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Triequus are a species of horse native to Zarmina.

Dante and Slasho Trigasus

Dante and Slasho


Triequus are a species of ponies found usually on the Dark Side of Zarmina. One of their most noticeable trait are their three sets of legs, which the lower half are covered in scales and feathers. Triequus are fast an agile on their three sets of legs. Their next noticeable trait are their elaborate plumage. Triequus are covered in fur and feathers, and are most colorful of all the horse species found on the planet. Triequus can come in any color, usually with two major colors and accents of other color combinations. Males' plumage is general more elaborate than the females so they can woo mates. Their feathers glow different colors, a form of communication and camouflage. Despite having feathers, Triequus can not fly. Besides their feathers, Triequus are very vocal, being highly social creatures, and make a wide range of sounds, contract calls and chattering. Mates will make a chattering sound to the females, whom will mimic their mating song back to the males.

Triequus are usually found in groups led by an alpha. Young males will break away from their herds to form bachelor roving coalitions in search of unrelated females or other groups to join. Triequus have an omnivore diet however they are picky eaters. Surprisingly Triequuses are good fishers and their herds are usually found near water sources. They will eat small animals and plants. Trieguus are very clean animals and will spend hours grooming themselves and each other.


  • Tri means three while equus means horse.
  • This species of horse was created by Aniju Aura.