Kind Pegasus
Sex Genderless
Occupation Telling Stories, News, or etc.
Eyes Blue
Mane Light Blue
Coat Light Arctic Blue
Cutie mark
A twitter icon
 Twitter is one of the ponyfied popular websites. She/He represents the Element of Coverage.


it's under construction.


under construction.


Chat: They communicate well. When Twitter has no work to do, she/he talks to him/her.

DeviantArt: Twitter helps her share her artworks.

Google: Twitter helps her search when she needs to know something.

Tumblr: Twitter met Tumblr by the help of Chat. It seem the two can't easily get along.

Wikia: Twitter gets along with Wikia.

Wikipedia: She/He helps her search some information around the world.

Facebook: The two seemed to have interests for each other.

Youtube: Twitter helps her share videos

eBay: Twitter help him/her share.


  • She is part of an ongoing project to ponify popular internet sites.
  • Although she is Genderless, she looks like a female or referred to.
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