aka Hope

  • I live in the Internet
  • I was born on February 18
  • My occupation is doing anything and everything! (almost!)
  • I am girl!
Rainbowfied hope by berrypunchrules-d7lonee


Hello and welcome! :D You might know me as Berrypunchrules on Deviantart or Tennis Match Fan on Fimfiction.


My ponysona, Tangerine Tropics

Current Song: Boys Latin


My OCs

Adopted Ponies

Other Ponies


Hello you can call me Berry or Hope if you'd like. :) 

  • I am an ENFP
  • I am an Aquarius in Western Astrology
  • I am a Horse in Eastern Astrology
  • I am a Unicorn in Primal Astrology
  • Favorite Mane Six: Fluttershy
  • Favorite Crusader: Sweetie Belle
  • Favorite Princess: Luna
  • Favorite Background Pony: Berry Punch


My favorite artist is Kesha. I love Die Young, Tik Tok, Crazy Kids, We R Who We R, Take It Off, Best Friend's Boyfriend, Dancing with Tears in My Eyes, Blow, Blah Blah Blah, Get in Line, My First Kiss, Animal, Your Love Is My Drug, Woo Hoo, Boots and Boys, Backstabber, Chain Reaction, Goodbye, I'm The One, Lover, Really, Want U Bad, Sleazy, Warrior, Party at A Rich Dude's House, and Windows Down. My favorite male artist is Jason Derulo. I like Talk Dirty, Other Side, Riding Solo, In My Head, and Watcha Say.


I hate Twilicorn a lot. I hope she dies. Grrrrrr. Lots of people tell me to get over it. I tell them to shut up and not bash my belief system: that people or ponies shouldn't change species/race/sex. Sorry if I offended anyone, it's just my beliefs.

Some people say to me: it's been a year and a half. Get over it.

I say to them: why are you surprised that I stand by my beliefs?

So, I hate Twilicorn

Background Ponies

  • Mystery Mint - my favorite background human. I was going to name her but SJArt117 beat me to it.
  • Tennis Match - my second favorite background human. I named her.
  • Mint Flower - a young filly in For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils. I named her, and she is Tennis Match's younger sister.
  • Fruit Pack - a mare in Rarity Takes Manehattan. Also known as Ruby Splash. I named her Fruit Pack.
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