aka Blues Jam

  • I live in The UK (u-neigh-ted kingdom)
  • I was born on August 21
  • I am Colt/Male


  • So cool... so 80's... so countach :D
  • Lamborghini countach. My No1 favorite car ever :D

Likes & Dislikes

Likes :3

  • Heavy metal 
  • hard rock 
  • rock 
  • Glam metal 
  • Groove metal 
  • Nu Metal 
  • Thrash metal 
  • Speed metal 
  • My little pony 
  • Lamborghinis 
  • My guitars 
  • Making music 
  • making Origional characters 

Dislikes D:<

  • Ponies with guns. Seriously, the logic behind it is BS! 
  • The Army 
  • Sports

My favorite songs and artists

  • Pantera- The great southern trendkill, walk, heresy, the art of shredding, medicine man, shattered, mouth for war, this love, death rattle, f***ing hostile, drag the waters, 5 minuets alone, rise and cowboys from hell
  • Motley crue- live wire, dancing on glass, dr feelgood, girls girls girls, home sweet home, punched in the teeth by love, dont go away mad (just go away), same ol' situation (S.O.S) and wild side
  • Accept- Balls to the wall
  • Dio- Heaven and hell, holy diver, straight through the heart
  • Steel Dragon- Stand up and shout!, blood pollution, we all die young

My OCs


  • Viver- Hard rock and Glam metal
  • Rage- Heavy metal and thrash metal
  • new band coming soon!
  • another new band c:
  • A supergroup made up of Blues Jam, Colour Blitz, Zino Xenon, Shining Star 


Alright, stuff fan fics, I've decided to do roleplays instead because I don't have the time or writing skill as of now to write anything apart from a brief backstory to my characters.

Fan characters outside mlp

Fallout 3 & NV characters


My friendz here on the wiki ^_^

Bleck 11



Aniju Aura

Pandora Star





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