aka GloryBax

  • I live in UK
  • I was born on June 27
  • My occupation is Loki Stan
  • I am Doom
Yo hi hello, just wanna let you know that AbsolTheHiroPone, belongs to This Lombax over here so please do not change anything about it without her permission. K thanks.


∆Stormer∆Ratchet and Clank fan∆Miraculer∆Immortal∆Brony∆Cat Lover∆Absol Shiny Midnight Hiro Noir The GloryBax∆

You Are Here My OCs

  • Hiro Hamada
  • Super Hiro
  • Honey Lemon
  • Super Honey Lemon
  • GoGo Tomago
  • GoZilla :)
  • Tadashi Hamada
  • TadaHoney :)
  • My Little Hero 6 (Minus Baymax)

no i'm not coming back here.

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