aka Beauty and the Beast daughter, Rosabella

  • I live in In the Queen of Hearts castle.
  • I was born on October 28
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Rebel Brony Otaku Forever after

"You,<insert name here>, shall not ruin my own work!"

Hey buddy!This awesome page, PartyPoppets,is the royal property of Party! Editing this page without my permission and White Heart gonna defeat you with the harmonity.If you want to stay alive then ask me kindly in my message wall!

Hi<insert name here> my name is Partypoppets.I am a Pegasister since November 2013.   (SORRY FOR MY HORRIBLE ENGLISH)

NOTE!:I am not very or barely active on this wiki because of school or working into another hobby.I am not into ponies now.But it will be a pleasure to talk to me :D.

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I am Partypoppets, also known as Popetit.I love My Little Pony, and that's probably why i am on this wiki. I am pretty shy but i am glad when people talk to me! 

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Facebook: You don't know who i am so you will not know who i am.

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My interests \ ( ^o^ ) /

❤ Drawing

❤Ever After High

❤My Little Pony

❤Triple Chocolate Cookies

❤Steven Universe (well i am not a big fan but i love it)

❤Disney Descendants (Hate but love because it's the excact same thing as EAH)

❤ Pringles

❤Ro... wait, that's private!

❤ Pokemon

❤ SSB series

❤ Mario Bros. series

❤ MyFroggyStuff

All the stuff bellow is Hideous! ↓



Show Offs

Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae (so boring)

Girls keep saying that they NEVER FARTED in their life.

Rabid Bronies

Ponifying EVERYTHING! (i have no problem with Ponification, but ponifying EVERYTHING is disgustings)


Fluttershy x Discord (Fluttercord) OTP

Fluttershy X Big McIntosh (Fluttermac ) OTP

Rainbow Dash x Soarin' (SoarinDash)

Rarity x Spike (Rarispike)

Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry (Flashlight )

Applejack x Caramel (CaraJack)

Luna  x Fluttershy (LunaShy)  OTP

Celestia x Sunset Shimmer (SunLestia)

Cadence x Shining Armor (ShiningDence) OTP

Queen Chrysalis x Fluffle Puff (ChrissyPuff)

Chrysalis x Nightmare Moon (ChrissyMoon)

Sonata Dusk x Aria Blaze (Sonaria) OTP 

Adagio Dazzle x Sunset Shimmer (SunDagio)

Luna x Cadence (LunaDence)

Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy (FlutterDash) Mane6xMane6 OTP

Twilight Sparkle x Applejack (TwiJack)

Minuette x Berry Punch (MinuPunch)

BonBon x Lyra (Lyrabon)

Spitfire x Fleetfoot (FleetFire)

Pinkamena x Maud Pie(Maudamena

Lemon Hearts x Twinkleshine (LemonsShine)

Sunset Shimmer x Starlight Glimmer x Twilight Sparkle (SunsetLightSparkle)

Starlight Glimmer x Fluttershy

Sunset Shimmer x Applejack

OC X OC Shippings

Royal Gala x Imperial Glimmer (Galammer )

Whirlwind Thunderbolt x True Apple (Whirlpple)

Moonlight Mayhem x Elit Blood (Bloodhem)

Dusky Sunlight x Soaring Dazzle (Soarlight)

White Heart x Lovely Flare (WhiteFlare)

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