Since MLP:FiM makes use of parallel universes such as Maretropolis or Canterlot High School, I've come up with ideas for how Epic Mount would appear in other alternate Equestrias. I only plan Ponytale stories for Prime-Epic Mount (The first on the list) and perhaps a side series or spin off with other versions of Epic Mount.

I might add more alternate versions of Epic in the future, though most of them may not be article worthy.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Epic Mount
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The original Epic Mount. While a fan pony, his existance is based in Equestria from the cartoon, though his stories are chronicles in the psuedo-canon fanstories Ponytale. As a foal he got lost in Everfree Forest because of Tirek and grew up there as the Everfree Pony. Learning how to survive the harsh environment and from fighting monsters, he vowed to be heroic so that no other ponies may suffer like he did.

Equestria Girls

EqG Epic Mount
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Beyond the mirror is an alternate reality to Equestria, except for palaces and ponies, it has Canterlot High School populated by "people".

Headcanoning that Equestria is a state of Amareica, the Epic Mount of this world comes from britain and is struggling to adapt to amareican school life.

If being a foreign student wasn't difficult enough, he possesses the unique ability to see and interact with magical creatures that are undetectible by others. However Sunset Shimmer and her friends, thanks the Twilights crown that magically embued them with the Elements of Harmony, also possess the ability to see what is magical and help him on his role to protect Canterlot High from the phenomenal.

Power Ponies

Iron Hoof
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With powers like Colossus but in a permenant state like the Thing.

If Epic Mount was ever drawn into the Power Ponies comic, he would take on the persona Iron Hoof, who's backstory was a pony who protested against weapons being made in the industrial area of Maretropolis. Breaking into the iron works to gather information on the super-metal that will be used for powerful weapons, he found a polymimetic alloy and accidentally came to fuse with it. As a result his flesh was replaced with living super-metal, losing his sense of touch all over. However with his new metal body he has become super strong and invulnerable to impacts with his super-density. (Although for some unknown reason, his hair folicals now grow hair made from bronze.)

He is not a robot.

The Cutie Re-Mark Timelines

Due to Starlight Glimmers meddling with time where she prevented Rainbow Dash to perform her first sonic rainboom, this caused the outcome to Epic Mount rescuing Zecora from a manticore to have various different outcomes.

Great Crystal War timeline

In this timeline, Epic Mount did not survive his battle with the manticore and was killed. Zecora buried him in the forest and his spirit haunts Everfree Forest.

Chrysalis Resistance timeline

In this timeline, Epic Mount barely survived his battle with the manticore. Zecora rescued him after it stung and clawed him leaving his face disfigured and his body scarred. Zecora treated and bandaged his wounds and gave him her cape to hide his bandages. Epic Mount grew up in the forest like his prime counterpart did yet chose never to leave Everfree Forest, choosing an even more secluded life.

When Queen Chrysalis invaded Equestia and Zecora founded the resistance, she knew the ponies under her care could not fight or defend themselves and sought out Epic Mount to train the resistance in combat. While the ponies were distrusting of the covered pony, his fighting skills and complete lack of empathy in killing changelings earned his command. From all the ponies, only Fluttershy has seen what he is under the bandages and befriended him for who he is.

Nightmare Takeover timeline

In this timeline ruled by Nightmare Moon, Epic Mount out-manuvered and defeated the manticore by flukes of skill and the cover of the forest. Zecora took in Epic and he grew up as his prime counterpart did up until Friendship is Magic, part 1 where nopony could stop Nightmare Moon from taking over Equestria. hidden from Nightmare Moons awareness deep in the forest, Epic became the forest champion the ponies needed. Inspired by stories of Princess Celestia and finding an old day-shift Royal Guard armour, he founded the resistance movement called the "Dawn Rebellion". Their mission is to free Equestria from the oppression of Nightmare Moon and to bring the day back to Equestria. For that they seek a source of great magic powerful enough to break Celestia's 1000 year banishment.


Squire by biel56789
Main article: SquireWhile based after the My Little Pony Tales pony Squire, he is depicted more as a legendary hero on an epic quest to defeat the dragon Basil. Just like how Twilight and her friends had the roles of the Founding Ponies in the episode Hearth's Warming Eve, Epic Mount shares the same relation with Squire as Twilight and her friends does with the founding ponies.

Fallout: Equestria

FoE Epic Mount
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Made up for Fallout threads on Ponychan, albeit his lore isn't as accurate to the original fanfiction.

This version of Epic Mount ended up a half crazed ghoul who vowed to protect the weeping willow on Killing Joke Hill. Losing his morality, he has killed many intruders he found a threat to the tree and trusted advice from a rabbit that turned to stone. However someponies, like Velvet Remedy, has gained his trust.


Count Epim
Count Epim

From a "mirror universe" of Equestria where counterparts are opposite in behavior and/or share the same origin stories of their prime-counterparts up until a point which makes them the opposite of there primeselves.

Like his primeself he too was lost in Everfree Forest, however instead of vowing to protect others, he vowed to be the most strongest and deadliest, thus earning a sword cutie mark instead of a shield. Over time learning to fight and kill and turning the ancient castle ruins into his own home and self procliming himself as a count, he "permitted" Zecora to stay in Everfree Forest as long as he provided various poisons for his deceptive tactics. While a mercenary for hire he embraces his role as a "villain" and hopes someday to see Equestria in ruin for the lulz. He also likes war because of how profitable it is.


A joke version of Epic Mount who is a creepy stalker.

This version of Epic Mount hides at the very edge of Everfree Forest and stalks Fluttershy, often clapping coconut shells together as he watches. Hides outs of sight at the edge of Everfree Forest just to admire Fluttershy with an unhealthy obsession and sometimes leave dead critters outside her shed. Fluttershy never met him directly but knows of him and find him a nuisence, often telling him to stay out of her shed whenever she feels he is observing her.

Despite being an antisocial creep, apparently invites Spike and Paco for barbecues in the forest.

Legends of Equestria

Evershade Pony
Epic Mount (LoE)

He is the main character of the LoE player Epic Mount (me) who knows the layout of Evershade Forest well. Unlike the original Epic Mount he is not as powerful when it comes to fighting monsters (since all players have preset skills) but is able to defeat the Red Dragon near the castle by himself. He is often found in Evershade Forest or exploring the Heartlands.

Given there are no canon characters in Legends of Equestria, his backstory is that he is the Evershade Pony and currently romantically involved with a Birch Dryad, able to leap large buildings in a single bound as long as their is a shrubbery and can eat two bananas simultainiously.

Them's Fightin' Herds

Wisc TFH
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While technically not directly related to Epic Mount, he is based after him as a fighter in the upcoming game Them's Fightin' Herds which have been retconned to do without My Little Pony entirley and have fighters based on previous characters, this fan-fighter merely based on Epic Mount. He is a ram who was raised by wolves and learn to be just as ferocious as they were, which explains his sleek body and sharp protruding horns.

Wisc story is based on the Japanese/American anime film Ringing Bell, his design heavily based on how Chirin appears when he is an adult. Unlike Chirin who ended up relentless, he still has somewhat of a good personality. When the magic barriers preventing predators into Fœnum were weakening, wolves invaded The Meadow killing his mother. Wisc in misery eventually worked up the courage to go after the wolves and challenge them to a fight. The wolves humoured the cosset, finding him too small a morsal to bother with. When the lambkin refused to leave, they allowed him to stay seeing him as no threat other than food for later. He stay and grew stronger, intergrating with the pack and changing into a monster, with horns as sharp and strong as fangs and claws. He returned to Fœnum when the barriers were most weak.

His Special is known as "JimJamYAHA" which is a telekinetic blast.

When he is caught up fighting TFH fighters, his life changes around. His name is an acronym of Wolf in sheep's clothing.

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