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Traveling Song
Meet Traveling Song
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Eyes Purple
Mane Blonde with a Purple stripe
Coat Aquamarine
Relatives Headlong and Falling star
Cutie mark
A musical note

Traveling Song is a character created by the deviantart artist and brony/pegasister Reporter-Derpy. In the original design she was supposed to be a pegasus but this changed when Headlong was designed and became the new pegasus leaving Traveling Song as an earth pony. Supposed to live in a "canon Equestria" setting universe.


Traveling Song is the oldest sister of three. Her younger siblings are Headlong (pegasus) and Falling Star (unicorn). Along with her sisters she lives in a small apartment that she pays for using money her grandmother sends her or some she earns doing easy jobs around town. Most of her time she spends cleaning the house and trying to make sure Headlong and Falling Star is safe.

As a little filly she lived near a farm. Often went to the near forests and swamps. Loved her parents and they loved her back. Later had to move to a small town near Manehattan. Afterwards her sister Headlong was born. Traveling Song spent her teenage days atending concerts and always knowing the latest news about the music world. That has passed though and now she mostly listens to older songs.

Happy tune

Filly Traveling Song

Characteristics and relationships[]

It is said that she resembles her mother a lot as she is caring and puts others above her. A good example of this is the fact that she gave up her career to tend for her sisters when nopony else could. Loves music and is very open minded about it. While trying to make sure her sisters are safe she tends to become overprotective and strict- this is well shown in her relationship with Headlong. They argue very often and avoid one another. It is a lot easier for her to take care of Falling Star as she is younger and calmer than Headlong. In most cases they have a "mother to daughter" relationship rather than one of siblings. She is single but doesn't seem to mind. Has always been a lonely and independent pony. Never had a lot of friends but whenever she comes across a pony she knows she gladly starts a small chat with them.

Special Talent[]

Discovered her talent rather soon while playing around with her parents' old records. Had full interest in every each


one of them and would sing, dance and play while listening. Woke up the next day with her cutie mark.

Her talent is embracing and learning about different music genres with ease. Is also decent at playing instruments (like her guitar) and singing. With practice and dedication she might even get very good but unfortuyneatly with her current situation (having to care for her younger siblings and her apartment) she doesn't care much for this anymore.