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This is Our Big Night stuck in my head! It is a cool song tho. :P
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Read this blog called: Stuff and more Stuff (I know, creative name right? XD)


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my mane six

Why hello <insert name here>! My name is Pandora. I am the head admin on the bronies wikia! I am also the roleplaying moderator here. I hope you will take part in this great community by making pages and even editing your pages. I also am involved in other wikia sites such as:

Also, if you ever are in dire need of help with coding, you can leave that to me! (Don't be afraid to ask. I don't bite)
And if you just want to talk or if someone is bothering you, come to me so I can help with that as well. :)


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Hey there! Welcome to my user page!!

About MWAH

Hello everybody! I used to be the head admin but school got in the way and I had to give up that position to the fabulous Luna Flaire. Anyway, I'm still an admin and I'll be gladly to help anyone whenever I can whether be drawings, ocs, anything! Just name it and I'll do it! :) Besides all of that stuff, I'm an anime lover, gamer and a teenage female high school student (if my user name didn't indicate that I was a female lol xD). So yeah that's just the jist of who I am. I could write a whole paper on myself but meh, a couple sentences will do for you guys behind the computer. xD

List of Awesome People


He has been my friend for over a year and I'm glad I met him. He's also on the admin team so if I'm not available he is. :)


She's the new head admin and an amazing artist! I feel like she should be hired to be one of the MLP main artists xD Anyway, she's been my friend for a long time as well and please check out her work because it is awesome!


Catty is an amazing person, well all of my friends are amazing to be honest. This girl and I have so much in common tis a bit freaky xD But I still love her none the less. Even though she's a bit inactive (told me she'll be coming back though) check out her work!

List of OCs

These are some OCs that I really love and would love for you to check out if you have time, are bored, etc... But I have a full list of them here: List of all original characters

Mane Six
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