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"All Ponies in Equestria are soon to face their horrible fate...Murdered by the wrath of me and my zombie minion...Then their corpses will become more of my zombie minions, and then we will spread across the entire planet, turning all who come across us will be killed and turned into more zombie minions...And I, Vaatu, shall do it...Forever shall they all know me as Vaatu, the supreme ruler of the world! Heheheh...Heheheheheh...Hahahahahahaha, ahahahahahahah...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! HA, HA, *Cough* HAHAHAHAAAAAAH!" -Vaatu

Vaatu is an ancient evil voodoo Pony from Maneti who seeks to kill everypony on Equestria and use his potions to resurrect them as his zombies (based off the ancient Haitian legend of zombie-making voodoos). He speaks in a Haitian sounding accent and has been alive for approximently 1000 years. In an episode of My Little Pony: Marisa Adventures that was written by User:Invadervax, Vaatu uses one of his zombie potions to revive the deseased  Wonder Muffin as his zombie slave. He was later revealed to worship the Virus, and became the right-hand man of Tai Craat.

Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Occupation Voodoo
Eyes White
Mane White
Coat Black
Nicknames Him
Relatives Unknown
Cutie mark
Voodoo death symbol
Voice Jonathan Adams
Owner User:Invadervax and User:AngelinBlack424