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(Status: Semi-Active - Will check site every second week or so. If you got my Skype, I'll be on that pretty much everyday. So Skype is No.1 contact route.)


My Ponysona, Sabregust!

Hello there traveller of the great interwebs!!

I'm Sabregust, but you guys can call me Sabre!

I've been a brony for a good 6 months mainly doing work on this site (cause really I tend to cling to one site). My particular skill is telling stories using my Mane 6 called the Frontier Friends (Sabregust, Glimmer Beam, Ratchet, Scope, Cherry Scribble, Princess Lorikeet and Princess Mairwen) and animating!

In the real world, I live in Sydneigh (Sydney, Australia). I'm on about everyday because this is the main pony site I'm on....bit scared to go on others.... However, I do have a tendency to go inactive for a few months then come back for another few months. Yeah, I'm weird like that!

I am also a Chat Moderator here, so if you need any help in anything, don't feel afraid to ask me. My Sabre only attacks those who are mean. Or if you're Discord.

Sabre armed

En Guarde, enemies! Prepare to taste the steel of Sabregust's blade!

I'm an admin on a fan fiction wiki for MLP called MLP:Fan Fictions where you can post your stories and fan fics there. I'll have my stories there (when I get around to finishing them), but my OCs and the pages on what is what (eg. Windtonvale, Lorikeet, Lux Magica) here.

My most powerful skill is storywriting, which I'm very good at, and love doing. I'm not half bad at artworks (as you can see here) but if you need your help in anything story related (including proofreading and feedback), Flash related (I got de Flash and am a decent animator) or technology related, I'm your stallion!

Frontier Friends

The Horde has Arrived!

Awkward Meeting

An awkward encounter. Collab with Cloud Spark!

Hope you guys enjoy my content,

Sabregust Incombat Sabregust Talk'Incombat

PS. Got questions for me? You can check them out here!

PPS. You need something done? I do commissions, mainly for animation assets and puppet rigging. Check my dA page here for details.

Friend List

This list is basic...go to the main friends page and you'll see the 20% cooler version.

Chat Moments

Like my friends Catty and Shiny, I record weird moments on chat...

Here are some of them...

To Do List

Just a project to-do list, so I don't forget.

I may prioritiese items to be done, but that doesn't mean they will be done in this order. This just reminds me of importance of the project. In most cases, who you are = your rank. But yet again, I mainly do easiest first. No kidding.

- EpicLuna - The OC drawings... - 2

- Johnny - Johnny and Sabre - 1

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