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Valkyrie is a pony capabily of using Blood Magic Powers and the Leader of the Iron Bloods.

Valkyrie Pony2

Redesigned Valkyrie


Valkyrie takes the form of a maroon dragon pony with torn wings. She has black hair and a long reptilian like tail tuff with hair at the end. She has two curved horns on her head, that she can still use magic from like a unicorn. She wears a gold head ring and leather and fur around her neck and legs. Valkyrie is taller than most ponies.

Valkyrie has mastered the power fo Blood Magic. Her hooves glow crimson red with every step as if blood was seeping from her foot steps.

While using blood magic, Valkyrie becames incredibly strong, however only for a short while. To use blood magic, she much use up her own blood or from a doner, which is usually unwilling. By using too much Blood Magic, Valkyrie would be weakening herself.


Originally Valkyrie was a female human Viking and the the leader of Ragnarok group, until Knight Watch came to her world and deposed her. She almost was killed but was discovered by ex-member of the DeathTones Jane, who took her under her wing to taught her how to preform magic. Valkyrie quicky too a liking Blood Magic, a type of magic Jane was very wary of because of it's dangers. 

Sometimes later the two encounter Sly Owl who soon became an apprentice of Jane as well. Valkyrie was indifferent to this, and continued to stuffy Blood Magic. Her skill caused Sly Owl to become greatly jealous of her abilities and the two soon became bitter rivals.

Valkyrie also studies Necromancy and repaired her broken body with dragon parts.


Pictures of Valkyrie.


  • In Norse mythology, a valkyrie is one of a host of female figures who decide which soldiers die in battle and which live.
  • Blood Magic is based off of Blood Bending from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series as well as from Deadman Wonderland.