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Treble Spark has been in to music for almost her entire life. Her cousin, Vinyl Scratch (stage name: DJ PON-3) and her often perform together for many different occasions, including parties and dances. Her cutie mark is a vinyl with the record arm touching it, creating a spark.


History about the pony.

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Treble Spark grew up having no idea what she could possibly be good at. Her father was a composer who had worked with the orchestral bands who play in welcoming Princess Celestia to special events and her Mother was an author who wrote books on poetry. One morning, when Treble Spark was still a filly, Treble was looking for her father, who was nowhere to be found. She went inside his room, searching, and had accidently bumped the shelf that was playing her fathers vinyl of "The Beach Bronies". the arm skipped across the record, making a sound that intrigued Treble. The arm stopped on "California Ponies" and proceeded to play. Curious as to how she made this sound, she got up on her rear hooves and took a look at the record player. She put her hoof on it, and it made the song slow to a halt. After a couple minutes, she was spinning the record back and forth making all sorts of fun sounds to go along with the song, and after that day she was hooked on becoming a DJ pony.

Treble often performs with her cousin Vinyl Scratch (DJ PON-3) at many events. their most important performance was being able to play a set at the Grand Galloping Gala, where her and her cousin became very well-known across Equestria. After that day, it wasn't uncommon to see the two performing anywhere live music was needed.

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I play guitar, drums, bass, and a little bit of piano! I plan to start learning how to play Sitar soon too! I enjoy vidya games of course, FiM, and am an obsessed Disney freak!