aka Pixie

  • I live in In a cat bed somewhere in the UK
  • I was born on July 20
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
"STOP! For Moorio's sake!"

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Hi there other contributors! I am Pixdeen, but you can call me Pixie. Use whichever you prefer.

I am slightly crazy. It's nothing to worry about. Just, try to approach me calmly... You being crazy adds to my crazy and then we might end up having a war on our hands! I might not know when enough is enough, so you may want to calmly say that I'm over the top. I'm also rather temperamental so you really don't want to get on my nerves.

I'm obsessed with Cats, Dogs, minecraft, Bastille, Just cause 3 (Look at my Moorio icon) Unravel and MLP. (Duh) And you know these are my pony OCs I've made so yeah:

Now these are the pony OC's I plan to make and put on the wiki:

  • Zack Lightning
  • Powell Sparkler
  • Sky Blazer
  • Amethyst Firefly
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