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Trinket Bottle





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Trinket has always tried to be a tough little filly. She takes on wild crabs and seagulls when they try to take her treasures she finds on the island! But if there was just one thing Trinket wishes she could find more than anything it was her Mother. Her daddy is a sailor pony and is often out doing transports for the rest of Equestria, mommy had left when Trinket was still very young. Daddy told her it was because somepony else needed her, Trinket wishes should could have at least told mommy how much she needed her... Even without her family she is left in the town Coralwood Corral with some friends of her daddy's, a hippogriff named Flutterby. She doesn't mind that he's not full pony cause her daddy doesn't mind either. But the other colts and fillies make fun of her for it and she gets mighty angry. She's usually a good girl and pretty obedient but when around the wrong crowd she gets tricked by her own stubbornness to do some crazy stuff... Like trying to jump over Fireyfoal Volcano! Trinket lives happily on the island but often wonders if she could go to the main land and find her mommy and bring her back so they could be family again, to this day she wears her mommy's pearl necklace as a reminder.



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Likes: Sea breezes, Bananas, Pearls, Her mommy's picture, Family time, New shiny things, Adventuring around the island. Dislikes: Being left all alone, coconut milk, long travels, people who take her things without asking, her wild hair, being called a goldfish.