and she is screaming and flailing on the way down. Her hand starts to glow and she is admitting in a magic flash. When she hits one of the clouds, she stops falling. She is once again amazing to know she is lying on a cloud as if it was solid. She stands on it and starts running, hopping from cloud to cloud. When she gets to the end with the same kind of confidence, she jumps off and uses her magic to fly through the city. She soars towards a nearby park; she crosses over its lake. She slides her fingers on the surface of the water as she flies by. She looks at her reflection as the ripples in the water mess with it into what Starlight swore to be an outline of a pony. This freaks her out, and the aura around her disappears. She is about to hit the water, until in her quick reaction, she uses her magic to cast herself inside a bubble shield. The shield bounces across the lake, and continues when it gets to shore. Then it stops when it collides with a nearby tree. Starlight looks at the shield with wonder, before making it disappear and lying on the grass to relax. She looks at the ground next to her, reaches her hand out, and uses her magic to make a flower grow. She picks the flower and examines it.]
Starlight Glimmer: If this really is a dream, I never wanna wake up from it.

[INT. Starlight’s Research Room-Crystal Prep Academy]

[Starlight is on another video log, working on some sort of high-tech harness with special cable sticking out of it.]
Starlight Glimmer [on her video log]: “Video Log 34:” Like I said in the last video, it seems the experiment had an interesting side-effect. By touching the bizarre energy, I have been infused by its strange properties. Now I can manipulate it at will. [She forms the shifting energy, floating above her hand.] I have been practicing with it nonstop today, and I am astounded at what I can do with it. I can teleport, move at super-fast speed, and I can fly. I don’t know what it is, but I like it. Whatever that strange ball of light was that came out of the sky, it must have been the cause for this side-effect. I’ve checked the readings, and my little machine isn’t just collecting the power from the other dimension, but is also generating it, making more of it. Clean sustainable energy, which I have been using to power my other device. Just think of the possibilities for such a source of power. I know I have. I have just found out that every time I touch this new energy, it enhances my newfound abilities by an exquisite amount. But not for very long. The hole to the other world will close on its own when it’s left open for too long, and my power boost goes with it. I have timed each contraction. 5 minutes. That’s how long it takes. That’s why I designed this special harness. All I have to do is put it on, attach these cables to my wrists and ankles, and hook my mini reactor onto these. That way; all I have to do is switch it on, and the energy will flow through the cables, and I can enhance my powers whenever I want. But I must be careful. [She twists off the safety plate from the device.] I built this safety bar to steady the energy flows seeping into our world. It must stay on at all times. If not, then the energy begins overflowing. The power would be too great for any physical body to handle. So if my calculations are correct, if I ever touch it without the bar, then I would soak up so much massive energy pouring out…it would destroy me. Despite this little setback, I can practically do anything. Even change this miserable school for the better. This new development will fit perfectly with my plans for Crystal Prep. That old Cinch the Witch will have to bend to my will. In fact, [chuckles] she’ll have no choice.
[She turns off the camera.]

[EXT. Parking lot-Crystal Prep Academy-Monday Morning]

[Principal Cinch rolls up to her usual parking space. She is about to enter the school, until something catches her eye. She is appalled to see the dumpster filled with Crystal Prep and Shadowbolts banners and posters, trophies and medals, and framed pictures of past victories. She looks down into the dumpster in total shock.]
Principal Cinch: What is all this?
[Then she furiously rushes into the school.]

[INT. Hallways-Crystal Prep Academy]

[Cinch looks around, and see that the banners and posters have been replaced by those of white with nothing but black equal signs on them, and that the trophy cases are completely empty, with nothing but a few picture frames with pictures of an equal sign. The students are mostly confused about all this as well.]
Dr. Hooves’s voice: Great whickering stallion!

[Cinch hears his cries coming from the classroom. She enters the room to see what the problem is.]

Principal Cinch: What’s going on here?
Dr. Hooves: It’s these textbooks. Look at them.
[He gives her a textbook to examine it. It seems fine to her, until she opens it. She is caught off-guard to find that is nothing in the pages except an equal sign. She flips through the pages, and they’re all the same. Then she picks up another textbook to find the same equal sign on the each page. She goes through the others and finds the same thing. Shocked about this development, she hears another cry. She leaves the classroom and goes into another. She gets surprised when the math teacher shows her the pulled-down chart with nothing but an equal sign on it. Cinch steps out into the halls even more confused than before, along with her students, especially the Shadow Five.]

[INT. Main foyer-Crystal Prep Academy]

[While a few students and faculty members are trying to figure out what’s going on, Dean Cadance is on her cellphone.]
Dean Cadance [on her cellphone]: Yes…I see…okay…I understand.
[Then Principal Cinch approaches her.]
Principal Cinch: Dean Cadance, what is the meaning of this? Who authorized all of this?!
Dean Cadance [to Principal Cinch]: You did.
[She gives Cinch the cellphone.]
Principal Cinch [on the phone]: Hello, this is Principal Cinch…what? ...What signature?… I make no such approve!… I…I did?... I see, well thank you. Goodbye. [She hangs up in shock and gives it back it to Cadance.] They said I filled out a request form about this as a “school event” and faxed it with my signature on it. And to top it off, they said I called them personally about it. I don’t understand. How could all of this have happ—? [She suddenly gets an epiphany, and slowly changes her expression to furious.] Glimmer.
[On the top of the first flight of stairs, Starlight (with her school uniform on) uses an air horn and startles everyone at the bottom. They all look up, and see her with a type of two-pronged wooden staff tied to her back.]
Starlight Glimmer: Hear me, my fellow classmates! I have a very important announcement to make. Today is a day for celebration! For today, we surrender what it means that makes you special, and be grateful of what you’re supposed to be.
[As the crowd of students is confused, Cinch becomes distressed and walks up to Starlight.]
Principal Cinch: Now you listen here, young lady. I will not stand for this ridiculo—
Starlight Glimmer [pulls out her cellphone]: Eh-eh-ehhh. You gave your word. [She holds her finger near the phone, and Cinch just stops out of fright. Then Cinch stands down with dissatisfaction and walks up the stairs while Starlight walks down, besides her. Starlight hands her a slip of paper.] Here’s a copy of the request form, with ‘your’ signature. [Cinch just stares at her a bit and continues up the stairs, while Starlight stays on the halfway step, facing the crowd.] Pay no mind to that, not like you can trust her with it. [Cinch just stops on top of the first flight, forced to listen to whatever Starlight has to say.] You have looked up to blind leaders and false idols for far too long. But fear not, for I am here to liberate you from their iron grasp, and present to you a better path than what is falsely promised to you. [Then Cinch proceeds walking up the stairs with a snarl on her face. I will be hosting this event, and believe me when I say the only way to be happy is if we’re all equal. But not just in where you stand, oh no, but in everything that you are compared to your own friends.
Blueblood: Oh really? And just how may I ask are we expect to do such a thing?
Starlight Glimmer: With this. [She pulls the staff from her back and presents it to the crowd.] This is the Staff of Sameness. It is a very powerful tool that will free us from our individualities and move on to a better place here. For this will be the instrument to obligate those in our ritual, that I like to call “The Un-Marking”.
Upper Crest: You expect us to be changed because of that?
[Both Jet Set and Upper Crest give out a snooty laugh.]
Jet Set: Why, it’s just a stick.
Hoity Toity: Really. That looks more like an ordinary piece of wood. There’s nothing special about it.
Double Diamond: Because there isn’t.
[Both Double Diamond and Party Favor approach Starlight.]
Party Favor [to Starlight]: I can’t believe you kept that thing.
Starlight Glimmer [overjoyed]: Party Favor! Double Diamond! It feels good to see old friends again.
Double Diamond: Don’t give us that innocent girl routine. You were never our friend. [To the crowd] Don’t listen to what this girl has to say. We know her tricks far too well.
Party Favor: Yeah. She says she wants to help you. But it is only to satisfy her own interests.
Double Diamond: She’ll make you believe the staff is helping you to be equals, but in reality she is just playing with your mi--
[Starlight steps down the stairs, sends some of her magic flowing through the staff, and jab Double Diamond in the back with its pongs. As he groans from the stinging feeling from the magic, the whole crowd; especially the Shadow Five, Dean Cadance, Sugar Belle, and Night Glider are shocked to witness this course of action. As Double Diamond falls to his knees, a small energy ball has formed between the prongs of the staff. Starlight points the staff at Party Favor, and fires a magical beam from it. When it hits him, he falls to his knees as well and another energy ball appears above the first one. Both Double Diamond and Party Favor start recovering from the experience, while their colors start to fade just a bit, and a black equal sign appears on the side of their necks. Starlight, who never drops her sinister grin, reaches for her backpack and pulls out a plain old muffin. She breaks it in half and offers it to them.]
Starlight Glimmer: I’m awfully sorry about that, boys. Here. Care for a muffin?
[They seem most hesitant at first; but then they get up, each take a half, and bite into them.]
Party Favor: Hey! These are those horrible tasting muffins you served to us in your village.
Starlight Glimmer: They are. So, what do you think?
Double Diamond: They seem okay to me.
Party Favor: Yeah. I don’t really mind the taste. I’m not saying it’s good, but I don’t want it any more special than any other muffin.
Double Diamond: I mean, as long as it’s as plain and ordinary like everything else, I have no problem with it.
[Then both their eyes are wide open in surprise, and then look at each other with confusion. Starlight waves the staff and the two balls of energy fly off the staff and into Double Diamond and Party Favor. As they groan from the session, the colors come back to normal and the equal marks on their necks disappear. Then the two begins spitting out the bits of those horrible muffins.]
Starlight Glimmer [to the crowd]: Consider that an example. Now I don’t blame you for your doubts earlier. You’ve spent your whole lives thinking being unique was a good thing. Abacus Cinch have poisoned you mind by filling it with ideas that being better than everyone is the most important thing that matters. [Most students agree to that remark.] I will be holding an assembly in the auditorium after school to discuss the importance of all of this if anyone is curious to attend. The choice is entirely yours to make. But for now, enjoy what we will be hoping to accomplish here in our little school. And maybe then, you will understand the proper way to spend the rest of your stay here! And I'll teach you just how much better life can be without making your marks!
[Starlight walks away from crowd, leaving them to discuss the matter among themselves. Some are anxious, some are excited, and some are just plain confused. Dean Cadance feels uncertain about all this, and decides to approach Starlight.]
Dean Cadance: Starlight! Come to my office, we need to have serious talk about all this. You can’t just tell people to change.
Starlight Glimmer: Oh, Dean Cadance. I think that will not be necessary. As I recalled, didn’t Principal Cinch forbidden you and the other teachers from speaking to me. And she approved of all of this, and isn’t her word absolute? Besides, it’s not like I’m forcing anyone to change. The decision is theirs if they wish to. Trust me, dean. I am changing Crystal Prep for the better. You’ll see.
[Starlight continues walking away, leaving Cadance distraught, along with the Shadow Five among the crowd.]

[INT. Principal Cinch’s Office-Crystal Prep Academy]

[Cinch looks upon the form Starlight gave her and got irritated. She crumbles up the paper and throws it in the waste bin.]
Principal Cinch: [grunts] I don’t believe this! The meeting with Canterlot High and the head of the boards is tomorrow! They mustn’t know about this.
[She sits down in her chair and puts her hands on her head to get relief from the strain. She then pulls the intercom microphone on her desk towards her and switches it on.]

[INT. Hallways/Principal Cinch’s Office]

Principal Cinch [on the intercom]: Attention all students. I’m fully aware of the sudden changes that have happen to our academy, and I know that you are confused about it. But I assure you all that this is only a temporary setback, and shall be removed and returned to your original assignments by the end of the day. So I appreciate it if you will all stay calm and have patience until we sort this—
[As the students listen to the announcement, Starlight is at her locker. She turns around, holding up the same wireless gadget she had when she was in Cinch’s office, and flips it on. The entire intercom system gives off another loud high pitch squealing sound that hurts Cinch’s ears just a bit and surprises everyone in the school.]
Starlight’s voice on the intercom: In sameness, there is peace. Exceptionalism is a lie. Choose equality as your special talent. Difference is frustration. To excel is to fail. Be your best by never being your best. Conformity will set you free. Accept your limitations, and happiness will follow. You're no better than your friends…
[As the messages goes on, Principal Cinch is devastated. She tries fiddling around with her microphone to stop this, but nothing works. Meanwhile, the students are confused at the random messages. Starlight gives off a menacing smile, and walks offscreen.]

[INT. Principal Cinch’s Office]

[Cinch continues desperately in her attempt to cease the repeated messages, but with no avail.]
Principal Cinch: This can’t be happening! I’ll be ruined!
[She then goes to her phone and enters in a number. But then a light purple finger presses down on the receiver. Cinch turns and sees it is Starlight, who has appeared out of nowhere.]
Principal Cinch [unkeen]: You.
Starlight Glimmer: Have you forgotten our deal? Don’t get anyone involve.
Principal Cinch: How did you do all this? You had no right to do such an act.
Starlight Glimmer: I had every right. It really is amazing that people still own fax machines.
Principal Cinch: You’re stripping all of Crystal Prep of its pride.
Starlight Glimmer: From my point-of-view, I’m cleansing it.
Principal Cinch: I have some guests coming tomorrow. Are you trying to make me look bad?
Starlight Glimmer: Now that sounds like a plan. Speaking of our deal, I have a few more of demands I would like to discuss.
[Starlight puts another sheet of paper in front of Cinch on her desk.]
Principal Cinch: What is this?
Starlight Glimmer: Just another request form, said to make all my changes to Crystal Prep permanent, along with additional touches I like to put into the school. I will need your actual signature for it.
[Cinch picks up the form, and stands up while reading it.]
Principal Cinch: “The cafeteria shall only serve special muffins, registered hairstyles applied to dress code, burlap robs are optional, weekly group ‘friendship meeting’ sessions…”?! This is preposterous! I won’t approve such a thing.
[She turns to Starlight and finds she has just disappeared. She looks around her office and couldn’t find any trace of Starlight.]
Starlight’s voice: Oh I don’t think you have a choice, witch.
[Cinch tries to reach for her phone, but it is gone. In her confusion, she is shocked to find her entire office has changed. All her furniture is gone, and replaced with plain wooden ones. The floor is made of gray stone, and the walls are made up of natural rocks with a wooden ceiling and frame features. Her trophy shelves are completely empty, and the frames hanging on her walls have only an equal sign in them. Cinch just sits in her chair, traumatized by the sudden change.]
Principal Cinch: How are you doing all this?
Starlight’s voice: Just a few modifications to make Crystal Prep a happy place. You’ll see things my way soon enough. You just need time to appreciate it more.
Principal Cinch: And…if I don’t?
Starlight’s voice: Well, then you have to answer to me and all the other students. I know about the stories and history about the time of the Puritans. Do you know what they do to witches?
[Suddenly, a ring of aquamarine-colored flames just start bursting out of nowhere, surrounding Cinch and her desk. She clings to her desk, looking all terrified at the flames. Until the flames suddenly disappear, and everything in her office changes back to normal. Her trophies are back on their shelves, the furniture returns, the frames have their original contents, the phone reappear on her desk, and the whole room is as it should be. Cinch should be relaxed, but she keeps hyperventilating and shaking from the experience. Meanwhile, unknown to Cinch, Starlight’s head is sticking out of a corner of the ceiling with a magic aura around her neck. She looks down on the terrified principal with another one of her evil grins.]
Starlight Glimmer [whispering]: Strike 3, Cinch. You’re out of here.
[Then her head starts sinking into the aura, phasing through the wall. As her head is completely gone, the aura vanishes.]

[INT. Hallways-Canterlot High School-Afternoon]

[Twilight is walking down the halls, talking to someone on her cellphone, while Spike is in her backpack.]
Twilight Sparkle [on her phone]: I know. It really is fascinating how the transferal of electromagnetic energy via photon. […] So, you sure you can help me with what we talked about? […] I see, alright then. Well, I’ll talk to you soon. Okay? […] Okay. Well goodbye. [She hangs up.]
Spike: What was that all about?
Twilight Sparkle: Just a little something that will help us with our little problem.
[Sunset Shimmer is at her locker, putting a few things in her backpack when Twilight and Spike shows up.]
Twilight Sparkle: Hi, Sunset.
Sunset Shimmer: Hey, Twilight.
[Then the rest of their friends come.]
Applejack: Howdy, girls. Looks like we’re all set.
Sunset Shimmer: Do you have them with you?
Rainbow Dash: Yep.
[All seven girls pull out their magical necklaces they got at Camp Everfree, and then they put them on.]
Applejack: You know, it’s a good thing we didn’t have these at school when Starlight was here. Then we would’ve really hurt her.
Sunset Shimmer: And it’s a good thing she didn’t know anything about them. I can’t imagine what she can do with them if she had taken them.
Rarity: Oh it really is splendid to wear these little charms again. Oh! I wonder if I have an outfit that will go well with this.
Rainbow Dash [unenthused]: Yeah, like a new outfit is really gonna help us on our mission.
Twilight Sparkle: You all remember the plan?
Applejack: Sure do. We take a bus to the city and find Starlight Glimmer. Once we do, we just have to sit her down and see if we can help her out on whatever problem she’s having.
Rarity: Well, she’s about to get a firm talking to about her brash and inexcusable behavior.
Fluttershy: Oh I don’t know. I’m sure she’d want to tell us what’s wrong in a pleasant conversation.
Spike: And if she doesn’t?
Sunset Shimmer: [looking at her necklace] Well, that’s why we’re bringing these.
Applejack: Yeah. After the way she kicked our keisters the other day, we gonna need a bit of an advantage.
Pinkie Pie: Well just in case, [she pulls out a sprinkle shaker and a plate of cookies out of her hair] I’ve packed extra sprinkles and cookies for ammo.
[Then the girls take a step back from Pinkie in case they explode.]
Sunset Shimmer: Well let’s hope we don’t have to use them. So only use them when you have to.
Scootaloo’s voice: Are you guys talking about that crazy Shadowbolt girl?
[Sunset and Twilight turn in surprise and find the Crusaders standing behind them, listening in on their conversation.]
Sunset Shimmer: Girls, get out of here. This doesn’t concern you.
Twilight Sparkle: Here is very important stuff we have to deal with, and we don’t want you getting hurt.
Sweetie Belle: Okay. But if you do see her, will you let us know if she’s feeling better.
Twilight Sparkle [confused]: You’re…worried about her?
Applejack: Why in tarnation would you worry about someone who threatened to blast you pointblank?
Apple Bloom: I know she was really scary when she held that weapon of hers to my face. But before y’all showed up, she seemed…different.
Fluttershy: Different?
Rarity: How so?
Apple Bloom: Well I was pretty freaked out when she saw us. But after a while, she started to look…sad, as if she was about to cry.
[The Humane 7 are caught off-guard to hear of it. They start to feel sorry, Twilight the most.]
Sweetie Belle: We feel pretty bad for her.
Scootaloo: Is that so wrong?
Sunset Shimmer: No, it isn’t.
Rainbow Dash: You girls were pretty brave standing up to that.
[The Crusaders start to blush.]
Apple Bloom: [giggles] Thanks.
Applejack: Now you better get going. We have very important things to do and we don’t wanna keep you from whatever you need to do. And don’t worry. We’ll make sure this girl is feeling better. [The Crusaders nod in agreement and leave the group. Applejack gives off a big sigh.] Sounds to me Starlight’s case is a lot more serious than I thought.
Twilight Sparkle: Then we better get started. Sunset, do we know where we can find her.
Sunset Shimmer: That’s the problem. I don’t know. I called her home address, and her parents said she hasn’t been home for days. They said they got a call from Starlight, telling them she’s been spending the weekend at a friend’s house.
Pinkie Pie: What friend?
Sunset Shimmer: I don’t know. Said she didn’t tell them.
Rainbow Dash: Great. She could be anywhere in the city. How are we supposed to find her now?
[After a short moment of thinking…]
Spike: I got it!
[He dives into Twilight’s backpack and pops out with the Twilight’s half of her magic stealing device in his mouth.]
Twilight Sparkle [takes the device from Spike’s mouth]: My magic spectrometer?
Spike: Yeah. If Starlight stole the other half, maybe we can use it to find out where she is.
Twilight Sparkle: Oh please, Spike. It doesn’t work like that. I told you, I’ve modified it to only detect those using Equestrian magic.
Rarity: Does it really work?
Twilight Sparkle: Well of course it does. [She then taps her finger on the mini outer screen on the broken device, activating it. The purple lights come on, the shifting star appears on the screen, and the spinning detection light goes around the edges.] See? Since nobody here is using magic, if I turn it on, it won’t respond.
[But then the detection light stops spinning, and makes sort of a “boop” sound. Twilight react to the sound and sees that the device is responding. She looks down on the device in shock.]
Twilight Sparkle: What? It can’t be.
Sunset Shimmer: What is it, Twilight?
Twilight Sparkle: Someone is using Equestrian magic.
Sunset Shimmer: What?!
Fluttershy: But…who?
[Twilight and Sunset are both aghast with realization. Then they look at each other, and then down at the device with the light facing one direction.]