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  • I am I'm ironman. :D
2 July 2020, Thursday

Hello, <insert name here>! Welcome to Astral's room or kingdom! Hope you have a great time ! If you want to meet her, go ahead and say hi! That'd would be a great manner!
Music = Life

These songs describe the mood/life I'm having. :P

Despicable Me with lyrics

Despicable Me with lyrics

Where The Lonely Ones Roam- Digital Daggers- Lyrics

Where The Lonely Ones Roam- Digital Daggers- Lyrics

  • I just need someone to play with :<
Despicable Me with lyrics

Despicable Me with lyrics

  • If I'm in a bad mood.

About Me

My name is Kerstein or Kers for short, I like my friends or love them. I also love ponies. XD So don't judge me. I'm sometimes weird so sometimes don't talk to me, JK. I do random things. by the way. XD

My OCs

These are my OCs. You can comment about it if you want to. They are not "all" because I'm lazy to put them all. Sorry. >.<

These OCs are made by:


Aoife Vector Syrena (fixed) Musa happy Blossom Heart Princess Lourhina Heart Glimmer Grizelda ID Clarence Astralfleur ponysona Skittles ID Twitter CHAT Wikipedia Tumblr Exquisite Star Blossom&#039;s Ex-Boyfriend Flower Heart Darkflower (vector) Chandramoli Blue Magic Sea Crescent Pepsi Twins Poise and Grace Aquamarine Black Chlorette Widowin&#039;cher Fluffy Flare

My OCs (Pets)

They are few and they are not "all", feel free to comment whenever you can on those!

Darklien Snow Sapphire



  • The former head admin. And he's pretty awesome at drawing, and everything! Go ahead and say hi to him, he is pretty friendly by the way. :)


  • I call her Bree. She is my Filipino best friend! I like -- I mean, I love her as my friend! She is friendly but making her mad she isn't, how about go to her and hi :)


  • We moderate this wiki. He loves fencing who is his favorite sport obviously. He is awesome in general. :D Go to him and say hi, don't worry, he'll not "FENCE" ya!


  • She's awesome at drawing and has tons of pony toys! She takes drawing requests But i believe she only take requests from her friends Go to her and say hi! Because she'll won't gobble you up.


  • She was very good at drawing and we interact each other more on the Disney Fairies Fanon Wikia. She is the new head admin also, go to her and say hi!


  • I call her M'lady. :D She was very awesome :-) Go to her and say hi!


  • This guy is awesome. :) Very awesome..... 100% awesome, 20% more awesome. Ugh! Words can't describe him.


  • This girl is simply awesome. :3 I like her. :D
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