aka Luna or "Lulu"

  • I live in America
  • I was born on January 22
  • I am Female
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You Are Here OC list About Me

Hi <insert name here> my name is lunaflaire, but you can call me Luna!

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Contacting Me

I run on Eastern Standard Time (Basicly East Coast of The United States).

I have school at 8:30 AM and will most likely not be on in the morning when I have school. School ends for me at 3:00 PM and I will be home NO LATER than 4:00 PM depending if I take the bus or not.

My parents also make me turn in my elecrtonics at 9:00 PM because the want me to get a good sleep. This ONLY happens when I have school the next day.

Elements Within

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I am friends with everyone (Or I atleast try to be)! But here are some specific people!

  • Bleck: This guy is my BFF here, he always thinks of awesome ideas and new ocs! He also helps me with MANY drawlings!
  • Absol: My big sis! Absol and me are friends, she she is AWESOME!
  • Pandora: We just talk and became friends! Our ocs Claire and Carmen are friends too.. also did I metion she is awesome?!
  • Catty: This girl is awesome and she loves Frozen (who doesn't)! She is super nice too!! :D
  • Sabregust: He is really awesome!! We wrote a story together, and his ocs are just amazing!! He is so nice!
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So, wanna insult anyone's oc, you will be dealing with her

My OCs

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