aka Cattykargenrah Ahkmenrah Cathena Cazeus

  • I live in the dark abyss that is K-Pop
  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is Tarcatrus, Fourth King of the Fourth King, Ruler of the Land of His Fathers, Proud Husband of Lilly Sorensen-Mara-Meyer-Landrut, Mother of the Universe, Creator of the Most Ridiculous Nicknames
  • I am the Bestower of God Titles, Goddess of mangoes, orchids, cats, cake, and Shadowhunters, Queen of Elysium, Imperial Empress of Mangopolis, Orchidia, and Felinotopia, and Holder of the Longest Title

I have officially moved to two Roleplaying Wikis. I don't know if I'm going to come back or not. It depends if my Fandom Phase returns to MLP but it looks like it's going to be staying on Harry Potter and Percy Jackson for quite some time.

Another reason is that the wiki has somewhat became... quiet. It might just be me but lotsa people aren't really that active anymore and some of them are in my Inner Circle of Friends.



Hey, there! Welcome to my page! My name is CattyTheOrchid16, who you can call either Catty, Bree or Catt-Catt.

If you need anything, just message me. Don't worry, I won't bite. :)

If you can't blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your b*llsh*t

–sh*tilivefor, Tumblr

The coding is loosely based on User:Zicoihno's profile from Fairy Tail Fanon Wiki. The base code is from him and the text is only edited by me.

Kind Human
Sex Female
Occupation Administrator
Eyes Brown
Mane Black
Coat Tanned
Nicknames Catty, Bree, Catt-Catt, Lil'orchid
Relatives Dis gon be private, bro.
Owner Nobody owns me, buster!!

I'm a fellow administrator here on Bronies Wiki. But, hey! Don't act like I'm the Queen of England if you talk to me. I'm still a person, ya know? I have a lot of ideas stuck in my mind, so if ya need one, come talk with me. Though I think that's all I can do as an admin. Ya know, helping other users, giving out ideas etc etc.

Now, onto things I wanna brag tell about myself. I can be pretty childish or pretty serious, it kinda switches. I'm a Filipina, a full blooded one. So, you know what happens when you anger a Filipina, right? Ha, jk. It's pretty hard to get me furious. I'm always happy-go-lucky and, at rare times, emo. Yes, I can be emo. Though overall, I'm a good person. I can also create a nickname for you on the spot. I will usually be found on chat. If I'm not on chat, I'm probably talking with the other admins or just stalking someone.

Fun Fact: I'm the 'bunso' of the wikia. Bunso meaning younger sibling in Filipino. :3

[x] Replace "Cattleya12" with the "CattyTheOrchid16" banner in all my pages
[ ] Update Legend of Ixhelca
[ ] Update Urduja's page
[ ] Improve OC pages
[ ] Create Sweet Melody's page
[x] Make Yahoo! webpony
[ ] Improve Ixhelcan Ponies page
[ ] Write the rest of the IMS's fillyhood
[ ] Create Orange Burst's page
[ ] Finish long-started gift for Moonie (my nickname for Lunaflaire)
[ ] Draw the belated birthday gift for Florendali.

These blobs are loosely based on Hetalia's Mochis. These blobs' appearances are based on either the represented user's appearance or their OC's. More will come soon~!



My main six Ixhelcan Ponies, a species made by me. Click one of these to visit their page!



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