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Twilight? or Copy Catt is an evil version of Twilight Sparkle, made by a Pony named Dr. Mare Von IQ. it was created to take over Equestria, in which the plan fails, because, unfortunatly, Copy Catt had malfunctions, and by malfunctions that means that the power of the Elements Of Harmony was able to defeat it.

it was made among with the Elements Of Chaos, a copy of the Elements Of Harmony, but was (almost) Destroyed.

Copy Catt
Copy Catt
the first form of Copy Catt
Kind Copy
Sex ???
Occupation Minion of Dr. M

the Boss of C.O.P.Y., INC.

Eyes Dark Blue
Mane Dark Blue
Coat Aqua Blue
Nicknames The Copy Boss


Relatives Dr. M. Von IQ

Agent Y.S.

Owner UG000